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VMC Anuvaad

Digital marketing is growing at a brisk pace and is one of the most talked about industry. This rising trend is making a very substantial impact on marketing and advertising sectors. Numerous factors are responsible for this growth; however communication across multiple languages is playing a dominant part in changing the current business scenario. Billions of users prefer to search for global brands and contents in their native languages. For the brands, it’s turning to be a challenge to cater the users on the basis of regions and languages. This is where the demand for Transcreation risesas it plays a pivotal role in assisting the brands and businesses to localize themselves.
India is recognized as one of the most complex amalgamation of different languages. ‘The language spoken in India changes every few kilometers, just like the taste of water’ – is a popular aphorism showcasing India’s linguistic diversity. VMC Anuvaad LLP is one such company which is transforming the transcreation market in the most innovative manner. Incepted a decade ago, VMC ANUVAAD is a Mumbai based organization which adapts and transcreates advertising and marketing assets for global brands and agencies in India and abroad. It has emerged as an entity which delivers a versatile set of
services in this field. Apart from transcreation, they offer services like – ‘Typesetting Production’, ‘Voice over Direction’, ‘Production’, and ‘Cultural Consultation’. Rather than selling individual services, VMC focuses to offer complete solution to their clients. This positive approach has yielded good results as they are collaborating with international clients from the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the US.
An Insightful Leader who holds the Backbone of the Company
Three attributes which makes Vikram Manghnani a true business leader – pragmatic, nascent and visionary. As the Co-founder and CEO, Vikram has been instrumental in launching the transcreation and localization verticals in VMC. Vikram’s life partner, Lamiya Manghnani spearheads the overall operations at VMC ANUVAAD while Vikram looks for potential opportunities in the areas of transcreation, copywriting, and lot more. He gives utmost importance in constructing a creative team and adhering to challenging client deliverables.
They both succeed in fulfilling the responsibilities towards their enterprising venture.
Analyzing the Current Challenges and Implementing New Ways
There are various key factors which affects the smooth functioning of any business. VMC firmly believes to seize out a business opportunity whenever put through a challenging situation. Fluctuating economy, budget constraints, and fierce competitive environment with the addition of new players are the concern areas for VMC ANUVAAD, which have been discussed below:

  • As and when there is a fluctuation in the international economy, clients tend to freeze the budget allocation which puts VMC ANUVAAD in a spot to deliver the best results.
  • There are times when even major brands fail to understand the potential of transcreation. While requesting for transcreation in regional languages, clients don’t give that much importance to the task. The beauty of transcreated content is realized only if the reader has knowledge and idea about the diverse regional languages and its dialect.
  • As new players are entering into the arena, business is getting more competitive in nature. Digital communication platforms are now facing competition from print communication and electronic media.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success
Led by a competent management, agility has led VMC ANUVAAD to grasp new business environments and  respond positively to changing trends. In 2010, VMC ANUVAAD has got an assignment of transcreating a pitch for a major brand in eleven languages, which was never done before! Working
on stringent timelines, VMC accepted this mammoth challenge and pushed them to the limit. In the end, they accomplished the target and in the process VMC ANUVAAD transformed itself to a multi-language transcreation and localization entity. Similarly ‘TAG Worldwide’, UK gave an assignment for creating a jingle in seven different languages. Transcreating the same in languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu was although a challenge, the company successfully completed the job with its brilliant  bandwidth of in market talents. These assignments were the game-changers as it helped VMC ANUVAAD to identify their true potential and fueledits team to start converting future challenges into opportunities.
The creative team of VMC ANUVAAD is their biggest asset. From proficient and expert native
language writers, specialized language coaches to trusted voice over artists; this team is consistent in delivering quality services. They have a pool of dedicated resources covering different time zones – APAC, Europe and US and are available to assist their clients at any time and any day of the year. Stringent process formats and policies assist VMC to ensure the brand value of the business. The concept of becoming a complete solution provider is working well for VMC ANUVAAD.
Shaping the Future
Consistent performance and quality deliverables are the two major attributes which has helped VMC ANUVAAD to be the preferred transcreation partner for global clients and agencies in India. Going ahead, working on longer tenure projects and making their way into the ‘Digital Industry’ are the key areas where VMC ANUVAAD plans to increase their footprints. To cater to these future objectives, VMC plans to expand their creative team to mark their presence in unexplored territories.
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