Shruti Kothiwal: Redefining Craftsmanship from Tradition to Innovation

Shruti Kothiwal
Shruti Kothiwal

Shruti Kothiwal stands as the driving force behind Brass Globe, a world where the air echoes with the clinking sounds of metal meeting metal and crafted into exquisite shapes. In an age dominated by commerce, she found her passion in reviving the legacy of traditional handicrafts.

With a background in MA in Sociology, she deeply understands the human impact of her products, making client health a priority. Being the determined Founder, Shruti has led her company in all aspects, from operations to marketing, elevating Brass Globe nationally and internationally. Yet, her journey wasn’t a smooth sail. Building a brand without external funding is a battle she fought with grit, proving that ‘there’s no Gain without Pain.’

Beyond the boardroom, Shruti finds solace in travel and music, showcasing a balance between the fierce entrepreneur and the free spirit. Through Brass Globe, her vision extends beyond profit margins and more into community, quality and building a happier, healthier world. In her hands, brass isn’t just metal—it’s a bridge connecting cultures and hearts.

Let’s discover the perfect blend of heritage and innovation, embracing quality, community and a healthier lifestyle!

Trailblazing through Traditions

In the heart of Moradabad, the City of Brass, a remarkable journey began amidst the chaos of the Covid era. With a keen eye for the untouched aspects of the local retail business, she ventured into the world of brass products.

In the beginning, Moradabad’s brass market was quite disorganized,” Shruti recalls, her eyes reflecting the determination that fuelled her endeavors. “I saw potential, a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed.”

Amidst the clinking sounds of metalwork and the hustle and bustle of the market, Shruti envisioned something grand. It was about creating a legacy, a brand that would stand the test of time. That vision took the form of Brass Globe, a venture that would not only be a face for Shruti and her dedicated team but, most importantly, a tribute to the skilled artisans who breathed life into their creations.

Brass Globe became more than just a business for us. It became a symbol of dedication, craftsmanship and a deep-rooted connection to our roots,” Shruti shares. The journey was far from easy. There were hurdles and challenges that tested their resolve. Yet, in the face of adversity, Shruti remained unwaveringly optimistic.

I always knew there would be challenges,” she states with a confident smile. “But challenges are just stepping stones to success. With determination and hard work, we can overcome anything.”

For Shruti, every setback was an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow. The artisans, the backbone of Brass Globe, became the driving force behind every creation. Their dedication and passion transformed raw brass into exquisite pieces of art, each telling a unique story. Through ups and downs, the team persevered, their hands crafting intricate designs that captured the essence of tradition and modernity.

As we move forward, our focus remains on quality, craftsmanship and honouring the legacy of the artisans,” Shruti asserts. And so, amidst the echoes of hammering and the aroma of brass, Brass Globe continues to shine with the vision of one woman and the dedication of many, illuminating the path for all who dare to dream in the City of Brass.

Recalling the events in her life during the pandemic around the same time Brass Globe was born, “COVID-19 disrupted my plans; I had to pause my PhD preparations and return to my hometown,” Shruti reflects. But from adversity emerged opportunity. She began working with her father, eventually establishing BrassGlobe.

Surprisingly, Covid-19 turned out to be a turning point, propelling her venture forward. It’s proof that from challenges, new beginnings can emerge, reshaping paths in unexpected, positive ways.

Mastering the Metal

Shruti’s approach to her team is nothing short of familial. “I see my team as my extended family,” she emphasizes. Their dedication is a personal commitment to the vision. They’re partners, deeply attached to the company.

This connection translates into a vibrant work culture. Recognizing and nurturing their unique talents creates a positive atmosphere; Shruti explains, “When everyone excels individually, the collective strength of the team skyrockets. It’s about unlocking each person’s potential.”

For Shruti, effective communication is key. A friendly, open environment is vital. People thrive when they’re comfortable communicating freely. That’s the essence of successful team building.

In her company, these principles blend seamlessly, creating not just a team but a cohesive family working towards a shared dream. This unity, understanding and shared vision are the pillars of the remarkable team that propels Brass Globe toward excellence.

Skills, Growth and Empowerment

Shruti understands what her team needs to thrive. “In any workplace, it comes down to three crucial elements: fair compensation, recognition and a conducive work environment,” she affirms. “I make sure these aspects are well taken care of in my company.”

Her flat hierarchy eases communication. This structure simplifies the ability to handle these needs and that’s an advantage. “We’re all in this together,” she says.

The work environment is equally vital. It’s universal—the environment decides if employees stay or leave. For startups, vacancies can be a major setback, consuming time and resources. Early-stage hiring, especially when looking for passion over experience, can be challenging.

Shruti’s approach goes beyond professional development. “I encourage dreams and personal growth,” she explains. “I see my team as an extension of my family and help them build their skills and personalities.”

Tempered in Tradition, Forged in Tomorrow

At Brass Globe, our unique selling points are clear,” Shruti emphasizes, her confidence evident. “We focus on quality, service and price, ensuring our customers get unparalleled value.”

Quality takes center stage. “Brass is an investment, much like gold. People choose us for the real deal, a top-notch quality that elevates not just their kitchen but their lifestyle.”

Service is where the bond strengthens. The commitment doesn’t end with a sale. Shruti personally handles customer queries even after a month, fostering a strong connection that goes beyond transactions.

Finally, it’s about affordability. “Having our own manufacturing unit lets us offer the best prices in the market,” Shruti states firmly. “Our dedication to quality, unwavering service and competitive pricing makes Brass Globe the ultimate choice for those seeking the finest in brass products.”

Innovate, Disrupt, Delight!

Understanding the customer is paramount for Shruti. “To ensure satisfaction, knowing our ideal customers inside out is key,” she emphasizes. “Our market segmentation revolves around demographics and needs. Our clientele mainly aged 30-45, values health benefits and quality. They’re willing to invest for that assurance.”

But for Shruti, customer care doesn’t end at a sale. “Post-purchase assistance is vital,” she states. “I’m here for them even after the sale, resolving their queries promptly.” This ongoing support creates a strong bond that they stay connected and satisfied with Brass Globe. It’s not just a transaction but a relationship built on trust and care.

From Brass to Brilliance

So, right now this is the motive Shruti is driving into, to make Brass Globe an Indian leading company in its niche. The guiding philosophy that has propelled the organization’s success till now is the optimism that she carries within herself.

Shruti shares, “The relationship I maintain with my team and the customers is what it makes them bond with me.” Her teammates work as if that is their own company, and this is what helps Brass Globe to deliver the perfect orders. “In her Moradabad-based enterprise, there are no other women in this line of work,” Shruti notes. Yet, it’s the local artisans who work on my products that set them a step ahead of the rest.

The invaluable contribution of these skilled artisans forms the cornerstone of her company’s future success. “Their craftsmanship is our secret weapon, propelling us towards becoming a leading name in the industry,” Shruti affirms.

The Brass-roots of Our Digital Journey

In the beginning, I ventured onto YouTube, then expanded to other platforms. Now, we’ve streamlined our services through our website,” Shruti explains, her enthusiasm apparent.

This platform simplifies the process. Customers can easily access product details, saving time for them and the team. Basic queries are answered instantly. Plus, automation has revolutionized order placement and payment processing. Shruti emphasizes, “It’s about efficiency and convenience, both for our customers and us. It’s a win-win situation.”

Brass Tacks and Beyond

Being a small team the major problem she faces is backup, if someone is on leave it directly affects the business. That’s the major issue being faced right now. Shruti notes. “It’s a challenge we face. Sometimes, inventory issues add to the complexity. But amidst these challenges, we’re growing. We’re actively addressing these obstacles, ensuring our progress isn’t hindered. It’s about adaptability and perseverance, qualities essential in the journey of growth.”

Moulding Metal, Shaping Futures

In the future, I envision BrassGlobe becoming a leading brand, offering top-quality brass, Kansa and copper kitchenware and home décor items,” Shruti shares, her vision shining brightly.

Their products blend authenticity, affordability and aesthetics. They add a touch of tradition and promote a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, they’re an investment—their resale value adds to their appeal.

Beyond business, it’s about preserving our heritage and supporting our local artisans. It’s about enriching lives and connecting with our roots, all while ensuring quality and affordability for the customers.

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