TransLang Ways Solution: Breaking all Language Barriers with its Cutting Edge Solutions

TransLang Ways Solution

In today’s globalized business world, the language translation has become an important part of communication. India is home to an incredibly diverse population that speaks around twenty-three official languages. India’s huge consumer base and cultural diversity are creating potentially significant business opportunities for the localization industry. Recent technological developments in translation industry will continuously impact and change the way things are carried out. Adapting existing products to new markets through translation and localization services has always been a key factor for the global growth of the companies.
An ISO 9001:2008 certified firm, TransLang Ways Solution Pvt. Ltd is the leading Language Interpretation and Translation Service company which provides cutting edge solutions in the field of localization, subtitlingMultilingual Data AnalysisDigital, E-Learning & Translation. With a team of over sixty members, TransLang Ways is committed to break all kind of language barriers across the globe.
A Visionary Leader
With a diversified experience in international business, finance, Teja Dighe is the CEO of TransLang Ways Solution. Prior to this, she has given her fruitful contribution to fortune hundred companies in the field of retail in India and Germany. She has done from University of Pune and MBA in International Business.
Teja has a strong command over four languages which include Hindi, Marathi, English, and German. She is also an investor who finances small-scale women driven businesses to empower women. She is responsible to make TransLang Ways a leading language solution provider company across the globe. She has taken active leadership in developing and enhancing the translation process towards achieving the company’s goals and vision globally.
Professional Provider of Translation Services
TransLang Ways provide tech-driven localization solutions for technology, medical, legal and travel companies. The company works in more than hundred languages which include all leading Asian, Indian, European and African languages. The company uses best of technology to provide fast-paced and accurate localization services.
TransLang Ways uses latest industry tools and technology to stay ahead in the market. The company’s in-house team of translators and engineers are committed to provide error-free and smooth localization solutions. The company follows strict quality control workflow to ensure accurate delivery of messages.
TransLang Ways provides localization & translation services to thirty Fortune 500 companies, many MNCs, Legal houses, multiple governments, and Trade Associations. The company is a member of GALA (Globalization and Localization Association USA) & ATA (American Translator Association).
 Bridging the Communication Gap
In an era of globalization, all companies are trying to foray into different geographies. People are more likely to buy services if the company’s website is in their language. India alone is a land of around two thousand languages. Variety of languages creates barriers to communication and businesses. TransLang Ways with its linguistic and technical expertise is perfectly poised to break all these barriers and facilitate the communications.
By seeing opportunities to grow, TransLang Ways is exploring new markets to enter into. The company is entering the European market with a subsidiary to provide localization solutions to numerous clients from IT, gaming and digital industry.
Standout in a High Tech World
With a dynamic team of professionals, TransLang Ways is growing at a very fast rate. By providing one-stop solutions for all languages, the company is always ready to walk an extra mile to fulfill client’s linguistic requirements. The commitment towards accuracy and timely delivery makes the company a perfect choice for the client.
TransLang Ways has a solution for all kind of language-related challenges. The company works with all type of the clients. It has provided Real Time Multilingual Data Analysis for an e-commerce giant in eighteen different languages. The company has done the localization of three Mobile Payment Apps out of top ten Payment apps in Europe. Talking about the most satisfactory and challenging moment with client, Teja said, “we worked on a project where we translated a diary which was hand-written in Urdu by a guy who wrote it while he was studying in Lahore and participating in Indian Independence movement” The company feels it as a really proud and valuable moment in completing the project with the help of their team.
TransLang Ways has proved its expertise by successfully engaging with many government agencies.  The company completed a Localization Project for an Indian Bank where the company works with lot of confidential and sensitive data. The company’s cloud-based secure servers protect the data in the best way possible.  Recently, the company also successfully completed subtitling of twenty English Movies in Tamil for a global entertainment company in less than thirty days.
Future Roadmap
TransLang Ways is continually moving towards technology and is in the last phase to complete the automation of the project management. With the expertise of the Cybentech Software Pvt. Ltd, the group company, TransLang Ways is delving deep into the technology and API.
TransLang ways is working on Language APIs for Asian languages. The company is also working on digital solutions to provide digital content and content analysis for multiple global companies. The combination of the advanced technology and highly trained professionals empower TransLang Ways to deliver ultra-reliable professional translation services.
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