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Samraat Sarkar | Founder & CEO || Kalmesh Kallur | MD & Co- founder || TREMPPLIN
Samraat Sarkar | Founder & CEO || Kalmesh Kallur | MD & Co- founder || TREMPPLIN

With the advancement in technology, the Indian Banking and Finance Sector (BFSI) is gradually shifting from traditional to digital ways. After demonetization, there was a significant increase in the digital transaction than cash transaction. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) recorded 1.25 billion transactions in March 2020 putting the value at Rs 2.06 lakh crore. To support this humongous growth, BFSI needs consulting, management and support for its information technology (IT) framework to deliver seamless banking services.

Trempplin, a global leader in the software service domain, has been a key player with an ever-expanding focus on banking and financial services. Its specialized domain expertise combined with proven implementation framework and a wide range of flexible delivery options to implement Core Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Solutions, has enabled it to achieve significant milestones.

“We are a restless lot of young and vibrant team members with deep domain knowledge, global footprint and the urge to push boundaries to ensure that our offerings become an unfair advantage for our clients”.

Trempplin’s objective is to help financial institutions set up an extended team of their own banking application implementation, management and support unit with enhanced quality of support at a competitive price. Its equity gets strengthened with a consistent performance defined by WOW Mantra, “Within Budget – On Time – With Precession”, across its enterprise portfolio.

Trusted by Oracle, Trusted Across the Globe

The BFSI is witnessing a paradigm shift as organizations transition from conventional banking business models to digital banking. Harnessing the power of various technological becoming a more responsive, agile and collaborative organization. A trusted and experienced Oracle Partner dedicated to making a significant impact in this domain is of the essence.

Trempplin is an Oracle Gold Partner specialized in FLEXCUBE/OBDX/OFSAA Implementation, Upgrades, Support, Training and IT Staff Augmentation Services specializing in Financial Industry. Oracle’s confidence in Trempplin as preferred Flexcube implementation partner is the hallmark of its delivery capabilities. The status cements its position as a company with unparalleled expertise and experience in implementing IT solutions for banks and financial institutions with advancements and adopting a customer-centric approach is how banks are fundamentally changing the way customers are acquiring financial services. Additionally, the implementation of core and digital banking solutions is proving to be quite an effective tool to achieve increased customer satisfaction. Banks are gradually redirecting their focus on consumer segmentation, product management, reducing pricing, operational cost reduction, risk and compliance regulations and a myriad of other critical areas. These demands can be addressed by Oracle, one of the Key Players of the Global Core and Digital Banking Solution Market. Leveraging Oracle assists banks in building a digital ecosystem and referenceable clients worldwide. Trempplin brings value addition to banks and best practices that have been captured over the years through successful implementations which help banks with a smooth project operation.

Valued Services

Team Trempplin remains transparent in project management and project governance with an ever-expanding focus on smooth IT services. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, it assures to maintain high quality, confidentiality and security of data, outstanding support and maintenance services.

As a full-service Banking Technology Solutions and Services provider, Tremplplin provides a strategic approach to design and develop quality digital solutions for banks. It implements solutions from Digital banking, Core Banking, Loans Origination, Risk & Compliance to regulatory solutions for banks. Its End-to-End managed IT services range from Consulting, Application Development, Training, Testing services, BAU Support and Staffing Services. Its service offerings include:

  • Trempplin’s Innovative IT Products – Digital Banking Suite: Mobile Banking App, Online Banking, Agency Banking, eWallets, FAST Payment Switch, elearning Platform, Policy Builder, Watsapp banking, Business Intelligence, Digital Onboarding and KYC, Loan Origination. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) CREDENTIALS: Oracle Solutions – Expertise in implementing Core Banking (FLEXCUBE), Payments (OBPM), Digital Banking (OBDX), Risk & Compliance BI (OFSAA), Data Warehousing
  • Oracle Solutions – Expertise in implementing Core Banking (FLEXCUBE), Payments (OBPM), Digital Banking (OBDX), Risk & Compliance BI (OFSAA), Data Warehousing
  • Trempplin’s IT Services– IT Consulting, Application Development, Integration Services, Training, Testing, BAU Support, Staff Augmentation Services

Expert Leaders

A veteran in BFSI domain with over a decade of experience, Kalmesh Kallur aka KK, the MD & Co-Founder, holds expertise in Oracle’s FLEXCUBE core banking system, SQL, PL/SQL, OBDX and OBPM technology. KK has led the development and support projects in banks across globe with vast experience in solution implementation, seamless Client and Partner collaboration adhering to vigorous work ethics, on-time delivery and client satisfaction. Kalmesh with his team of technical talents strives to deliver services and build long-lasting relationships with customers and partners consistently. Kallur defines problem-solving as “the ability to look at a problem, work through the potential solution and seek input, where needed, to validate the approach”.

A passionate, inspiring and forward-thinking leader, KK’s successful leadership and business management has won him accolades. KK is responsible for executing strategies to achieve business goal, cost effective operations and market development activities, ensuring positive work environment, analysing problematic situations and resolving them. He ensures the company’s growth and builds corporate culture.

The company believes organizational skills and time management go hand in hand; having good organizational skill is about making the best use of one’s time to reach a specific goal. According to KK, “As a trusted implementation partner of Oracle, our customers are assured that we are well-equipped with proven expertise and tools needed to help achieve the desired and innovative results, value for money, revenue growth, and reduced risk.”

Founder and CEO of Trempplin, Samraat Sarkar, known to all as “Sam”, is the person responsible for putting Trempplin on the global map. He possesses over 15 years in the banking domain with an expansive experience of having worked with Oracle, and with commercial bank giant like KBZ Bank, Myanmar as Deputy CIO. His expertise lies in leading IT strategy and operational process, cost-effective management of IT infrastructure, Improvement/ReEngineering of IT processes, Requirement and Gap Analysis, Program Management, and overall growth of the IT department. He is known for his leadership vision, enterprise-wide via decisive and insightful executive leadership, overseeing daily operations and policy implementation through strategic thinking and decision making

Revolution – the Trempplin Way

To achieve success as Trempplin has, every aspect of the company is important. The team plays a vital role in making or breaking of the organization. Trempplin’s team of professionals has led Trempplin to the market position it commands today. The company believes the secret to achieving massive levels of success in the market today and setting itself apart from its competitors can be attributed to its collaborative leadership and delivery approach.

“We believe in our Wow Mantra which has helped to achieve 100 per cent successful project delivery, every time,” said Sam. He further added “Though we started our journey primarily with FlexCube and OBDX, we now flexing our muscles to deliver Data Warehousing and Banking Business Intelligence solutions, OFSAA AML/FTP, Digital KYC, Loan Origination and Loan Collection solutions. We have recently added Africa and Europe to our anchorage, with a strong handshake with our local partners in these countries, facilitating us to deliver the need of the hour solutions and extended arm support to our valued customers.”

Trempplin today has a strong partner base in countries like India, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Middle East, South Africa and Europe and the company believes that the credit of achieving such global success should be given to its closelyknit team that considers Trempplin as their home and is the real strength propelling the company’s growth.

The Novel Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for our modern societies and health systems. The consequences of the pandemic for the global economy and financial sector are unpredictable. Talking about the BFSI in particular, it has caused severe pressure on banking customers across various segments i.e. retail, commercial and corporate. There are concerns around the continuity of processes which have direct touchpoints with the customer. Manual operations in bank branches have been shut down. Straight-through processing becomes imperative.

The pandemic has increased the adoption of digital which has put tremendous pressure on technology infrastructure and resources. It has constituted a true test of capacity planning and resilience. Customer interaction with digital platforms has increased during this period given that it is the principal option for carrying out transactions. Devoted to striking a balance between content clients and a happy workforce, Trempplin is one of the only few Oracle partners, which has not laid off any staff during the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic and have pledged to stand by its clients to support them, sometimes even going PRO-BONO!

Digital Solutions in the offering

The company recently launched an innovative and novel solution, ConnecZ. It is a Regtech Solution designed to help financial services to maintain regulatory compliance. The solution is focused on maintaining compliance for Submission of Reports required by Central Bank.

Gearing up for the future and aboard the digital transformation journey, Trempplin is currently making a move towards improving digital banking. Having completed projects with OBDX, the team is working on designing and developing new products like WhatsApp banking, payment systems, cloud services and solutions and oracle financial services and analytical applications.

The Wing of Trempplin, Trempplin Academy in collaboration with Oracle University is inviting colleges and universities to train their students in the BFSI domain. It helps the student learn fundamental of banking and state-of-the-art of functional and technical skills using modern core banking technologies. Trempplin Academy brings the necessary knowledge and banking expertise to students for enhancing their ability in Core Banking Domain. This makes them industry ready for prospective banks and IT companies who are looking for apt candidates for any banking roles in their organizations. It provides lucrative career avenues for job seekers. Trempplin is also all set to launch is E-Learning Platform “TreOnn” for an online training program.

“We ensure our clients can expand their horizon and leverage a tangible competitive advantage for measurable benefits.”

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