The Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center: Proliferating the Gift of Life by Natural Healing

The Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center
The Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center

Science never was and will never be against nature. It might be our ignorance that we believe that scientific research and natural solutions don’t go hand in hand. The reality is different from our deep-rooted preconceived notions. Take Allopathy and Ayurveda or Naturopathy, for example. Even a learned person might insist that the two are parallel streams very different from each other.

There is no denying that they are different, but if we look beyond these differences, we discover the marvel of The Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center and its galaxy of ever-shining stars, including Dr R. K. Gupta with his team of Ayurvedic doctors and Naturopathy Therapists.

You will believe in their miracles when you’ll read proofs.

In her deepest gratitude, one completely recovered ex-cancer patient Shilpy Bnaga, the Executive Merchandizing Manager of Marks & Spensers from London, says,

“My Dearest Dr R. K. Gupta, Sir,
Hope u r well!

I would like to thank you for all your support. Though my words can scarcely express thanks for that but without you, I’m not sure I would have survived this ordeal.

Sir, my struggle with cancer was difficult as all doctors have said that my disease (Plasma cell Leukemia) is a most aggressive disease and not curable, but you told me everything would be okay, and it is. I am now recovered and stronger than ever.

As per all the recent reports (Myeloma workup & Pet Ct) disease has disappeared, and my doctors and my family members are really happy.

In fact, last week (June 2019), I was in London and shared my reports with Doctors there, and they were happy too with my condition and my positive approach towards life.

Sir, the hours you’ve spent talking to me and understanding my condition and found a way to treat it with your healing methods of positivity and love which gives me the courage to start the inner healing process.

Now, I’ve started enjoying my life to the fullest, and soon I would be re-joining my work too.
Once again, many thanks for your love and support. Best Regards.”
Another completely recovered ex-cancer patient, Aseem Kumar, says,
“Since 2017, I have been suffering from Cancer. It was the last stage, and all Doctors denied Treatment after the 12-15 chemo. After the treatment from Dr Gupta, I am absolutely fine. Thank you so much, Dr, for giving me a new life.

You can read more about such patients’ appreciation by visiting the link

Today, Dr Gupta is a name that is synonymous with the successful treatment of Epilepsy worldwide. His revolutionary approach of Combining Ayurveda with allopathic treatment for Epilepsy has helped millions of epileptic patients since 1987.

He is also the founder of Seema Dental College, Rishikesh, and is the visionary behind the Neeraj Luxury Group of Hotels. His business empire is vast and diverse. He started Cancer treatment after one of his close ones was diagnosed with it, and he made it his life’s mission to help people with cancer. He is the writer of a book on Epilepsy that is used as a reference in many top medical universities.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, Dr Gupta spoke candidly about his vast experience and how he is going ahead with his noble mission. The highlights of that discussion are given herein.

Sir, please brief our audience about your Hospital, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the best Multispecialty Hospitals.
Ayurveda is an ancient healing science that originated in India many centuries ago. We at Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center provide treatment for various incurable diseases with Ayurveda. Our treatments are effective and have no side effects, so anyone not fit for chemo, radiation, or any procedure can also find help with Ayurveda to treat their ailment.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies impacts the Healthcare space and how your hospital is adapting to the change.
Many healthcare medical devices are connected through the IOT (Internet of things). Innovation in this field is faster than we expect. We have adopted the latest Appointment management system, patient administration systems, and Laboratory Information Management Systems powered by advanced techs like AI and machine learning.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive your Hospital to overcome them?
Rising healthcare costs and cybersecurity is what concern us. The cost inflation in the healthcare sector is not new. An increased cost discourages patients in many ways. Also, now a day’s, medical devices and database management systems are connected via IoT. Records of patient information attract the attention of malicious hackers to healthcare providers.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Healthcare space?
I would always encourage youngsters to do work that they care about. The only way to be satisfied is to do work you truly believe in.

How do you envision scaling The Neeraj Ayurvedic Wellness Center’s operations and offerings in the future?
We aim to provide affordable healthcare solutions to our patients for this, and we plan to hire more healthcare practitioners to our existing team of 100 employees.
We have kept our ALOS (Average length of stay) for patients to ten days to ensure we can focus on one patient.

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