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The business world today is witnessing a transition as new technologies emerge to disrupt their existing systems. The newness does offer more enhanced services but comes with a hitch of how-to transform and adapt to the new technologies without hampering the current flow and revenues. To ensure smooth transitions, experts such as TechNEXA Technologies, who are more than just Service Providers. TechNEXA is one of the fastest-growing information technology consulting organization that implements and maintains high-performance IT systems for organizations of all sizes and a wide range of industries. It is focused on providing expert IT consulting, cloud computing solutions, cybersecurity services, managed services and business technology consulting to its customers.
The Driving Force – The Management
TechNEXA was formed with a vision to provide cost-effective & innovative solutions satisfying the expectations of our customers & improving their operational efficiency using the latest technologies.
Currently, the business is driven by industry veteran Mr K.K.Kaushik having invested 30+ years in the Industry. The management believes that the IT ecosystem is going through a transformation and there are many challenges like rapidly changing technologies, budget limitations, lack of expertise and inflexible vendor contracts etc. Keeping all these challenges in mind, TechNEXA Technologies was created to bridge the gap between the technology and the organizations. We act more than just a service provider and help organizations to achieve their IT objectives while keeping the cost in control.
Tech-enabled Products
TechNEXA’s specialities include cloud services & support, network & infrastructure design, managed services, project management, email services, network management, storage solutions, network security and various other emerging technology solutions. Based on the industry requirements, it has also built 4 in-house products to help organizations optimise their operations. This includes VMS, Enterprise File Sharing platform, NOC Management Solution and IT Service Management Solution.
Developing and designing these products goes through a lot of brainstorming before being finalized. There are many criteria that TechNEXA considers while developing them. The challenge of service-business management begins with design. As with product companies, a service business can’t last long if the offering itself is fatally flawed. It must effectively meet the needs and desires of the customers. Some factors that the company considers are:

  • Trust and customer relationship are the major factors for any IT services company growth.
  • Many organizations have budget limitations and providing cost-effective solutions keeping their budget in mind plays a critical role.
  • Companies often live or die on the quality of their workforces, but because service businesses are typically people-intensive, a relative advantage in employee management has all the more impact there. Top management must give careful attention to recruiting and selection processes, training, job design, performance management, and other components that make up the employee management system. More to the point, the decisions made in these areas should reflect the service attributes the company aims to be known for.

Challenges that Shaped the Present
TechNEXA is graduating with a steady pace and gunning for inorganic growth. The company started with a small team of 10. Taking one step at a time, it optimized various processes across the organization so that it can provide timely and cost-effective solutions to its clients. The Team kept growing with time and started building industry relationships with leading OEMs. The HR team plays a key role in ensuring that the employees are highly motivated and keep updated with the current IT trends. This has helped TechNEXA to achieve industry recognition as one of the fastest growing IT Consulting Organizations.
A Bubbling Industry
Numerous start-ups are popping up in different industries in India. Team Tech NEXA believes that only the players with a clear vision and the attitude to serve the customers (SEVA) will succeed. In modern times, customer satisfaction is one of the major factors which lead to growth or downfall of any organization. Emotional connect clubbed with AI is what is going to work. The upcoming solution providers also need to keep the pace with the emerging technologies both in terms of knowledge and competencies.
Going by their own experience, the founder’s advice for the budding entrepreneurs is:

  • Don’t view challenges as hurdles – Embrace each challenge as a learning opportunity. When you take small steps, you’ll reach your goals faster as compared to when you take big leaps.
  • Step in with a clear-cut vision – When entering into this industry, one should have a clear vision of what services is he going to offer and to what type of customer. Customer segmentation plays a critical role as this helps to sell the right product to the right audience.
  • Customer satisfaction should be the top priority-As now the IT industry is customer-oriented, the primary focus should be on the customer experience. 

As for its growth, going forward, Tech NEXA wishes to be a trusted IT consulting Organization and is planning to have national and global footprints.

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