Sunrise International: Helping People Achieve their Dreams with Extraordinary Immigration Solutions

Most companies are often defined by their business turnover but there are some who defines themselves with their principles and unique business strategies. Meet Sunrise International, a renowned immigration consulting company built on the pillars of ethics and integrity. They consider their clients as top priority with revenues and else coming secondary in that list.  They believe that if the company is able to provide competent and courteous services to its clients, business from referral will automatically follow. This is a win-win situation for the client as well as the company and that is what drives Sunrise International towards the path of success.
Their verticals include Immigration Advisory for High Net worth Businessmen (Migration on the basis of Investment), Immigration Advisory for Skilled Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, IT Professionals etc. (Migration on basis of Qualification and Work Experience) and also Advisory for Students seeking to Study Overseas. Wherein, they also provide free of cost admission assistance and visa filing. The company also runs a Language School by the name of Sunrise School of Language Training where IELTS, PTE and Languages among many others are professionally taught to students of all ages.
Therefore, Sunrise International claims “As we do highly specialized visa types, it can be said that we have our own niche.
Achieving Milestones on the Way to Success
For extraordinary contribution towards the immigration industry, Sunrise International is recognized by various renowned organizations in numerous categories as Top Education Consultant in the World 3 years in a row by a Canadian Government funded Institution, No.1 Consultant in India 7 years in a row by a Canadian Government funded Institution, Highest Excellence in Recruitment by Canadian Government funded Institution. The company proudly states that its key management has been consistently awarded amongst the Top Entrepreneurs of North India multiple times by State level or Centre level dignitaries (including Chief Ministers of State, Deputy Chief Ministers of State, Cabinet Ministers etc).
“We have even been recognized by our Institutional Partners (Govt. Institutes) for maintaining Top Ethical Practices and Top Professional Practices in the Indian Market,” states Rajan Pratap Singh, Chairman & CEO of Sunrise. The other categories include Top 10 Agents in India by Canadian Government funded Institution, and Top Performing Agent in India by Govt. funded Institution.
What sets Sunrise International Apart?
With 23 years of corporate existence and 100+ employees in its group including Lawyers, Accountants, Legal Experts, and Case Filing specialists; Sunrise International’s clients naturally get the benefit of having experts from a  wide spectrum clubbed under one roof. Besides this, the sheer depth and wealth of knowledge and experience that the team collectively possess in the domain of Migration consulting is unmatched.
Additionally, all its clients are also benefitted as it has a 360-degree approach towards assistance e.g., if a client comes to Sunrise Immigration Consultants for IELTS training, they train them and then assist them for Admission, then for visa filing, and once they finish their program of choice in the foreign country then if they are eligible, the company can also assist them for PR. Therefore, in a way – Sunrise International is a one stop solution to all their requirements.
The key management of the company has an operational role. Therefore, their strong experience is a value addition to any of its clients. Another huge advantage that Sunrise International has over its competitors is their structure which is more like a law firm in contrast to any other business house. This implies that they don’t put their resources and investment into client acquisition as much as it does on servicing the ones that the company already has.
Karan Pratap Singh, Director of Sunrise International says, “Most of our competitors invest everything in marketing but their technical knowhow on the complex subject matter of Immigration is extremely poor. Our technical know-how and our understanding of Immigration Laws of different countries as well as Indian laws give us an unparalleled edge over our competitors.
To Look out for
We represent some of the Top Institutions in the World known for their academic excellence. We provide students with world class services. We assist them for Admission (pre application strategizing and then making the admission application and following up with the university), we do their visa filing, we are also able to assist them for further requirements once they are in the foreign Country for their future apps such as study visa extensions and Immigration applications etc.
Crossing the Hurdles and Making a Mark
Like any other company Sunrise International too faced multiple challenges on its way. The biggest hurdle that they have crossed was during beginning stages. While having a word with the leading personality of the company, Kuldip Singh, The Founder and In-House Lawyer, said, “Not only was it our small size of operations at that time that was a hurdle but it was also our strong ethics that made it hard to compete with Consultancies who had little regard for their ethics or way of operating.
In those days, the internet was a luxury owned only by a few people only so information was restricted and the competitors made the best out of it. Kuldip further added, “As our competitors accepted every case, regardless of whether the person was eligible to apply or not, and because they had a huge capita, this allowed them to invest into opening more branches and scaling their operations at least 5-6 times faster than we could.
Though it was difficult, the team stated that their founder’s never ending vision to continue only Ethical Advisory in the Immigration Realm has today made them an undisputed leader in the field of Immigration where people now appreciate the genuine advice provided to them. “Surely, the journey to success for us was a lot tougher but it was more rewarding in the long run,” added Kuldip.
To conclude, the Immigration Industry i.e., comprising of mushrooming consultants was not only unregulated, but provoked unethical methods leading to completely incorrect advises to potential migrants. Sunrise International’s founder, given his specialization in Immigration and Naturalization Laws noted this and desired to establish an Immigration Company which provided legal services to potential migrants. And, that was when the Sunrise Immigration Consultants emerged. Even today Kuldip so guides the team to provide highly specialized legal services to all its clients whether they are a skilled professional, a high profile  businessman  looking to invest and migrate to another country or a student aiming for overseas studies..
About the Leader
Sunrise was founded by Kuldip Singh, a Lawyer with over 47+ years of legal experience. On noticing the plight of innocent people getting scammed by unprofessional Immigration Consultants in India, Kuldip was pained.  He  further got a  resolve  to do something about it when he met a Lawyer in the UK in  early 1990s, who also suggested that given the fact that incredibly dubious immigration consultants were taking millions of people in India on to the  wrong paths, that there was a need to have a legal service provider. He then established Sunrise in 1995 as a legal immigration consultancy operating in Top Countries of the World.
23 years of hard work and uncompromising values, along with Kuldip’s impeccable guidance has led Sunrise International to become a brand that is synonymous with Trust and Ethics.
While talking about Success, Kuldip stated, “Success to us is not what is reflected on balance sheets and Bank accounts. It is when a client who has gone overseas through our services contacts us and says that their life has changed for the better and that it would not have been possible without us. We feel incredibly proud in that moment.
Credentials and/or Licenses:
The company’s in-house Lawyer and Founder, Kuldip Singh is an Immigration Lawyer with almost five decades of legal experience in the field of Immigration Law. He is a member/associate member of the Top Associations of the World including American Immigration Lawyers Association, Canadian Bar Association, Inter Pacific Bar Association, American Bar Association, Punjab and Haryana Bar Association, International Bar Association –UK, Investment Migration Council, and Switzerland among many others.
In addition to that, Sunrise Immigration Consultants’ Vice President, Awalpreet Kaur Takkar is one of the few Licensed Immigration Advisers in India as per New Zealand’s Government rules. The company is also a license holder under the Punjab Travel Professionals Regulation Act of 2014.
An Expert’s Advice for the Youth
The company’s management says ‘Immigration Consulting is rewarding career with the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. That difference can be positive or negative (negative if they got a refusal of visa due to a mistake by the consultant). Of course no one can guarantee a visa as it is up to the decision makers i.e., Visa Officers to render a positive or negative decision, but there is a great responsibility on us as consultants to use our legal mind to the best of our abilities and ensure that there is no negligence on the file. Also, a lot of new-comers are eager to make a quick buck from this field that is a wrong approach that is sure to be a cause of concern. Have a patient and long term view – let your clients recognize your efforts and they will create monetary success for you by referring their friends and relatives.”
The Step towards Future
Sunrise International strongly believes in philosophy of continuous improvement and in accordance to that they strive each day to better their processes for adding  more value to its clients. In terms of expansion, the company is expanding its operations and opening Company owned offices in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India to increase its market penetration and share. Company’s founder states, “We are also increasing our product portfolio in each of our verticals so as to provide our clients with a diverse range of visa types to choose from.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Immigration Consulting Companies

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