There’s a Happy Place That’s Fun, Entertaining, Stimulating and Truly Gratifying

Happy Place
Happy Place

How many apps can promise you all of the above? None, or at best very few, I guess. And when you add the ‘free-to-download’ rider, you would be hard-pressed to find any that fit the bill. Amidst the countless apps floating around, there’s one that truly epitomizes the concept of a ‘Happy Place’. It’s called LuckyStars, a name that could make you look forward to each day.
So what makes LuckyStars a happy place to be in?
For starters, it’s a free-to-download app for both, the Android and iOS platforms. Once you download and install the app, a whole new world of fun and excitement opens up. Then there’s the Trivia section to stimulate the mind, activate those grey cells and of course win prizes. It’s a question of providing the right answers. You can participate in the Multiple Entry Trivia, where you’ll be served a Set of 3 questions, each time. This is a pay to participate option and the goal is to maximize your score on the Leaderboard and win.
For the uninitiated, there’s a Single Entry Trivia, which is free to participate in, where you will need to answer a simple question correctly, within 3 attempts or chances. Here, only those who correctly answer the question posed, stand a chance to win.
The Trivia section has met with wide acceptance for 2 reasons: First and foremost, it tests your IQ on varied subjects and is truly stimulating and fun. Secondly, and more importantly, there are hundreds of winners declared for each Trivia, so if you hold a rank that matters on the Leaderboard, you stand to win eWallet money. Now, how cool is that? Besides the Trivia, there’s the Bids section, where through the Lowest Unique Bid feature, you can bid live and win big brands at throwaway prices. The stakes are low but the excitement and thrill is high.
And finally there are thrills and frills, like the ‘Spin-the-Wheel’ to Earn Free Stars or Coins once everyday; the Watch Videos and Earn Stars section; the Refer & Earn Stars module and the Poll that elicits your opinion on various subjects or issues. Launched a year and a half ago, the LuckyStars app has crossed the 1.3 million download mark. With over 35,000 winners from across the country and prizes worth over Rs.20 million won, the app has found acceptance and appeal across socio-economic classes and age groups.
This is what a few of the winners have to say about LuckyStars:

  • “Thank you LuckyStars for making such an interactive app.
  • I’m happy I won a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”…. Prasad, Thane
  • “I’m thrilled on winning the Vespa Limited Edition bike”…. Neha Sawhney, Mumbai
  • “The LuckyStars app really works. I won a Samsung Smart TV”…. Jatin Arora, Panchkul LuckyStars is constantly reinventing itself and there’s lots of excitement coming soon. So stay tuned in to be in a Happy Place!

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