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Technology has transformed and influenced virtually every aspect of our life. The pace of technological development has changed the way we live and work. One of the major industries that have undergone a revolutionary change due to technology is the manufacturing industry. Rapid technological changes are shifting the manufacturing process to a mechanised one. While this definitely spells growth, it also incorporates and inspires a change in way we deal with and understand technology. Moreover, it brings about a complete evolution of the entire production process.
Industrial robotics has evolved and so has its role in the process of manufacturing. Today, robots accomplish simple tasks such as welding, painting and even more complicated tasks. With efficient and technologically advanced programming methods, robots are trained to do much more than simple tasks. A varied number of industries today are harnessing the power of industrial robotics and reaping its benefits.
Along with industrial robots, another trend that has picked up in the recent times is 3D printing. The capacity to produce a tangible object based upon a 3D image has left the world awestruck. More and more manufacturers are trying to tap into this unique and customisable technology in the recent times.
Micro-manufacturing has impacted communication technology in a commendable way. Allowing for the creation of minute and tiny components in various devices, micro-molding goes hand in hand with micro-manufacturing.
By manufacturing products digitally with the help of cutting edge technology and methods, many industries are able to cut down on costs and simultaneously increase efficiency. It also helps in the simplification of processes and gets the product in the market quickly.
These technologies have significantly changed the way the manufacturing industry functions and also influenced the different stages of the production process. Most of these technologies have yet to reach their maximum potential. Major technological giants are heavily investing in these technological advancements to improve the quality of their products.
Some of the steps that need to be taken in this direction are training the workforce, readiness to adopt technologies and deal with cyber security.
Overall, these digital technologies have altered the value chain. Converging technologies will pave the way for a workforce which is more digital and resource-efficient. In the future, digital technologies will be used to plan, create and optimize the product development process. Data will thus remain at the heart of the production process and technology will lead to greater productivity.
Automated workflow processes, advanced robotics, technologically advanced analytics are here to stay and dominate the manufacturing industry and increase its efficiency. Centralised manufacturing processes aided by technological advancements will lead to the creation of unique products for the consumers. The modernisation of the manufacturing process will then pave way for greater growth and economic development.

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