Tripti Verma: A Zealous Edupreneur Developing Skilled Bharatiyas’

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Tripti Verma

As popularized in many government advertisements the saying that ‘A well-educated woman means a well-developed society,’ truly learned women have the ability to transform not only society, but also communities, nations, and the entire humankind.

And if that woman is an Edupreneur: Educational Entrepreneur, then the fastest growth and rapid progress of that nation-state society is guaranteed. This is the story of one of the noblest, most humble, honest, and dedicated Woman Edupreneur.

First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude for reading my story. My name is Tripti Verma. My goal has always been to build a company that functions as a large family, with teams that are highly technological and competent, and to develop solutions to the issues of millions of people,” says Tripti–the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the EdTech Company Study At Home Pvt Ltd.

She oversees and collaborates with her amazing team to achieve the vision of developing Bharat; the motherland of billions, as a skilled nation and to continually grow their business.

Compassionate Solutions of an Avant Garde Mind

Since Tripti was a little child, she loved meeting new people and learning from them. She used to make friends with everyone at school, and because of her good nature and humility, they all thought she could be relied upon or led by.

She always had that entrepreneurial zeal because she has a habit of finding solutions to any problems she sees. In fact, her family used to refer to her as ‘Jugaadu’ because of this habit. That’s also why she decided to take the less-trodden path of an entrepreneur to address the issues that students face. “I met students who were preparing for professional exams and other competitive courses, and I could feel their pain at not being able to pass due to expensive classes or not being able to relocate to metro cities,” shares Tripti.

She has also taken a very active role in attending events all over the country, served as an Executive Board Advisory Member in youth parliaments, and received numerous awards, including the Avant Garde Award for Most Enterprising Woman of the Year and Gold in the National Level Business Plan Competition. The best thing is how these incidents shaped who Tripti is today.

At such a young age Tripti is been featured in a talk show by PMO i.e., Startup Champions 2.0 which was telecasted on national television.
Moreover, she was invited to GROUND BEAKING CEREMONY 3.0 held in Lucknow, she presented her business itself to the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, The Chief Minister of UP, The Defence Minister of India and many government dignitaries.
Not just that recently she has been honoured by ZEE Media in one of their flagship event “Udaan – Dare to Dream” for her contribution to the education sector. The award was presented by Shekhar Suman.



Wonderful Optimism Immersed in Reality

In her life, she has done a lot of trying, testing, and experiencing. Whether they are being a passionate food blogger, an ardent Indic warrior, communication and life coach, public speaker, or involved in a variety of social and political activities, she constantly advises people to dream as large as they can and to keep their heads up and their feet firmly planted in the ground. “Because, from my own experiences, I’ve learned that optimism is wonderful but that we should never ignore reality and make plans in accordance with it,” mentions Tripti.

She constantly plans everything, no matter how tiny, because she believes it can help with a lot of issues. She, along with her Co-founder CA Raj K Agrawal noticed that the majority of students find it challenging to pay for relocation costs in addition to the high tuition fees at all the good coaching institutes.

Ensuring a Great Future for Girls:

It led them to enter the business world to transform the entire educational system using technology and provide the best quality education at an affordable price at the convenience of students to ensure that everyone receives the best education.

Additionally, it is common that in most places girls are not permitted to attend coaching outside their cities, “And it gives me immense pleasure that because of Study At Home, so many girls are getting a quality education at their home. We feel blessed that we are ensuring a good future for them,” expresses Tripti.

Fostering a Battalion of Bright Young Brains

Their extraordinary saga began, when Tripti and her Co-founder, CA Raj K Agrawal, noticed that the best professional, higher education coaching institutions were only available in big cities. They decided to disrupt the traditional offline education structure and launched Study At Home Pvt. Ltd. Many students missed out on the opportunity as a result of exorbitant tuition fees and the high cost of living in large cities. Online education was not available back then. At the time, there was a pressing need for this.

Tripti informs, “In 2018, we changed our minds and switched from traditional to online practice. We now have our own battalion of bright young brains working tirelessly to develop Study At Home. They have impressive skill sets.”

Marching Towards An Atmanirbhar Bharat

According to Study At Home, your dedication and the calibre of the subject matter must come first when it comes to education. Your professional success is also influenced by how you deliver lectures and interact with your students on a personal level.

Tripti says, “I believe that we have 90% Bharat and just 10% India, hence we want to educate our 90% Bharat.” The Bharat, where 57 % of the population earns less than ₹10,000 rupees a month, speaks and studies in Hindi. The Bharat which gave birth to Ramanujan, APJ Abdul Kalam, DR. B.R. Ambedkar, CV Raman, Savitribai Phule, and a long list of other luminaries as well.

At the end of the day, we want our nation, Bharat, to be the skill capital of the globe, independent of everyone and truly being an ‘Atmanirbhar,” feels Tripti.

Lightening the Darkness

Revealing the challenges, problems and issues addressed by Study At Home and offered solutions with their USPs, Tripti says that connectivity to the internet is the main issue. India has a genuinely limited availability and high cost of the Internet. On the other hand, online education has long been connected to the internet. Without it, online learning is not feasible.

However, Study At Home’s Windows-based learning does not require internet connectivity. Along with encrypted videos, it also provides software that allows for offline video playback. However, the first second of a video must begin with internet connectivity in order to identify privacy, merely for a second. As a result, e-learning is now accessible across all of India.

Second, the vast majority of ed-tech platforms only cater to academic and competitive exams; they don’t provide any programs for professional growth or skill-building. As opposed to that, Tripti and her team began offering a range of skill-development classes including Tally accounting, PowerPoint, Excel, Personality & Business Development, Stock Market, and Financial Modelling.

Tripti adds, “Third, online education is pricey—not for folks like you and me, but for the less fortunate members of society,” reiterating, “We reside in a nation where 57% of people make less than ₹10,000 a month.”

Tripti also states that they are extremely affordable; their rates are one-third less than other e-learning platforms and one-fifth less than face-to-face classes. They provide video lectures for as little as ₹50 a month. Their fees are reasonable and can fit into the budgets of both lower- and lower-middle class individuals.

Last but not least, practically all EdTech companies solely provide English-language lectures in video form. “However, there are 12 times more Hindi speakers than English speakers in our country,” says Tripti assuring that is why, Study At Home intends to help the majority of people by providing sessions in Hindi. Additionally, they hope to start providing classes in vernacular languages very soon, which will help rescue other regional languages that are at risk.

A Distinctively Transparent Personality

Tripti’s clientele appreciates the fact that she is frank and honest with them. Her personality is distinct because she never pretends or attempts to be someone else. Her clients appreciate her preference for intelligent work over laborious labour as well as her perseverance. She doesn’t mince words and believes that being truthful can prevent a great deal of trouble in the future.

People also appreciate that anytime she makes a mistake, she accepts responsibility for it, apologizes, and does her best to learn from it.

Additionally, her clients frequently comment on how different and effective her communication style is in getting the job done. Tripti’s commitment to her work and company is something that people admire, and because of this quality, investors feel secure making investments in her business.

Her team always respects the way she leads them because she never bullies or humiliate them; instead, she inspire them and help them learn from their mistakes. As a result, they consistently outperform and never cease to astound her. This leadership style is another one of her distinctive traits.

The Most Convenient Fun-filled Education

She has worked with several humanitarian NGOs, so she is very disciplined, nice, and humble. She constantly looks out for the people that are left out, and rarely gets angry.

When it comes to her business, she states that her EdTech firm Study At Home offers online education in the most straightforward way. Tripti is committed to provide services at prices that are affordable for students, in contrast to other, more technologically advanced market participants. As a result, she provides High-Quality Video Lectures along with live lectures.

It genuinely gives students convenient, internet-free access to their coursework, E-books and updated exam series with AI are also available.

Additionally, you can find classes for talent improvement taught by experts. They integrate India’s Top Faculties to deliver a user-friendly experience with round-the-clock service.

Tripti expresses, “Study At Home’s position in the industry is validated and winning the National Start-Up Award for Education and Skill Development in 2021by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, attests to our accomplishments without our having to say so.”

Tripti’s Book of Wisdom

As a seasoned businesswoman and professional, Tripti’s words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs are astute. She says no matter what the outside world says, start listening to your heart. You only live once, so Dream as big as you can. Never shy away from a challenge because there is no growth without pain and sacrifices. Be your best friend by looking within.

Never doubt yourself because nobody else would. You must confront your concerns and push yourself every day if you truly want to advance. “I used to be quite anxious when I started something new, but one day I made the decision to face my anxieties, and everything changed after that,” she mentions, “People procrastinate a lot and to be honest, I used to do it too and I developed a formula to check it and the formula is that whenever you think that you have to do something, count till five and initiate that work before the count of five.”

Tripti admires Sudha Murthy a lot because even after being the Chairperson of Infosys, she is so humble and grounded which teaches us all a lesson that never let your success get to your head and it cost nothing to have humility and integrity.

So set out, have great dreams, follow your heart, and do what you love, and success will be yours. “I give my best wishes to all the budding entrepreneurs who are working really hard to improve the lives of others and find solutions to widespread problems,” says Tripti concluding.

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