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In a highly competitive business era, safety is of major concern. From existing industrial giants to emerging startups, any interruption due to fire can be catastrophic. It can be outlandish, bringing a business to halt. Acknowledging this scenario, the industry players are coming up with novel solutions which can dismantle the risks associated with fire and enhance the security level. Currently, several organizations are implementing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing fire safety standards for effectively managing the event of fire and securing people as well as their properties. These organizations are taking significant fire risk management measures in order to improve the building fire safety grading, reduce fire risk levels and its subsequent damage.
Nowadays, where people focus on building safety, HEINRICH Limited is amongst the frontrunners, which is on a mission to educate consultant about life safety in building, factors to save life after and before accident, and scope matrix about evacuating the building in case of emergency. With fourteen years of experience in Public Address and Voice Evacuation System, the company’s dedicated Mobility department works from the Initial design stage to the end of the project until its successful handover to the customer. It has the state-of-the-art technology in Digital Signal Processing, IP Voice Evacuation and Public Address Systems, with many International and Local References worldwide.
Originated from one of the reputed families in Germany, HEINRICH has a diversified business starting from the line of audio to the life safety. Today, the company is amongst the global leaders in delivering Public Address and Voice Evacuation System (PAVA System), Passenger Information Display system (PID system) and Flight Information Display system (FID system) for Metro, Railways, and Airport. Providing the complete portfolio of Products, Software and Services for the successful delivery of the Project is what best describes HEINRICH. The company focuses on rolling out prominent solutions for major sectors in smart city including Transportation, Aviation, Corporate Hospitals, Auditorium etc. It also focuses on product sales in order to offer effective customer solutions and services, along with a dedicated team giving swift responses to customer feedback.
Over the years, HEINRICH has collected numerous jewels in its pocket including awards from FSAI (Fire & Security Association of India), Fastest Growing Company in Global Market by EPG Awards 2017. After successful installation of more than 500 projects in all verticals and on-time delivery, now market is swiftly adopting company’s products & services, and most of the customers are recommending as well as repeating the orders/services.
Meet the Dynamic Persona
Jitendra Singh is the Managing Director (International sales and Marketing) of HEINRICH. With sixteen years of experience in life safety products, he backs-up the team at its best and has has a good market hold among the SAARC countries. Under his aegis, the company has successfully created a niche amongst the best solution and service providers in its sector. Jitendra has been instrumental in consistently empowering the company to withstand the global market and establish itself as one of the leading organization in Public address Voice Alarm system, Networking, Nurse call system, CCTV, Fire Alarm system etc. His sheer commitments and focus on swift services are the driving forces behind the company’s success.
HEINRICH – Another Name for Distinctiveness
At HEINRICH, there is an intimate connection between decency and good business. “We believe that the main purpose of a corporation should be to serve customers, employees, and communities,” asserts Jitendra. “Customer satisfaction with our designed system and product performance is always our first priority, we are proud to say we are always successful and nowhere behind in getting appreciation from our customers,” he added further.
The company believes in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace free from any kind of discrimination, harassment, workplace violence and diversity. This in turn enhances the employee performance as well as their overall personality development. Since inception, the company is striving hard to achieve excellence in setting the leading standards in Life Safety through best-in-class quality products, services and innovation. HEINRICH also believes in putting its Values into practice including Quality and Service Respect, which effectively fulfill its loyalty and commitments towards the clients. Embracing Leadership to the core, the company offers Customer Satisfaction with Integrity in all its business operations. Apart from all this, the company respects its customers and suppliers, values the HEINRICH brand and all the HEINRICH family members behind it.
In a tech-based world, where most companies focus on product sales, HEINRICH decided to deliver services and solutions as per the market standards. It is the Key service provider of the following:
– System Design, Solution Delivery, Project Management, System Installation
– Acoustic Study, Commissioning Support, Onsite SPL and STI Testing
– Onshore and Offshore Training, Maintenance, Product Supply (Logistics)
– System Interface with Third Party System
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