Talent Search Management Consulting: Empowering Businesses with Human Resource Finesse

Talent search management consulting
Talent search management consulting

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek, American author, and inspirational speaker

Rightly quoted by Simon, the importance of human resources and handling them carefully with a kind, empathic and caring approach makes an interesting difference.

Often it is noticed that the human resource teams and even the management members are occupied in various human resource tasks and activities, which is time-consuming. It becomes a smarter option to hire a professional human resource consulting firm that can plan, organize, support, and execute important functions in the right and effective manner.

Talent Search Management Consulting (TSMC), guided by Reema Nakra, Founder and Director, stands as a glaring example of a professional human resource consulting and training firm that offers organizations customized solutions that address their major human resource requirements.

TSMC is a leading HR consulting and leadership training company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It provides dynamic, comprehensive, and implementable solutions to the corporate world, enabling organizations to nurture and sustain a competitive edge through Human Resources with a focus on quality.

In an interesting interview with the Insights Success team, Reema overwhelmingly expressed about her professional journey, inspirations, ideas, challenges faced and countered, and her vision of how TSMC is headed for a dynamic future.

What is your inspiration behind venturing into the business arena?

Focus on your passion; nothing else matters. I am very passionate about Human Resource Management (HRM) and wanted to start consulting to help companies grow and create employable opportunities with a vision of transforming people’s lives, autonomy, and a sense of accomplishment.

What were the initial challenges that you had to surmount to ensure your start-up’s success rate reached greater heights?

The biggest challenge was financial management, team stability, client acquisition, and client retention.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and TSMC the most?

The key qualities that have been appreciated by clients are a high sense of responsibility with proper accountability of all the tasks planned and worked out. At TSMC, we associate every project and assignment with a fixed Turn Around Time (TAT) that is shared with the clients in the proposal-follow-ups-completion stages.  The team maintains high relevancy of our work with utmost sincerity and integrity. The special focus lies in the quality of the services-what we do; we do it well. TSMC is reputed due to our dedicated customer support, embedded leadership, and the courage to shape a better future.

What are the USPs that highlight your TSMC’s uniqueness in the industry?

Our USP is thinking out of the box. What exactly makes it our “USP”? By continuing to give repeat work orders, our long-term clients confirm again and again that our unique selling point is the quality of our service. The fact we carry out all processes – from briefing to filling the vacancy; efficiently, carefully, and intensively.  The TSMC team works with complete dedication and, of course, also brings them to a successful conclusion.

Sustainability is the foundation of our existence, which means that we recruit the best possible candidate for any vacancy with a long-term effect. Keeping a critical distance, objective assessment, as well as procurement and evaluation of references, are the guarantors. Since one-off business is not our objective. Our existence is based on long-term customer relations and mutual trust. A significant fact in this context is that today we are still working together with several clients from our start-up years.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

I would advise young professionals to think differently. Challenge Yourself to take up new assignments with diverse requirements. Take the Risk upfront. Understand the client’s requirements properly. Based on the inputs, propose a suitable solution in systematic hiring, training, evaluation, and modern technological tools and applications.

You should have a clear vision. Keep things simple with proper documentation of the work. Then you should grow your network as you can get connected with potential clients from various sources. Make a solid financial plan for your business that includes capital investment, managing the fixed and incidental costs, risk mitigation, ROI calculations, rolling of funds, etc.

How do you envision TSMC’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

Emerging technology can enable enterprise goals — but only if properly implemented. We are going with a flow.  Properly implemented, emerging technologies can be powerful in helping companies solve business problems, scale on demand, improve resiliency, and deploy technology solutions rapidly and securely. Companies should conduct a digital maturity assessment and deter­mine areas where emerging technology could provide the greatest value or enable the organization to deliver on its strategies with greater certainty or at a faster pace. It’s also critical to have effective change management during the transition; otherwise, any technology program will never truly reap the intended benefits.

In a short span of two years, we have been awarded by various media houses/companies for our contribution to the recruitment industry, and the literary world.

Awards and Accolades

  • Reema Nakra- Best Indian Author-2021 for the Book The Unstoppable Creative by CriticSpace Literary Journal, featured in Nationals/Internationals
  • Best women Leadership Award by Glantor-x-2022
  • Best Author of the Year by LIFT Magazine for the Book- The Unstoppable Creative
  • Talent Search Management Consulting has been recognized as TOP7 HR consulting in India by Business Talks.
  • TSMC has been awarded Best Recruitment Company Globally-2022 by Great Companies-24
  • Reema Nakra – Winner of Sahityakosh Samman Award 2022 by Ne8x official.
  • Reema Nakra- Honored with Tagore Commemorative 2022 for literacy Contribution and beyond by Ne8X official

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