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Swapan Kumar Manna | Founder & CEO | TechGenyz

Cloud computing is the most flamboyant technological innovation of the 21st century. This is because it has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology in the domain. This adoption has been fueled by the ever-propelling number of smartphones and mobile devices that can access the internet. Combined computing resources available through cloud computing has offered tremendous benefits to business organizations. Unraveling benefits include efficiency, flexibility, and strategic value. The service providers play a major role in delivering their best solutions. TechGenyz is one of the topmost solution providers delivering ideal solutions to its users.
TechGenyz has two verticals – one is in the media tech domain, which is represented by the brand name TechGenyz and the other one, Quavzent is a cloud-based solutions provider. TechGenyz is a leading source of news and information on the latest technology, startups, AR/VR. Quavzent builds next-generation technology solutions to power companies from multiple sectors.
TechGenyz connects readers from 75+ countries across the world and tells the story about digital transformation and how it is affecting our day-to-day life. It was founded in June 2017 in an ambition to feed millions of readers with relevant information which matters to them. They believe information is power and aim to empower the generation leading on the forefronts and build a digitally empowered community.
Founder & CEO
Realizing the need for change is crucial for the development of any business and initiating the change from oneself is an endeavor only a few achieve. Swapan Kumar Manna, the Founder & CEO of TechGenyz adorns this virtue. He was witnessing the changing status quo of the country in terms of internet accessibility. People no longer find information in traditional media, rather they are curious to get news on tech, gaming, digital innovation over the internet. Keeping the same in mind Swapan grabbed the opportunity to initiate his career in the media tech domain and led her to establish TechGenyz. He was aware of the drastic change in the number of internet users which is doubled since the last decade. This influenced him with an opportunity to empower today’s generation with information that matters to them.
Tech-enabled Services
TechGenyz is into the media tech domain and focuses on how it can connect readers with the most relevant information promptly. It has Content Studio Solution, where the expert content creators create content that makes their brand stand out. Beforehand, the company struggled to manage the whole work process and analyze how a modern-day tech media company runs. Latterly, it thought to build a media intelligence solution where it can seamlessly connect with all the writers, marketing people, editors, and can manage news feed sources from a single dashboard. It predicts what would be interesting to the readers across social networks, and which news stories will be popular on social or on the search engine. This helped to ride the wave of organic and social traffic to TechGenyz website. On the contrary, the development team, at Quavzent is building marketing intelligence solutions backed by artificial intelligence, which can help clients understand their market insight, competitor analysis, predictive analysis and help business grow.
Tech start-ups in India today
Swapan describes the start-up ecosystem in India with a positive approach. He recollects, initially there were a handful of companies in the competition but since last decade there are a lot of unicorns emerging as new brands of the country. Swapan feels, just entering the ground is not enough but sustaining the market is crucial.
Imparting Challenges and Sharing its Experience
Apart from hiring good talent, increasing and running the business, financial challenge is one of the most common challenges faced by every startup and TechGenyz was not an exception. The internet and social media have changed the process of how clients buy technology solutions or services. Clients prefer business relationship not just a solution efficiently, and cost-effectively be it via social media, email, text messages, live chats, or more. Swapan advises everyone to understand what they are looking for and give the solution to the challenges they are facing. He has created a strictly open working environment giving employees the liberty to think, learn, and build something amazing. This has helped his team to build a strong foundation and work culture which tells people what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room. He aims to make the company one of the top players in the media tech domain with robust tech solutions in the coming two years.
Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey. There are great ideas taking birth every day, but most of them get buried and never face the light. But, what Swapan says, “If you have hesitation in starting a business, he suggests not to start unless you are confident about your ideas that can bring a change. You will face challenges at every corner of the road, but take those challenges as an opportunity. Find people who have a similar thought process and build a great team and who are aligned with your vision. In the journey, there may be a time, when you will feel like leaving in the half-way but don’t let bad days bring you down rather stay positive. Believe in yourself and take calculative risks.”
Further, he said, “Getting into the social media bandwagon is no longer a matter of choice if you want to succeed. Your business and every business need it. The importance of social media in business is now more prominent than ever.”

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