Skillsets required to landing your dream career as a corporate event planner

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Fresh graduate with a plethora of experience. This is the basic requirement to be an Event Planner. We’re looking for industrious problem solvers and big dreamers.”
Why ?

Event planning industry is a most important tool for a Brand build for any product or service. As this brings together the team behind the success of a product, like investors, consumers, ideators and above all the marketers. Through an event, the owner of the product gets the first-hand experience of the user. It is like a ‘Film preview’ before the main release. The actor and the director get to know the reality with the controlled audience. There are many layers of the Event industry, like corporate, entertainment, social, convention and trade show. But ‘inter-dependence’ of the stakeholders is consistent at the core.

This industry is always in search of a fresh ‘Idea’. Old wine in new bottle does not work any longer. It is essential that the experience is Engaging and Enriching.

What is new that you can offer ? This is the question asked most often.
Searching an answer to this is the biggest task. It is generally responded with a new destination or new venue or new technology input or new entertainer or new speaker or new takeaways or new team building exercise or new look and feel, to name a few. At the core of all of this lies the fact that the Event Manager has to be committed to deliver ‘the new new’ apart from being aware of all that goes in building towards the success of an event.
Till now, as we see, we have not been able to define any academic curriculum which an event manager is required excel in. Ironically, because there is none.

Being a ‘Good listener’ is very important trait that is required. This is the birthplace of an event. Listening to the needs of the customer. Relating to his brand identity. Ensuring every part of the creative process is positioned only in building the brand identity of the customer.

Next comes in ‘Creativity’. Event manager is supposed to come up with an ‘Idea’ that captures the essence of the product. It is like the opening dialogue on the theatre stage. Does it hold the audience? It may be a logo, a by-line, or a jingle. But it has to be an ‘element’ that is so strong that can shoulder the weight of the complete event, and thus the principal behind the product.

Man-manager. With innumerable layers to the success of an event, one has to connect with a large cross-section of experts from various fields, from government bodies to implementing agencies. Thus a very important character trait is a Man-manager. As the event manager is looked upon by all for solutions to all the problems, as he is the scriptwriter of the entire act. Hence it lies with him the responsibility of ensure camaderie amongst all the cadres to drive the event to success.

Then comes the ground skills, which can be listed as Negotiation, Multi-tasking, Technical knowledge, Budgeting, and Time management. Each of these skills can be a treatise in itself. But considering the scope of this write-up they are being mentioned as headers only. Negotiation skill can be only achieved from knowledge and awareness. An event manager is supposed to be good at researching venues and vendors, drafting RFPs, and negotiating contracts in a manner that is consistent with industry’s best practices, facilitates the best opportunity for the event’s success.  Multi-tasking requires an ability with Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail with a proven ability to handle multiple projects while setting priorities to achieve goals. Finance Control requires a thorough knowledge on budgeting by carefully monitoring expenses throughout the planning process to adhere to established budgets, determine new and innovative ways to reduce costs. As the bottom line is crucial for survival. Time management – what is not delivered at the appropriate time does not exist. This is the golden rule of delivery of the event industry. Thus making time management as key to success.

The key to any successful business venture is Customer Service. It is the exceptional customer service skills with an ability to cultivate nurture and maintain valuable partnerships, being the mantra of success.
As we see, there seems to be no academic curriculum that can turn you into an Event Manager. But it is a simple set of skills clubbed with Knowledge and ability to deliver with passion.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” -Albert Einstein
About the Author

With over twenty year of experience, Sanjay Soni is the Founder of Incredible Design. He has worked on various projects from Conceptualization to Execution, ranging from Architecture, Retail architecture, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Events all across India and the Globe. He has founded incredible design in 2009, to focus on creating specifically designed experiential solutions for clients, for exhibitions, conventions and events. Thrill to create something new and enriching experience has led him to choose architecture as an education and design as a profession.

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