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Abhimanyu Khanna | CEO | Take A Break

The workplace of 21st has shifted dramatically, from the ones where employees were surrounded by cubicles to the open offices that are trending everywhere. But at times, even the compelling atmosphere lacks to provide the relaxation and productivity that an employee and a team seeks.

Employees are always tied up with their roles and responsibilities which makes their professional life monotonous. But when they get time-off from their usual workplace and enter a whole new world of exciting game challenges, their professional life becomes joyous.

Its when Take A Break (TAB) comes into the picture. A consulting that claims to have all solutions to turn the usual workplace into a more jubilant one. Since its inception, the company is on a mission to make workplace a fruitful and interactive environment for the employees which can make their day-to-day life cheerful.

Quick Peek

TAB was founded in 2008, with a motive of offering innovative Employee Engagement such as Team Building Programs, Tech-based Simulations,etc. Today, TAB has grown to the superior extent as one of the leading companies in India managing end-to-end corporate requirements for clients. The company has developed a broad range of game shows which comprises the best team-building activities. These exercises emphasize on building relations among the employees and ensemble them as a team.

With its successful ventures, TAB has been prevailing as one of the leading companies in India having served 185+ clients all over the country, managing 160+ events annually & 70 Game Shows. Constructing an extensive range of game shows, it has engaged 279000+ Participants so far. In the words of its energetic team, “We like to be different but more importantly, we want you to be wowed!”.

The exhilarating company sees its job to connect its clienteles’ teams to the specific activities that will support their business objectives, incorporating the organization’s culture into the activity, and bringing their brand to life.

Diversifying approaches

TAB has become one of the “Top 10” Employee Engagement companies in India with an optimistic vision of serving its clients with accurate delivery of their requirements. Its innovative ideas of designing games are in contrast with other industry players, as the company is keen on uniting individuals into a team.

TAB’s programs are tailored to its clients’ requirements for an effective impact. Its customers call it – the TAB Innovation Effect (TI-effect), which encompasses knowledge, intrinsic research, and methodologies, thereby giving the company a unique distinction of an end-to-end employee engagement solution provider. Having tie-ups across the country, the leadership team travels to every program across the Globe to ensure the quality standard as per the TI Effect.

Versatile Visionaries

The outbound training programs must be curated in a way that seeks to improve productivity and enhance the work culture of organizations. It falls upon the shoulder of leaders who can address the problems with their ultra-modern approach. These personalities, with their intellectual and intense desire to find solutions, help to serve their partners thrives. At Insights Success, it is an honor for us to introduce you to Priyanka Juneja, Director and Abhimanyu Khanna, CEO who are the prime examples of the above attributes.

Priyanka is an MBA graduate, an alumnus of Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad who has always believed in following her dreams and turning them into reality. She has been a key pillar to TAB and ensures that the Company reaches new heights with each new day. She’s energetic, cheerful, positive and persistent, and forwards her qualities to her team. A specialist in conducting Employee Engagement Programs, she ensures the clients look forward to pleasant surprises every time.

Abhimanyu is a business graduate and passionate for excellence and about everything he does which makes him different from the rest. His ambition, hard work, dedication towards work, and his endearment towards his team marks his success. His experience of building and leading teams enables him to bring simple yet powerful leadership, management, and team building lessons to the programs he conducts. His attention to detail and spark to invent every minute makes Abhimanyu dynamic.

Insights at Industry Loop-holes

According to TAB, companies while conducting outbound training for their employees, usually compromise on location. Thus, resulting in exposing their employees to informal surroundings, making them uncomfortable and less opinionative. Hence, an ideal location for outbound training should be a mix of new experiences, refreshing and at the same time should be overwhelming. The company emphasizes on a prodigious ambiance as it plays a crucial role.

TAB believes activities should always come into play keeping the safety measures in mind. Also, Programs/Activities must be incorporated into the employees’ daily work and life. Keeping these dimensions in mind would never lack the interests of the participants. Its team further adds, “Undoubtedly, every employee will come into play physically and mentally wherein they would know their strengths and can improvise their relations with each other. Nowadays, people do not focus on experiences rather focus on offering standard simulations. It is necessary to understand the climate needs and then customize a solution.”

Staying Abreast with Industry

Due to the rapid revolution in workplaces, TAB works categorically in the areas which require development and conducts outbound training and team-building activities for improved collaboration and teamwork. The company creates multiple activities which breaks the monotony in the employees’ life and delivers them with experiences that are worth remembering.

TAB constantly looks after the complications clients face and comes up with a resolving action. Its wide range of game shows helps its clients to choose suitable programs for their organization. The company does the selection of activities, keeping the challenges in mind which work requires more attention.

Since the trends in the outbound industry changes consistently, TAB enacts accordingly with its latest techniques of gaming. It schedules team building programs with a procedure to prevent crisis. It has its tech simulation wherein the company claims that all its tech-based programs are popular among all sectors.

Its Many Milestones

The organization has gained wide acceptance in the industry because of its esteemed services. This was not an easy journey for the company. TAB, from the start, encountered many hurdles, but with its sheer commitment and will, the company kept on moving ahead one step at a time and emerge as one of the leading employee engagement companies. The company sees its first milestone when it retained its first client. This paved the path for the training organization to keep on moving forward.

Another milestone for the company is when it went international in the year 2010 to facilitate its Program. With TAB’s modest beginnings, turning office from a small cubicle place to a structured workplace back in the year 2011, was a major achievement. The company shifted office space in 2016, from Delhi to Gurgaon and set up its own Office.

In 2018, TAB won an award for the Best Team-building Activity of the Year in the WOW Awards Asia. Its successful venture has helped the company expand from 4 members to 30. In 2019, the company has also gained an exclusive license from Global International company to run Tech featured engagements.

Over the years, the company has emerged as a one-stop-shop solution for the corporate requirements with a deep experience garnered through conducting over 1800 Team Building Programs, while maintaining the quality criteria intact. The company desires to keep on providing excellent qualitative work and engrave a positive impact in years to come.

Word of Mouth

TAB will not only give you a break, but it will also take your team bonding experience to the next level!! Priyanka is a true professional and highly flexible in her approach. Will surely look forward to repeat sessions and long-term association with TAB”Madhur Kaushik, Associate Manager, Procurement

Our employees look forward to the Offsite and Team Building Program year after year. There has been no looking back ever since we first associated with TAB team. You all have been extremely flawless in your services and we look forward to offsite teambuilding organized by your team.” Kawaldeep Kaur, Samvardhana Motherson

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