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“Great decisions are made with quality data”

Epitome Research Services | Top marketing research agency

Epitome Research Services: Decoding the Market for Success

Today’s age of tough competition calls for business decisions that are quick, accurate and based on analytics. Businesses have abundant data but to convert it into meaningful and actionable output requires some serious number-crunching and analytical skills, ability to draw insights, strong understanding of the market and a way to craft a relevant story for the clients.
Facilitating these crucial business decisions is Epitome Research Services LLP, a boutique full-service market research agency established in 2016……
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Company Of the Month

Excelsior Research: Market Research for Achieving Business Excellence

For a product or service to excel, it needs to reach the right customer at the right time. With a global market which is fiercely competitive and customers who are more demanding than ever, reaching out is very crucial for….
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The 10 Highly Recommended Market Research Companies 2019

Craft Driven Market Research | Aakanksha Aggarwal

Craft Driven Market Research: Business Decisions, Made Easy

Craft Driven Market Research, a Noida based company provides market intelligence, business consulting and market research services that span across various segments of the start-up industry. It aims at providing the best solutions and...
TechSci Research | Karan Chechi

TechSci Research: Taking the Global Center Stage

With the turn of every decade, the business world has taken gigantic progressive steps that have changed the dynamics of business at the global platform. Businesses are moving at a rapid pace in their...
Verace Market Research | Insights Success

Verace Market Research: Mining Data to Empower Business Decisions

Decisions have the capability to make or break a business. A business decision is made not on whims but by considering the vision, mission, strength and weaknesses. A wrong analysis of data can create...

Interview With Insights Success

Channelplay Limited | Insights Success

Channelplay Limited: Helping Business Sell Better

Channelplay Limited is a leading Sales Force Automation, Shopper Marketing & Channel Management Company in India. Working with clients in diverse industries, it delivers high-performance solutions to help clients increase their sales at the Industry's...

CXO Standpoint

Recognizing target audience | Mr. Krishnakant Panchal

Recognizing target customer- the key to success.

Know your target audience Knowing who your target audience is before, it is important to know how to reach them. It is also important to know how small companies and competitors are trying to...
Falguni Sheth | Insights Success

Changing Face of the HR Department

The role of HR department has completely evolved over last decade. Traditionally it was called as Personnel department where by a normal even an undergraduate person will do basic time office activity like maintaining attendance...

Decoding Data

Data Analysis Tools to Dig into Data - Insights Success

Data Analysis Tools to Dig into Data

Data Analytics (DA) is the science or method of analysing data using certain tools and techniques to produce a piece of information that can be used for business gains. So the tools and techniques...

Tech Talk

Technology: The Fuel for Market Research | Insights Success

Technology: The Fuel for Market Research

Business Development today is more process oriented than intuitional. Businessmen in the early era often decided the course of their business on the basis of their acumen and gut feeling. But in today’s world,...