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Modern life lead to the use of sensors as a core component in almost all electronic devices and machines. Sensors are becoming gradually important in terms of operational area beginning with mining of raw material to process, creating the final product, and sale or export of the same. Thus, application of different types of sensors facilitates numerous advantages and sensor usage. It is a sector that is rapidly growing with the expansion in sensor technology. 
Established in 2011-12, Thames Side Sensors India Pvt. Ltd. has eventually raised  the standards since it had entered into high-tech sensor solutions. The manufactures weighing sensors, popularly known as Load Cells based on Strain Gauge technology. Strain-gauge based load cells are used for various applications and constitute high accuracy. From a small industrial unit to a large process plant, these sensors are used in almost every sphere. 
Thames Side Sensors India provides Weight Sensors, also known as Load Transducers or Load Cells beside its Assemblies, Junction Box or Summation Box. Along with these, the company offers its Weight Indicators and controllers as components to System Integrators and OEMs who incorporate it in their machineries before supplying it to Process Industries. 
The Parent Company 
Thames Side Sensors India Pvt. Ltdis a subsidiary of Thames Side Sensors established in 1970, which is amongst the world leaders in Industrial and Process Weighing load cell technology. Headquartered in the UK and having offices, sales partners and customers spread across seventy countries and into every type of process industry, the company has truly accomplished a global presence. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based at Barcelona, Spain with an additional factory in Morocco.  
Over forty years of experience to the world’s process industries in sectors as varied as offshore, cement, food, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals, plastics and others, has given Thames Side Sensors Ltd., extensive application knowledge that allows it to become the expert adviser to the customers on the correct selection and application of  the  products.
The Hardship Story 
Overcoming the challenges is what best describes Thames Side Sensors India! Since stepping its foot on India’s shore, the company had to deal with a number of challenges. The Indian economy went into a recession around the time the company was about to frame its cornerstones. It went through the labor pain of all the new startups. The company had no customer in India and the initial business was a struggle. Even on marketing and sales front, there were multiple challenges as the brand was unknown and there were a number of reputed manufacturers already available. Adding to the trouble, there were ultra-low-priced Chinese products obtainable in the market.  
In 2013, there was a massive upheaval in the currency. The US Dollar and the Euro rates were at an all-time high, increasing overall cost of products, making it almost unviable for the customers. However, through persistent efforts, the company managed to break even in the 3rd year and turned profitable thereafter. 
The initiation is never easy especially when one launches a new business in a different country. The start of Thames Side Sensors India was humble enough and dealt with its fair share of struggles. Many a times, the company never saw hurdles coming its and every time it tripped over them. But every time it tripped, the company learnt to get and walk an extra mile to achieve its goals. 
Most of the competitor brands were already doing well in India, making the start even more difficult for Thames Side Sensors India to make a sales pitch to OEMs. However, the company quickly realized not all competitors had the entire product range and with that  it  handled the competition and offered them products which complimented the competitor’s  product range. This strategy worked for Thames Side Sensors India in establishing a niche  in the sector. The principle of doing business with OEMs and system integrators  was  considered as a weakness, however it gradually became the company’s strength in gaining  more clients.  
Noteworthy Achievements 
“We are the first choice of over 350 OEMs and System Integrators involved in making machineries for Process Weighing applications” 
Started just seven years ago, Thames Side Sensors India is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality load cells and weighing accessories in India. The company has unique products for corrosive, hazardous and high temperature applications. Most of its products are approved for Legal for Trade application by International Organization of Legal Metrology. 
Over the years, the company has been recognized amongst the frontrunners in India  whose load cells model was approved by Legal Metrology Department, Government of India. Today, the company has a PAN India presence, with carefully selected OEM partners and system Integrators at strategic locations, who can provide pre-sales support and post sales technical assistance from a location near to its customers. 
The Management 
Mr. Josep Sabate and Mr. Steven Brown, are the two foreign directors residing at Barcelona and UK respectively. Mr. Brown has invested all his experience and time during the formative years shuttling extensively between UK and India. 
The Indian operations are led by Mr. Rakesh Valeja, who has over 2 decades’ experience in Industrial Weighing and Process Automations. He has been acknowledged by the management and his peers in making Thames Side Sensors as a prominent, recognized and well-respected brand in India. 
Rakesh is a motivating team leader with exceptional leadership skills. He is committed to energise, engage and inspire others. Building long term relationships with customers as well as with the team, is part of his personality. He is passionate about work, believes in customer delight and is willing to go an extra mile. He is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow the company. He amazes customers with his quick response time and this attribute has been adopted by the rest of the team as well, gaining customer goodwill and loyalty. 
Recognizing Customer’s Needs at its Best 
During the formation of the company, team Thames did several researches to understand what was needed by its prospective customers. Most of them mentioned that they need high quality products in competitive prices with short term delivery. Guided by these expectations, the company diligently worked towards meeting its customers’ needs and succeeded to a great extent. Today, Thames Side Sensors is amongst the top international load cell manufacturing companies, who provide products to its customers on shortest possible delivery time. 
Why Choose Thames? 
We treat our clients as our most valuable asset and always stay focused on what matters most to our clients,” asserts Rakesh. 
In today’s complex and ever-changing world, reliability and quality are key requirements of an industrial equipment supplier. The company provides excellent product quality, fast and reliable deliveries, competitive prices and exceptional services to its valued customers. “We never lose sight of how our product can make their processes accurate, reliable and safe,” he added further. 
Customer delight has been critical for the continued success and the company objectives are centred around this. In addition, the company as well as the core team is aware of the ‘cost of ownership’ in times of the economic instability. Its confidence in its manufacturing processes, quality and reliability allows it to offer up to five years warranty against manufacturing defects on most of its products. Apart from this, the unmatched customer service and 24×7 responses makes Thames Side Sensors India the most trusted partner in industrial weighing technology, where the customer is assured of technically superior, quality products at a competitive price, delivered on time. 
Guiding the Young Minds 
It is a niche yet competitive zone with many international, domestic and low-cost players crowding the market-space. Acknowledging this scenario, the company advices the beginners to be innovative, provide exceptional customer support and work transparently with customers to gain their trust to become first amongst equals. 
Future Goals  
Thames Side Sensors India continuously thrives to serve the clients with quality products and continued support. The company is affirmative and devoted to being one amongst the leading brands in the Industry. For its continuous exceptional growth, it would continue to come up with innovative and technologically advanced weighing sensors and associated electronics. The company is on a mission to make Indian operation as a business hub for SAARC nations and Middle East region. 
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