Intelizon Energy: Leading India to a Sustainable Future

Dr. Kushant Uppal | Founder & Managing Director | Intelizon Energy
Dr. Kushant Uppal | Founder & Managing Director | Intelizon Energy

The adoption of a sustainable way of living has gained traction with the millennials and the Gen Z and their evolving preferences and choices. This in turn has opened doors for companies to innovate products and solutions pertaining to a certain demand arising from sustainable development and the related market.

Intelizon Energy Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2007, has comprehended this demand and has emphasized on achieving their vision of creating a world of smart energy through continuous innovation in providing customers with solutions which create opportunities for enhanced lifestyles.

Intelizon’s mission is to provide reliable and quality electricity and is achieving the same by creating product and technology standards using industry-leading cost efficiency and service. Being the pioneers in in-built lithium-ion based solar products, the company is setting benchmarks with its IoT based solar remote monitoring and control systems, inbuilt CCTV based surveillance systems and solar home systems.

Intelizon Energy’s range of products is diversified into the following primary categories: indoor, outdoor and surveillance products. The company’s indoor product range comprises of Zonbulb (solar lighting system), Zonhome (solar home system), Zonpower (Solar PCU) and the ultra-compact MicroUPS for the router.

The outdoor range includes inbuilt battery based solar streetlights from 9 to 50W, motion sensors, IoT as well as unlimited autonomy. We also have grid plus battery-based lights up to 100W. The surveillance range includes solar and grid-based lights with inbuilt cameras and standalone cameras with inbuilt batteries.

Intelizon has installed over 40,000 solar streetlights and over 20,0000 solar home systems with a return rate of less than 1%. Moreover, it is one of the few companies globally who can claim that their streetlights are running efficiently for 6 years.

“All of our products are 100% designed and made in India. We use best in class components and our inhouse quality metrics are the best in the industry. Our partners’ testimonials speak for our products and the user benefit is in the reliability and service provided by the company,” says Dr Kushant Uppal, the Founder and Managing Director at Intelizon Energy.

Dr Kushant founded Intelizon Energy in 2007 on return from USA with a vision to impact rural and urban markets with best-in-class solar products. Since its inception, the company—under his leadership—has impacted over 2.7 million lives, saved 18,000 tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of sustaining 2,84,000 trees for 10 years and 25GWh of electricity.

“We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to our vision and are passionate about their work. We work tirelessly to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers alike. I believe the ethics we have built will form the platform on which we will create a long-lasting entity that will impact the world,” expresses Sweta Singh, Marketing Manager of Intelizon Energy.

The Intelizon team continues to innovate new products during the current global pandemic by drawing inspiration from the adage, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights.”

The team at Intelizon Energy developed the ‘MicroUPS’, a power backup solution for Wi-Fi routers during these testing times. Businesses, especially in manufacturing were affected but Intelizon had the trust of its customers and the team which worked hard to support the company. “We are optimistic about the future as the difficult times are now behind us,” says the team.

According to Sweta, Intelizon is transitioning from a projects company to a distributor/retailer type of model. Many of its indoor and surveillance produces are ideal for these channels. The company’s target is to be the top lithium ion based solar product company for every home and office in the coming years.

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Exhibiting True Excellence

Intelizon Energy’s credibility and quality can be rightly seen in the kind of trust it has achieved from its customers and users. Below are a few testimonials that evidently show how the company is moving straight to the zeniths of success:

  • Excellent product with minimum or no complaints. Good services with very good team and behaviour. – Sumit Mukherjee, Uttarakhand Distributor
  • ZonStreet Light is the best product available in the market. We have been using this product since the last 4 years. Its Excellent. Value for Money and the Team. – Atul mahajan, J&K Govt. order channel partner
  • I was looking for UPS for Wi-Fi router, manufactured in India. This product meets the requirement, small in size, easy to install/connect the power cord and Wi-Fi router, recommend anyone looking for UPS for Wi-Fi router. – Srikanth, Amazon review on Intelizon product
  • Happy with the product. Indian made so that’s an addon that the company believes in vocal for local without compromising to quality. The Price wise also good. – Gopal, Amazon review on Intelizon product.

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