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Detail engineering and quality drawing is our core competence.

Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP: A Pioneering Consultant for Design of Electrical and ELV Services

In India, the significance of Engineering Consultancy Services is escalating with the thrust on infrastructure services. The country is witnessing the development of a versatile network of engineering consultancies with expertise across a wide-ranging spectrum of disciplines. These firms are the key drivers in revolutionizing the country’s growing engineering consultancy space. Established in 1991, Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP is amongst the leading proprietary consultancy firms 
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The 10 Most Prominent Engineering Consultants in 2018

Roark Consulting Engineers: Manifesting & Transforming Architectural Vision into Reality

The world is radically transforming and redefining itself into urban growth centers. Today’s construction projects have fast-track schedules with a challenging design and tight deadlines. In this cut-throat competitive scenario, one has to be technically...

Satyan Consulting Engineers: Offering Complete & Sustainable Solutions

According to the Government’s policy, it is anticipated that mixing of 10% ethanol in petrol has a high potential, and thus has a potential for new ethanol projects to come up in India. The...

SEED Engineering Consultants: Treading an Extra Mile to Deliver Efficient Engineering Solutions

Headquartered in Dubai, with design offices in Singapore, Bangalore, and Kochi is SEED Engineering Consultants, delivering efficient engineering solutions in the Building Services Industry. With its exemplary expertise and fourteen years of experience, the...

Interview With Insights Success

Satyam Venture Engineering Services: A Trendsetter in the Automotive Industry

Catering comprehensive solutions to the automotive industry, one-stop shop for the all the engineering requirements across the globe; Satyam Venture Engineering Services (Satven) is one of the leading companies. Mr. Rao S Vadlamudi is...

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Latest Technologies & Future of Construction

In today’s word, where population has reached 7.8 Billion and is estimated to reach 10 Billion by 2050, Earth would become smaller place to live. For catering the needs of society, we have to...

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Engineering Design Services are the Need of the Hour

Right from the invention of wheel, all the things that humans have created has a reason behind it. More or less all the man-made objects that we see around us have one thing in...

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Strategies for being a Successful New-Age Engineering Consultant

Engineering Consultants are the one offering expert advice on a subject and bringing a different perspective to virtually any engineering project. Creating innovative solutions catering to engineering or science-related matters from industries and construction...