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ICT Health: Reinventing Technology to Bring Better Quality and Convenience to Healthcare

Growing economic pressure of the ever-increasing healthcare costs and the suboptimal health outcomes are driving the search for new approaches towards health management. Innovation and new technology adoptions are crucial for better and faster outcomes in healthcare. Today, technology affects every single aspect of the modern society and is creating a revolution in the way healthcare is being delivered. From the widespread adoption of electronic medical records, to advances in bio-medical engineering and technology, modern healthcare and its delivery methods are changing at an ever increasing rate………….
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The 10 Best E-healthcare Solution Provider Companies

Curofy: Doctor’s Appealing Platform

Social media serves to connect people with their loved ones and at the same time keeps them informed as well. However, current social media platforms do not connect specialists professionals such as doctors to...

Navia Life Care: Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Build Customized Solutions for Patient Engagement

Currently, the healthcare sector is in a very good space in terms of development, specifically looking at digitization and adoption of technology by patients and providers alike. In today’s world of growing and ageing...

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Indian Health Organisation: Introducing the new Advancement of Telemedicine in the Arena of e-Healthcare

Health sector are now actively building upon their national foundations for e-Health to deliver public health and health services in a more strategic and integrated manner. e-Health can reduce health inequalities and help to...

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E-Healthcare: Harnessing the Power of Technology

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that technology has made a huge impact, bringing along with it a plethora of opportunities to explore and take advantage of. It is impressive...

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Digital Revolution Transforming Healthcare Industry

While the world is talking about technology enhancements and AI and mission to Mars, healthcare sector is evolving rapidly to redefine itself. Very soon the changes will dwarf the other sectors in terms of...

Upcoming Developments

Blockchain: A Cure for Healthcare IT Problems

Blockchain is one of the most significant technologies since the internet. Government and states, locally and globally, have started to explore the Blockchain technology for rationalizing back-office paper trails and business operations. It has...


Hospital Wi-Fi: Making Healthcare Smarter

Wi-Fi is the foundation for digital transformation in the healthcare industry. The Wi-Fi based healthcare service sector is predicted to reach a whopping $33.6 billion by 2020 globally. Healthcare industry has changed significantly in...