URJJAA: Delivering Highly Sustainable and Measureable Preventive Healthcare Solution


The notion of ‘managing one’s health’ or ‘staying healthy’ often translates to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise, while going to the doctor is often associated with being sick. There is a growing consciousness about health related issues among people, giving a boost to preventive health check-ups in hospitals. Annual health check-ups, which were largely the privilege of corporate executives, are now being sought after by the middle class as well. The Indian Healthcare industry is growing presently at close to 17% CAGR and is expected to be around 22 -23% in the near future. There has to be a focused shift from reactive intervention to proactive solutions and that’s where preventive healthcare sector has to play a critical role.  This shift will not impact the industry growth negatively. While the hospital industry focuses only on ‘patient population’ Preventive Healthcare has the entire population as its target audience. Hence, in the long run, this will not only help the industry to grow at a faster pace but will also bring positive impact on the productivity of the population in the country.
In today’s rapidly changing society, life is getting more and more challenging each day. The lifestyle diseases are penetrating at an alarming pace coupled with the increase of the cost of medication and treatments. Apart from the ‘physical’ impact, the direct and indirect fiscal impacts arising out of such situations are also becoming a much bigger concern. This is apparently worse for the people of those countries where health insurance penetration is also very low. Urjjaa Preventive Health Care Solutions is the World’s first “Sustainable Preventive Healthcare Solution” built on a robust technology platform based on the proprietary “Proactive Health Prognosis” concept as against the conventional ‘Diagnostic Approach’. It conducts in-depth analysis of one’s lifestyle, behavioral and genetic aspects along with the medical/lab reports and helps identify and eradicate the potential lifestyle disease risks such as Heart attack, Diabetes Stroke, Kidney ailments and Cancer, proactive advice in the right intervention process and helps to sustain the process using the unique and highly personalized engagement process ‘Personal Health Secretary Service’. Urjjaa is committed to the noble mission of EDUCATE, ENABLE & EMPOWER one to lead a disease-free, healthy and happy life.
Committed to Excellence and a Contributor in HealthCare
Sreejith Nadukkandy, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director is a Chartered Accountant by qualification who is more inclined towards a perspective of delivering highly innovative and creative solutions to profitably integrate business objectives with societal welfare aspects. Sreejith Nadukkandy has over 20 years of corporate and institutional experience at senior positions. He quit his job as National Vice President from HDFC Life, (one of India’s largest Life Insurance providers) to set up his dream venture – ‘IBSC India’ – A Socio-entrepreneurship research organization to promote innovations mainly in the field of ‘Healthcare & Social Security’.
According to Sreejith NadukkandyBeing aware, being educated, having your core-health numbers at your fingertips and the will to sustain the recommended right proactive intervention process is the only solution to effectively tackle this crisis”
Project “Urjjaa” was one of his key patent published innovations initiated with a clear focus to prevent Non-communicable / Lifestyle diseases’, which is indisputably a major cause of concern of the world today. IBSC India Wellness Ltd was thus incorporated exclusively to promote this concept. Urjjaa is the first of its kind in the world to offer scientifically structured comprehensive & sustainable preventive healthcare solution enabled through a cloud based technology platform. The project is actively supported by the Kerala Government through its first seed fund equity program in the year 2015. A passionate researcher in the field of ‘Socio-Entrepreneurship’, Sreejith has in his credit IPR for 3 of his major project innovations in the field of preventive healthcare, and social security systems.
Strategizing the Growth and Tackling the Challenges
Preventive healthcare space is open to the entire population as opposed to hospital or treatment services. But even today, the solution is not an easy ‘pull’ product. Spending for “something which apparently doesn’t seem to be an immediate botheration’’ is still a major challenge for the average middle class customers. Hence, there is a need to build lot more awareness. This is possible only if more number of companies target preventive healthcare space. Urjjaa’s solution is not competing with Labs or Clinics. The solution is built with the capability to aggregate with various existing service providers. The organization is looking at complimenting their solution rather than posing as a potential competitor and provides equal opportunities to labs, hospitals, clinics and other paramedical services. Moreover, Urjjaa has excellent strength in the core expertise and a focus on constant innovation both in product development as well as in service delivery, which will surely give Urjjaa a clear winning edge in the industry.
Urjjaa believes in ‘impactful preventive healthcare’ and is clearly focused on delivering a highly sustainable and measureable preventive healthcare solution unlike the conventional process of ‘one time check-up’. Urjjaa has revolutionalised the way an organization has to look at the employees’ health as one of the most productive assets of the organization. Through the solution, Urjjaa has addressed major gaps in this segment which contribute to the’ indifferent attitude’ of the employees and employers towards preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare has to be driven on an educative process; Urjjaa imparts health literacy to the customers using their own health and lifestyle data. These analytics are presented in a manner that helps the customer understand the full implication to get personally committed to the action plan.
Unique Wellness Programs with Corporate Solutions and Service
With the constant innovation and state of the art technology interface, Urjjaa has moved from a conventional HIGH-costLOW-impact diagnostic approach to a Low-costHIGH-impact prognostic approach and to help them live a healthy and happy life and thus become more productive and committed to the organization.
IBSC India Wellness Limited is a closely held public Limited company supported and co-invested by Government of Kerala through its industrial development arm- KSIDC. IBSC India Wellness Limited, with its most unique and proprietary concept – ‘Urjjaa –Sustainable Preventive Healthcare’ has set up a real new bench mark in the healthcare industry.
The most unique corporate solution, known as ‘Urjaa e-CLMAP’ (Employee Comprehensive Lifestyle Monitoring & Health Audit Program) has been a major breakthrough for the Corporate and Institutional clients. The product worth has been hugely acknowledged by this sector.  Ease of implementation, hassle-free process, zero to minimal productive time loss (Intervention happens at the office premises and through online portal), impactful sustenance process (through engaging personal health secretary to each customers) are some of the key differentiator of Urjjaa e-Clamp which is making it the most preferred service provider of the segment.
Awards and Accolades
Among the few accolades, Urjjaa has been recognized as ‘One of the most promising start-ups in Kerala’ by the Government of Kerala. Twin awards at the India Health & Wellness Summits & Awards, (IHWS), co-hosted by ‘Times Now’ for the titles “Preventive Healthcare Brand of the Year” and Best E-Health brand of the year in 2015.Urjaa has participated in the world’s largest start-up investor conference –“Collision” at Las Vegas, US, in the year 2015 these testimonies show the inherent strength of Urjjaa to become the unchallengeable global leader in its segment.
Futuristic Approach in Preventive HealthCare
In the year 2018-19 Urjjaa will witness a lot more expansion for the project both vertically and horizontally.  The organization will be launching products in the Middle East countries starting with UAE, Oman and Bahrain in this period.  At the product level, Urjjaa is in the process of launching specific proactive solution for Adolescence and also for Senior Citizens. Setting up of specialized Preventive Healthcare Centers across the length and breadth of the country is very much on the card and will have few pilot centers rolled out in the coming financial year.

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