Google introduced a Gboard app in Android

Google has finally ascended it’s a Gboard keyboard app for Android users. Gboard, which was introduced on iOS earlier this year, alleys keyboard functionality with Google’s search features. It can be acclimate search for information, emoji, GIFs and more, straight from the app the keyboard is being worn with. The company has upgraded its native keyboard app only and users don’t have to download a separate app in order to utilize Gboard.
The excellent feature of a Gboard keyboard app has to be its built-in search functionality. It can approach in really handy when you ought to search for any information while chatting. What’s more, it also lets you search emoji and GIFs quickly.
The Gboard is gesture-based, which analyze in making one-handed typing easy. The app can also address usage statistics anonymously to Google. Currently, Google rolled out an update for its camera app. It brings a host of new features, such as a revamped UI and some camera improvements.
Users can now see a toggle button for grid lines and a new button can be used to toggle between different photo modes like Cloudy, Sunny, Florescent and Tungsten. Along with this, the update enhances the ‘startup time’ and the time taken to switch between ‘photo’ and ‘video’ modes. The update is free for the Camera app on Nexus 5, 6,9 5X and 6P devices.

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