Shivaya Hospital: Healing Holistically by Proliferating Ayurvedic Treatment

Shivay Hospital
Shivay Hospital

The ancient Indian healthcare system of Ayurveda has evolved over two millennia with therapies developed including yoga, meditation, massage, special diets, herbal medicines and oils, and laxatives. The term Ayurveda in itself comes from the two Sanskrit words Ayur meaning ‘pertaining to life’s longevity’ and Veda meaning ‘knowledge.’ Thus, when combined the term means ‘Knowledge pertaining to Life’s Longevity, and the well-known practices of Yoga and Meditation are practiced all over the world by billions of people.

Bringing this ancient knowledge of Ayurveda to heal patients holistically by proliferating non-invasive Ayurvedic treatments, Shivaya Hospital’s Founder, Dr Avinash Singh Chauhan is on a mission to provide better healthcare facilities to the humans of all segments of society.

The Success Testaments

A testament of a sort, one satisfied patient Alfiya vouches, “Shivaya is the best Avascular Necrosis (AVN) hospital I have ever visited. I received 100% good treatment from Dr Avinash Chauhan with good staff and facilities.” While another happy patient Sagar says, “Top Hospital for AVN Patients. Dr Avinash is the best doctor to treat AVN without surgery. I got the best results here within seven-eight days.”

Due to increasing trust from its patients, Shivaya Hospital is fast emerging as the one-stop Ayurveda hospital conceived with the vision to provide Ayurvedic cures that can heal patients completely.

Every day Shivaya strives to provide better and more efficient healthcare facilities to their patients from all sectors of society, without indulging in the mainstream idea of treatment with cuts, injections, and surgeries but rather by using the wonders of age-old and time-tested Ayurvedic treatment as a catalyst. It is the earned trust of the audience and years of devotion towards the healthcare sector that has helped the hospital in achieving the title of one of the ‘Best hospitals in India.’

The decades of experience and preparation have aided the steep route to success and continue to allow to expand the horizon into everything from joint disorders to Ayurvedic solutions for female disorders too. “We have our own gynaecologist, Dr Pooja Singh Chauhan who is treating disorders like PCOD, PCOS or Amenorrhea Olegomenorrhea, Polymenorrhea Lucorrhora, Infertility, UTI and PID,” says Dr Avinash, who himself is qualified with degrees like B.A.M. S, F.I.P.M, F.S.K.S from Mumbai, and is the most trusted Senior Resident Doctor.

The Legacy of a Healing Touch

The man of the hour, Dr Avinash is no less than a visionary who despite being a part of the modern hustle-bustle decided to stay connected to his roots and took the unconventional step towards a greater healing process that is revolutionizing the treatment methodologies today. Greatly inspired by his own grandfather, Dr Avinash decided to put his efforts where his trust was and carried forward the legacy to help Ayurveda regain its recognition and appreciation. It is safe to say that his strong beliefs and hard work are indeed the foundation stones for the Multispecialty Hospital and this has aided its exponential growth in the niche over the years. That too, not just nationally but internationally too. His perseverance and healing touch have helped his patients bring life-saving changes and completely reformed their living conditions. It is Dr Avinash’s tireless hard work and devotion toward his patients that stands as an inspiration today and has influenced a great deal of his audience by highlighting the true potential of healing without having to suffer.

Advancing Tech by Balancing the Change

Being an experienced leader, Dr Avinash shares his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the Healthcare space and how Shivaya is adapting to the change. He says that it cannot be denied that change is the only constant, and for one to stay relevant as per societal demands it is important to keep up with the new variables that keep getting introduced on a time-to-time basis.

Ayurveda agrees to these changes too, and so does Shivaya. The key is to strike a balance and not let AI and ML overpower the true purpose underlying in the Healthcare Space. It is the strong belief of the multispecialty hospital that machines are a man’s friend and therefore they’ve been introduced into the hospital in a great deal, not to hinder the sanctity of the sacred Ayurvedic healing process, but to expedite it and make the patient’s experience more peaceful.

AI and ML have been included in the hospital for the purpose of maintaining transparency and security. To regularize visits and discourage unauthorized administrations that are quite common in the healthcare sector. Shivaya has multifunctional and top-of-technology machinery and beds that further aid the treatment process and help diagnose the patient more accurately. To sum it up in a nutshell, Shivaya has further strengthened the age-old practice of Ayurveda by enriching the patient’s treatment experience with the help of modern machinery and technology.

Surmounting Challenges by Healing Naturally

When probed about what kind of challenges he and Shivaya have to overcome, Dr Avinash says that if a rough picture of the current scenario was to be drawn, it would be fair to say that the youth is fairly influenced by western beliefs, hence, discouraging natural healing and more dependence on painkillers and temporary relief. With today’s hustle culture affecting every aspect of a human’s life, the need for speedy results has diverted the industry from focusing on healing from the core and eliminating the illness from returning. A Permanent solution. It is not unknown that good things take time, but the idea seems to be getting lost on the youth by excessive use of painkillers and modern medicines that are doing nothing but further aggravate their problems and give way to new ones.

Regaining people’s trust in Ayurveda and earning their patience to trust the process has certainly been one of the biggest challenges for the hospital but the only way to let the patients know they are at the right place is by letting the results speak for themselves. To overcome this challenge, beyond the effective treatment plans devised specifically based on the case in hand, the hospital helps the patients gain the confidence to heal naturally. It is almost like winning the battle halfway already.

The Glory of True Wisdom

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Healthcare space, Dr Avinash says that while entering the Healthcare space, more specifically in the niche at hand, “I had nothing but hope and a burning passion for healing with the help of Ayurveda. Deeply inspired by my grandfather’s legacy, I continued with determination and haven’t stopped to date. My advice for budding entrepreneurs is determination and a ‘don’t quit’ attitude. I encourage everyone to introduce a passion for healing and understand the true glory of Ayurveda.” Only then one can work towards making a difference in peoples’ lives and succeed too. It is true that Rome wasn’t built in a day but with sheer hard work and dedication your venture will meet its goal.

Prolonging the Healthy Future

On envisioning scaling the hospital’s operations and offerings in the future, Dr Avinash reveals that Shivaya Hospital was built on the idea of helping one and all in their journey to healing completely, and in 2023 and beyond it’ll continue to progress in that mission, possibly on a larger scale.

It is largely believed that creating awareness is the best way to build confidence. “With the use of past decades of experience and social media, one of the major goals will be to continue creating awareness about the safe and permanent solutions of Ayurvedic treatment. Rest the operation will go on with the same passion and determination for healing and helping,” he concludes.

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