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Pan Gulf Technologies
Pan Gulf Technologies

When it comes to the engineering, construction, and real estate industries, there is a huge gulf between theory and practice. Building Information Management (BIM) services began to bridge this gap by revealing hidden details by transforming two-dimensional architectural designs, plans, and blueprints into three-dimensional three-sixty-degree virtual visualization.

The power of BIM is at the heart of Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt Ltd’s offering, which combines this advancing technology into its two most important aspects: People and Processes, to engulf all of their construction and engineering projects by infusing all of their might and focus into the multidimensional reality of physical practicalities.

Pan Gulf’s proficient team includes Business Development Leaders and Experienced Technical Leaders. As a growing company in the BIM segment, these team members have been strong pillars towards delivering success to the company. The BIM segment excels due to the experience and leadership skills they carry and implement the same in their entire team.

These people leaders starting from the BD team are; Shoaib Shaikh (General Manager – Business Development), Harshal Asare (Vice President – Business Development), and Hemant Tarkhedkar (Manager – Business Development).

And from the Technical Team; Sandip Korde (Associate Vice President-BIM Infra), Venkatesh Madapakula (General Manager BIM-MEP Service), and Animes Fyz Sarkar (AVP – BIM Architecture and Structure, Operations and Techno-Commercial).

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, the Pan Gulf team spoke candidly. The highlights of the discussion are given herein.

Please brief our audience about Pan Gulf, its USPs, and your position as one of India’s prominent BIM service providers.

Pan Gulf Technologies has always prioritized its People and Processes over other aspects of business, making us one the most preferred employers in the BIM space. At Pan Gulf Technologies, professionals with construction drawings experience get the design and engineering exposure they aspire to, while those with architecture and engineering experience get the construction drawings exposure they need.

Also, unlike several large firms who provide BIM services, we are not into IT or machinery engineering or BPO services; Pan Gulf Technologies’ main business and thus the focus has always been the Construction industry. For these reasons, Pan Gulf Technologies is strongly positioned as one of India’s largest and yet fastest-growing BIM service providers, with Architects and Engineers who understand real-world construction best practices.

Tell us more about your organization’s offering and what aspects make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

While the service offerings of many companies can be similar, it is the People and Processes which make a company stand out amongst its competitors. People at Pan Gulf Technologies carry arguably the richest and most comprehensive experience of real-world construction practices and prefab/industrialized construction technology. With an in-house team of software automation engineers, Pan Gulf Technologies has been further focusing on improving our team’s productivity and quality of deliverables. We also keep an eye out and listen to our customers for any software plugins we should adopt in our workflow.

Tell us about the immersive benefits of the services you offer your clients.

Our services have always been cost-effective, efficient, and result-oriented, giving clients immersive benefits with quality-driven outputs. We are a company with a set business process of purely delivering quality-driven outcomes. Our experience working on various types of projects across regions from the last few years into BIM have proven results of best on-time project deliverance.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the BIM sector and how your company is adapting to the change.

Construction Industry has been slow in adopting new Technology because of the nature of Business. That being said, it is gradually evolving along with its most stakeholders and realizing the potential benefit of AI and ML applications. BIM, as a process, has extensive application during and after the Design is being developed.

However, these smart integrations are starting to ease the road to Designing by using Generative Design, analytics, monitoring, etc. Hence, as Pan Gulf Technologies, a BIM Company, we are seeing a faster Design lifecycle, quicker responses, and better monitoring from the Client’s end, which was a dream a few years back. We are getting ready by tweaking our IT Systems and Database connectivity and look forward to “talking” to AI for Bespoke Projects!

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive Pan Gulf to overcome them?

Being the fastest-growing BIM Service provider in India. We tend to work with Companies who are pioneers in BIM & Construction Technology and those who started their first BIM Projects with us.

Having this myriad diversity of Projects, we have taken up the challenge to train every ‘BIMer’ to be able to manage any of these Projects with the right workflow, communication, and execution. This fungibility has eventually brought added efficiency, which translates into reduced cost and time for our clients.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the BIM industry?

Please tread carefully, not for your own sake, but for your Clients and their Projects! Numerous times while speaking with a new Customer/prospect, we realize that they were left with a bad aftertaste after working with a new BIM Company. We have seen this polluting the BIM Service Industry in the last two decades, and everyone responsible for BIM must take this very seriously. BIM is more technical than sales, build the right skill set, define the workflow upfront, and get started with a pilot job if you are unsure.

How do you envision scaling Pan Gulf Technologies’ operations and offerings in the future?

Currently, our BIM services are offered across many regions the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Australia, and we aim to keep delivering maximum projects across these regions in the future. Our offerings have always been quality-driven and as per standards. We envision growing 10X than what we are currently.

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