Sujay Fire LLP: Safeguarding Lives and Properties Tirelessly

Sujay Fire
Jayesh Phulphagar (Jain) | Founder | Sujay Fire LLP

The fire and safety industry is evolving year after year as fire fighting mechanisms are being upgraded through innovations. Adding to this, the fire fighting authorities are also improving the basic quality of the fire safety equipment to be installed in all buildings. Currently, the industry is witnessing a quick growth in two-tier cities of Maharashtra as well as the other states due to the awareness of fire and safety management.

Hence, to provide quick, efficient and quality services, Sujay Fire LLP is endlessly working to create innovative, design-driven systems and services that bring simplicity to its users. Through the ethos of integrity, commitment, ethical practices, it constantly works hand in hand with the firefighting authority.

The Genesis

Established in 2005, Sujay Fire LLP started its journey from single small office space to a stand-alone corporate office space in the heart of Pune City. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially by providing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial areas including hospitals, educational institutions, stadiums and so on.

Today, Sujay Fire LLP has a strong 28-member team which is dedicatedly working towards running the organization smoothly. The team’s constant hard work has led to its expansion in the field of fire fighting.

The Founder

Jayesh Phulphagar (Jain) is the Founder of the company – Sujay Fire LLP. He has completed B. E. Chemical from Bharti Vidyapeeth and Advance Diploma in Fire Engineering from MIT. He has incorporated cost engineering without compromising on safety in projects. He has also developed an auto starter for booster fire pump which helped to reduce the manpower required for fire fighting in high rise buildings. Speaking about his company, he says, “We provide complete solutions for all buildings based on their size and shape as well as the assumed fire hazard based on the National Building Code of India.”

Valuable Services

The aim of Sujay Fire LLP is to protect precious lives and valuable property. Over the years, the company has contributed towards reducing the incidence of fire-related fatalities and injuries. It has constantly worked on the development of a safer society through the promotion of wider usage of active and passive fire protection systems.

Sujay Fire LLP provides the following products:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Door
  • Passive Fire

Apart from this, it also offers various services like signages, consultancy, liaisoning and maintenance. These services help Sujay Fire’s clients in providing basic assistance during an emergency.

The customers of Sujay Fire are widespread and from a diverse industry background. It becomes important to provide services depending on the type of industry. For example, for a residential type, fire safety is applied on the basis of NBC and on the size and structure of the building. Hence, Sujay Fire LLP provides specific services for various industries like residential spaces, hospitals, shopping malls, marriage halls and so on.

Sujay Fire has always strived to be a leader in providing the latest available technology in fire fighting. This eventually allowed the team to provide self-sufficient solutions to its users. Along with this, the company’s strong business ethics has helped it gain the trust of its customers. This, in return, has made the clients be associated with Sujay Fire for a long-term basis for all their future projects.

Adding to this, Jayesh says, “We have built our reputation in the Pune region to be hired as a Fire Protection System consultant by builders during the inception stage of projects.”

Road to Success

The biggest asset for Sujay Fire LLP is the guidance of the company’s managing director, Shri Jayesh Jain along with the entire team. The whole team is a family and manages areas such as design, site execution, customer service and feedback, accounting, and marketing and sales. This factor has been a major contributor to the success of the company.

Along with this, the technical team works based on the Fire Authority/National Building Code. It also has the advantage of its MD’s vast practical experience of installing fire fighting equipment for the past 15 years.

Piece of Advice

Jayesh believes that success can be achieved through constant hard work and dedication towards one’s goal. To this, he adds, “My advice to the future generation would be to be hardworking, ethical and humble in all business practices. The aim must be to build strong relations with clients, staff members, vendors and suppliers as well as society. Any organization which has a strong team ethos will survive in the long term. Every individual must think big and to be a successful leader one must have humility and empathy.”

Time Ahead

The pathway indeed was extraordinary – from Sujay Fire & Safety Equipments to Sujay Fire LLP. For the future, Sujay Fire LLP is striving for a major leap forward. It plans to expand its footprint both within Maharashtra and outside it. With its commitment to making a positive impact on society, the company is moving ahead with a forward-thinking approach to all issues based on a philosophy of safety and security.

Speaking about the future, Jayesh says, “We see ourselves among the national leaders of our business segment. As we further strengthen our existing brand image, we intend to take on the challenge of developing a new business model with a fusion of firefighting and mechanical ventilation systems.”

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