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Apollo Infoways: Modernizing the Traditional Education Process Globally through e-Learning

Innovation and technology have been predominant in every sector in India with each undergoing vast change in the past few years. Technology has made everything much more comfortable and faster, leaving no option for various sectors of the economy but to adapt to change or fear to become obsolete. It is necessary for the education sector to adopt challenging exchanges & to maintain a healthy pace with competitive superiorities. By understanding such consequence, an innovator, Ravi Prakash, Founder, Director and CEO established Apollo Infoways Pvt. Ltd. in 2014 as a promising System Integrator and education solutions provider…………
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Company Of the Month

Jetking: Empowering Professionals to Think Progressively and Create Smarter Solutions

Financial freedom is necessary for each one of us so that we are not dependent on other people to support us for our requirements. Understanding this and with an aim to provide economic independence to 10 million people in India and Overseas, Jetking is committed to creating globally…………..
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The 10 Pathbreaking Learning And Development Solution Providers

SoaringEagles: New-Age, Nimble-Footed Organization Making Businesses Future-Ready

Global connectivity, smart machines, an unprecedented torrent of data and processing capabilities and new media are some of the key drivers reshaping how we work and the skills we need to be successful in...

Interview With Insights Success

Pristine InfoSolutions: Pioneering Next Generation Security Services

Pristine InfoSolutions, the only company in India, providing comprehensive cyber-crime investigation services and solutions to prevent, detect and resolve growing cyber-crime, frauds and security incidents including digital forensics. In an interview with Insights Success,...

CXO Standpoint

Training Trends That Are Here To Stay

Investing in employees is here to stay. According to Association for Talent Development (ATD) research, organizations have spent $1273 per employee in 2016 alone. This definitely suggests that companies consider investments in employee learning...

The revolutionary role of technology in the education of the future

Technology has brought deep changes in many industries and with the advent of modern media and a well-connected society, the education industry enables knowledge transfer from any part of the world. Unparalleled quality content...

Step Up

Educational Videos: A Digital Touch to Our Future Education System

It has been always said that the learning is the only way to get to know the world around us and constitute us to be well aware and well knowledged about the multi-dimensional propositions...

The New Era

E-Learning and Digital Initiatives – Reviving the Indian Education System

By the turn of century, the Indian educational sector has witnessed a gigantic change and continues to evolve at a steady pace. Since inception, education sector has been given utmost importance; however the growing...