TreisTek India: Delivering World-Class Engineering and GIS Service Excellence

TreisTek India
TreisTek India

In the constantly changing times, any business’s road to success is riddled with umpteen constraints, unforeseen challenges, and unavoidable obstacles coming at the most unfortunate moments. To navigate through these difficult routes, enterprises must have the agility and ability to adapt and innovate, as well as the technical prowess to integrate ever-advancing technologies into their core being in order to digitally transform in precise ways.  

As it is vital to possess futuristic tech know-how to transcend engineering and geospatial project demand smoothly, seamless execution is the only guarantee companies expect to have. Developing and then investing in-house resources to cope with these intricate and tricky situations is time, money, and efforts consuming. Further, in doing so companies might get distracted from their customer-centric business aspects, finding themselves in a spot of fix.

On the other hand, outsourcing your engineering and geospatial solutions to perfectly exceptional partners like TreisTek India––which is already delivering world-class engineering and GIS service excellence––can save you from all of the trouble.

According to Arindam Sengupta, the Founder, “you can avoid spending extra time on building an in-house engineering team and concentrate on core business drivers such as growth, new product/service development, quality improvement, innovative and functional designs, architectural analysis, synthesis, evaluation, construction planning, and execution, and so on.”

While Jayita Sengupta, the Co-founder says theirs is an ISO-certified company specializing in the provision of services to the land development and administration sector, the building and construction sector and providers for the building information management (BIM) sector.

The Champion Team of TreisTek India

Jayita adds, “We are a team of highly motivated and dynamic professionals. To service each of these distinct areas of the economy, we have developed specialized business units, with growing expertise in each of these areas and staffed them with proficient, trained and experienced people.”

Both Arindam and Jayita further that they have the expertise to convert hand-drawn sketches and fully detailed drawings into complete 2-Dimensional drawings. They have an expert team of engineers that can efficiently handle design and drafting projects in compliance with clients’ requirements. “We are committed to finding the best solutions for the client’s requirements while anticipating future needs, in a world of a rapidly expanding range of geospatial tools,” says both in unison.

TreisTek was formed in February 2018 with one employee in a small co-working place, and today within four-and-a-half years, TreisTek India has 200+ engineers, 350 global clients, and 100+ interns at five different locations including two in Bangalore, one each in Kolkata, Dubai and a newly opened one in New Zealand. Arindam informs, “So far, we have successfully completed and delivered 1000+ projects.”

Smart City Modelling

She adds, “Versed service lines is one of our main USPs.” Unlike any other BIM company, TreisTek is not limited to Building modelling but also provides services for Simulation, Laser Scanning, and 2D drafting to BOQ and is a pioneer of Smart City Modelling with CityGML. Very few companies worldwide can work on CityGML, where TreisTek has successfully completed multiple international projects along similar lines.

TreisTek has worked on Singapore smart city modelling. Recently worked on India’s one of prestigious projects. Telling more about TreisTek’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in cutthroat competition, Arindam says they include,

  • Engineering BIM Services (3D modelling, Architectural, Structural and MEP Designing services along with CoBie, Rendering and Simulation),
  • Smart City Services with CityGML coding,
  • Laser Scanning Services (Laser scanning and PointCloud Modelling),
  • Intelligent 3D Modelling for Plant, Offshore – Onshore and Marine,
  • Engineering Staff Augmentation,
  • GIS Services.

TreisTek is a policy-driven organization. “We provide a ‘One Stop Solution’ for all our Engineering clients,” says Arindam adding, “Three major factors – Quality, TAT and Pricing – we are very competitive within our competitors.” This competitiveness stems from the immersive benefits TreisTek offers to its clients including,

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Round the clock services
  • Dedicated team and resources to work

The Dynamic Duo

As a Director, Arindam is responsible for the business expansion and growth strategy for TreisTek. In his current role, he heads the complete operational structure that sits at the heart of TreisTek’s Sales and Marketing ecosystem. He stands out with his cross-functional leadership to a highly skilled management and engineering workforce. He also develops and maintains deep partnerships with global business partners. He drives customer centricity as a key value proposition and guiding principle at all levels within the organization. Arindam influences collaboration and communicates effectively across various leadership levels within the organization.

An inspiring thought leader, strategic thinker, highly results-driven, and passionate, the mentor who values inclusiveness and diversity, Arindam has an innate talent to align large teams around a common mission and goals to deliver high impact. He built and led strong, high-performing and talented teams, and created an environment to empower and motivate team members to bring their best and achieve maximum potential.

Jayita has an MBA degree in Marketing and Brand Management and Over 15+ years of Enterprise Experience while enabling businesses to achieve their Growth, Innovation and Performance Excellence goals. A Certified MBA, highly skilled in Strategic Planning, Program Management, Enterprise Quality and Business Process Optimization.

Jayita’s hands-on experience with various industries like IT, Media, Telecom and Engineering – working cross-functionally with R&D, Design, Implementation, Sales, Support Services, Finance and HR, makes her professional journey enriching and beneficial to any organization.

In her current role, she heads Projects and Marketing and is also responsible for new innovations. She is presently working on the next Gen Automation tools. Her vision is to look deeper at cross-functional integration, not just collaboration; Marketing, Sales and Development work as if they were ‘one’ team.

Newfound Tech Wisdom

Being experienced leaders, sharing their opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the BIM sector and how TreisTek is adapting to the change, Arindam and Jayati say that with the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) is on the verge of becoming an integral part of every industry, and BIM is no exception. Artificial Intelligence can internalize knowledge, interpret new information, and create new ways and methods of doing things based on its newfound wisdom.

TreisTek is already working with its partner company in AI technology to explore opportunities, assess resource-efficient solutions, and even create execution plans that minimize the risk of loss. “We believe that the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in BIM has only started recently, and the combination of these two powerful technologies is bound to grow in the future,” says Arindam.

Considering the current industry scenario, there are many challenges faced and overcome by them. “Biggest and current challenge in this industry that we faced is to get the skilled and experienced resources,” says Jayati. As BIM technology is changing and getting advanced each day, sometimes it gets difficult to find skilled resources.

To overcome it, TreisTek also runs an advanced training program to ensure that the company has enough candidates for future projects. She adds, “In our advanced training program train resources according to current and advanced technologies.”

Perfecting the Future Excellence

In their advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the BIM industry, Arindam says that their main advice would be to accept all the challenges as an opportunity. BIM technology is new, but this is the future of construction or infrastructure development industries. In many countries, BIM is mandated to start any kind of construction. “Any budding entrepreneur should be open to adopting new technologies,” says Jayati.

On envisioning scaling TreisTek’s operations and offerings in the future, Jayati says that at TreisTek, they always believe in Quality over Quantity. “We truly believe that a perfect process can prevent many future problems. We always maintain project guidelines and monitoring processes.”

While Arindam adds, “Along with the process, one of our main strengths is our employees. We try to promote a culture and environment where people want to work and excel, which can help them be properly engaged and motivated.”

Transparency and trust are very important aspects of our company,” he concludes.

TreisTek India’s Hall of Fame:

  • Recognized by CEO Insights Magazine as “Top 10 Engineering Service Companies – 2020.”
  • TreisTek has been featured in Silicon India Magazine under “Top 10 Most Promising BIM Service Providers 2019.”
  • Awarded as “Fastest Growing Engineering & GIS Company In Bangalore” and “India Icon” by ‘Blindwink India.’
  • Arindam Sengupta was awarded “Top 50 Tech Leaders” by ‘InterCon Dubai 2019.’
  • Jayita Sengupta was featured in Construction World Magazine

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