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Today’s age of tough competition calls for business decisions that are quick, accurate and based on analytics. Businesses have abundant data but to convert it into meaningful and actionable output requires some serious number-crunching and analytical skills, ability to draw insights, strong understanding of the market and a way to craft a relevant story for the clients.
Facilitating these crucial business decisions is Epitome Research Services LLP, a boutique full-service market research agency established in 2016. It offers diversified services and deals in both Quantitative and Qualitative market research, to help enable business decisions, optimize strategies and fuel thought leadership. A young and fast expanding research firm, Epitome RS has its operations across the Indian market. It also has presence in some international markets for specific research needs. Epitome RS focuses on understanding client’s business issue and provides tailor-made research solutions to meet their requirements.
The Complementing Partnership
Epitome Research Services LLP is a joint venture by Piyush Soni and Asmita Mishra. Each of them comes with almost a decade of research experience across both traditional and online research. With their experience and impressive research portfolio, they collaborated on this venture to leverage on each other’s knowledge and expertise of the field. Their aim is to provide customized research solutions that will bridge the gaps seen within the industry today.
Contributing their time and energy with complete dedication, they have been fundamental to the growth of the company.
Offering Valued Services
Epitome Research Services LLP is a full-service market research agency. It also offers need based services in project management, data collection & fieldwork, analytics, etc. Epitome RS offers both traditional methodologies as well as newer methodologies aided by technology in both qualitative and quantitative research. One of its core strength lies in conducting online research and has developed an in-house online panel.
Other areas where Epitome can partner with clients are Data Visualization, Statistical Advising, Web Listening, etc.
Challenges are Opportunities in Hiding
With a plethora of products and big brand names occupying consumers mind, the need to be unique and relevant increases. It is crucial to know the market landscape in terms of category, competition, consumers, associated benefits and risks related to your offering before stepping into the market.
But these opportunities are not without challenges.
In Market Research there is a huge gap when it comes to authentic, fresh and timely data. This acknowledgement paved way for Epitome RS to lay down its values and objectives before starting out the venture. Data can be large, complex and thus overwhelming for clients. So, to rightly categorise it and uncover insights from it, is another area that Epitome RS works on. Epitome RS is easing the process through the right mix of researcher experience and automation, to bring out robust and reliable research results.
Further to bring transparency and easy communication, in order to strengthen the work chain and get quality output, Epitome RS believes in inclusive way of working with its vendors. It does not see them as outsiders rather an important part of its team contributing to the work process. They provide vendors with necessary training to meet Epitome standard of output, work with them on co-creation of tools and take on board their ideas and suggestions to further value-add on the output.
Changing with Times
Developed by its in-house team of experts, Epitome RS’s services are recognised in the market for its efficiency and structure.
Actively keeping up with the changing times, Epitome RS has taken many initiatives like developing in-house panel, having a CATI team, etc. to drive efficiencies. It is also registered with esteem bodies like ESOMAR to show its commitment towards fair practices in the industry.
Expanding into new markets and integrating various technologies in its system, Epitome RS has got Mobile compatibility on tools for Clevel employees and is planning for AI.
People Matter
Epitome RS has a team of qualified and highly experienced people who manage all their projects right from operations to final deliverable.
As a company Epitome RS is built on the values of trust, understanding and great human connections. To foster these values and for bringing them to life at work; the founders believe in providing the right work environment to their employees. The company believes in growing with their employees and thus provides them with need-based training and ensures they have a good work-life balance. Team holidays, rewards, extracurricular activities and celebrations are some of the different ways in which the company appreciates and values its employees.
They take pride in their relationships with its people who are always supporting and helping grow the organization.
Epitome RS also believes in giving back to the society by helping those in need. They work on various initiatives with an NGO named Bodhi Foundation 
Prepping for the Future
The ever evolving Market Research industry has ample opportunities for anyone who seeks the thrill of working with consumers, data and helping brands with their strategies. Piyush and Asmita offer their suggestions to them saying “Being an entrepreneur naturally implies a lot of risks and challenges one is going to face. That calls for foreseeing business problems and then backing it with necessary strategies to make the whole plan work out. These will be a mix of short and long terms strategies.”
The founders also advise to never lose hope of one’s ideas and beliefs. “Everything works out with the right mind-set. At the start of our venture, chances of things panning out seemed to be less but that didn’t stop us from moving ahead and taking authority of market research in today’s time”
With efficient and reliable services, Epitome Research Services has successfully established itself in India and the UAE. As the world is going through changes in terms of technological advancements, political and socio-cultural environment, the basis of market research is to accurately take these factors into consideration and get insights. This pressing need makes research all the more competitive and demands the researchers to be on toes. Thus, the company has further plans to continue integrating technology and best human talent to offer cutting edge services for every kind of business whether small or big. Along with upgrading as per the trends, it is also looking forward to expanding in the UK and the US. With its eye on the future, Epitome surely has its own market well researched.
Source :-The 10 Highly Recommended Market Research Companies 2019

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