Sujin Simson: A Serial Entrepreneur with a Zeal to Constantly Succeed

Sujin Simson | Medryte Healthcare Solutions
Sujin Jekash Simson

Becoming a successful person is an exciting process within itself. From challenging the monotonous mindset of the society to competing with the competitors, there are numerous hurdles which should be tackled with caution. On the route of success, there are times where everything seems to be working against you, but that’s when your true potential is tested.

With such obstacles and challenges, Sujin Jekash Simson started his first company Medryte Healthcare Solutions Private Limited in the year 2012. Medryte is specialized in USA based medical billing and coding. He started the company with 4 employees and currently has over 300 employees.

Soon, in 2013, Sujin started the second company Breezen Technologies which is specialized in fulfilling the software requirements for educational institutions such as schools and colleges. Sujin started his third company Total Activation Private Limited in 2017 which is skincare and nutritional supplement product sale company. The Total Activation products are manufactured in the USA and sold in India, UK, USA, UAE and Germany.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Sujin completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Padmavathi college, Dharmapuri. Later on, he started his first company Medryte Healthcare Solutions Private Limited in 2012 by availing a loan with his wife’s jewels. Nobody from his family or friends helped him during that time. The first 2 years were really hectic without any long term projects and regular income. Sujin managed the situations and worked continuously towards slow and steady growth.

In 2012, when Sujin planned to start a USA based healthcare BPO, no one encouraged him. One of his friends worked with him in his last company confirmed to join as a working partner in Medryte with a share of 25% profit. He came for the company opening inauguration and Sujin introduced him in that function as the COO of the company.

Sujin’s friend helped him remotely and after 6 months, his friend came to Nagercoil from Mysore and realized that Medryte doesn’t have a regular income. Thereafter, his friend slowly stopped attending Sujin’s phone call and avoided him. There were a few relatives and friends working in the USA. Sujin sought their help but nobody helped him in getting projects or referring him to prospective clients. However, due to his continuous efforts, he got his first HCC coding project at the end of 2012.

In 2013, Sujin introduced MySchoolMylogin which is an ERP and SMS service for schools. He travelled across Tamilnadu and visited hundreds of schools. But, when he was visiting a school in Kanyakumari district, the school correspondent behaved harshly and said that he cannot meet now as there is no appointment. The school correspondent asked Sujin to get out from his room. Nevertheless, the interesting part is that later that school accepted the services and they are one of Sujin’s happy clients since 2014.

Journey to Success

While starting Medryte, there was no awareness about USA based medical billing and coding in Kanyakumari district. Sujin started Medryte as a 3-month coding training institute with a fee of 12,000 Rs. He gave advertisements in leading newspapers like Dinathanthi, Dinakaran and Malaimalar, but there were no results. No one joined for training even though Sujin advertised after investing more than two lakhs. Then, Sujin visited colleges and took sessions of the final year college students to create awareness about USA based medical billing and coding. Slowly, this created an awareness in Kanyakumari district about medical coding job.

In 2012, Sujin got introduced to a New Jersey-based Entrepreneur Nitin. Sujin says, “I cannot forget Nitin as I would say that he is my real boss, brother and a mentor. He is very transparent, professional and perfect in what he does. He shares his knowledge and I got the opportunity to learn new things from him.”

Sujin introduced a new recruitment platform named “eColleague” in 2018. He conducted free eColleague job fairs in Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari districts and till today 3634 job seekers got placements in leading companies by his job fairs.

Later, Sujin joined the DMK party in 2018. His father was a member in DMK since 1976. Sujin was attracted by the ideology of the DMK party. The former Minister N.Sureshrajan encouraged him and referred him to a position of Dy. Organizer of Medical wing, Kanyakumari (West) District. Sujin says, “I was impressed by the work done by Mr.Sureshrajan. Even though the DMK party is in opposition for past 8 years in Tamilnadu, the hard work and the management capability of Mr.Sureshrajan, MLA lead to the victory of the party in last legislative election and parliament election.

Later, I was introduced to Dr. Poongothai Aladi Aruna who was the former minister in Tamilnadu and currently is the state president for DMK medical wing. I came up with a plan for introducing a mobile application for blood donation. Dr. Poongothai encouraged me and as a result, Thalapathy M.K. Stalin introduced our DMK blood donation app in August 2019. 168 peoples have received blood to date. Apart from business, this service gives a sense of satisfaction.”

Future Roadmap

Currently, Sujin has over 200 employees working for all his companies. His target is to expand his business and have over 2000 employees in the next 5 years.

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