Truxcargo: An Absolutely Perfect AI-Enabled Shipping Solution for All Your Logistics Needs

Truxcargo Pvt Ltd

Compelled by the global pandemic, almost all industrial organizations are now setting up their eCommerce portals to boost their brand image, increase their online traffic, and augment the selling of their products. In the scheme of this digitalized e-commerce matrix, the supply chain is the ultimate driving force of modern international industrial progress. A supply chain can only work based on logistics and transport. These two niches act as the brain and backbone for the entire supply chain sector to perform to its fullest potential.

The recent mismatch during the second COVID wave in the demand-supply equation necessitated technological integration into the core of the logistical brain and transport backbone of all the industries and their eCommerce websites so that the traditional supply chain can effectively shift onto the futuristic bandwagon of the tech-advancing times.

Now, most of the global industries have understood that more than an exceptional product, what the end consumers ask for is timely delivery and support, which are services best performed by an industry leader, Truxcargo Pvt Ltd––an AI-Enabled Shipping Platform (SaaS) with decades of knowledge and experience.

Established by Gaurav Sharma, the Founder and CEOTruxcargo is one of the fast-growing tech-enabled logistics companies that offer industry-best pricing with leading shipping partners for all your shipping needs.

Your Trust Our Commitment

With Truxcargo, you will get multiple shipping partners with comparable rates and much more from a single platform. Truxcargo has been using innovative ideas to simplify the eCommerce platform for sellers and save essential time and money. Gaurav shares, “We help sellers to focus on their business rather than finding reliable shipping partners.”

He furthers that they aim to provide hassle-free and streamlined shipping solutions to make your market presence a smooth ride. Truxcargo offers an innovative one-stop shop for all logistics services, right from the automatic allocation of the courier to dispatch to the last-mile delivery of packages. “We are an absolute solution for all your logistics needs. We use the latest and finest technologies to deliver your shipments effectively and quickly. And, that too in a cost-effective way!” he adds.

One of the most admired tech-enabled logistics service providers in India, Truxcargo’s logistics platform is a trusted provider of integrated logistics solutions for customers across India. The firm has built a reputation for being reliable, efficient and cost-effective by offering a wide range of services.

With their USPs including • Excellent customer support, • High-quality services, • On-time delivery, • Competitive pricing, • Real-time Order Tracking, • Experienced team of professionals, • Use of advanced technology, and • Comprehensive range of services, the company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Gaurav and the team have designed their services to meet their customers’ specific needs. Their success has been built on their commitment to excellence and ability to provide innovative solutions that meet the customers’ needs. He states, “We are constantly innovating and adapting the latest technologies to ensure we remain one of the most admired tech-integrated logistics services companies in India.”

Your Satisfaction Our Mission

Truxcargo has achieved this through its dedicated team of professionals who strive to deliver the highest quality of service. Its platform enables online businesses to easily and quickly book shipments, where customers can save a lot of money and time, and ship everywhere without direct contracts or volume commitments. The firm also provides multiple sales channel integration so that customers can ship orders directly from the sales platform and concentrate on the growth of their brands. Gaurav says, “We offer our customers door-to-door shipping to over 29000+ pin-codes with multiple carrier partner options.” The platform is user-friendly for either micro-sellers or large industries. Every business needs an efficient and reliable shipping process, and Truxcargo is here to make that happen. “Our team will take care of the rest,” assures Gaurav.

The main thing he observed during his employment was a lack of customer satisfaction in terms of customer support. Gaurav began his journey in this industry with Delhivery eight years ago and saw a lot more potential to be explored that could change the last-mile delivery ecosystem to the end customer. “I consequently realized that I had to enter this sector and identify the ideas I could put into practice to benefit users,” Gaurav reflects.

Everyone has a story or an incident from which they learned something and are inspired to do and achieve their goals; similarly, Gaurav has a story and is inspired by it.

He began his career as a sales executive in a merchandising venture, where he had to sell the company’s products door-to-door and through online marketing. And he got the idea that if that company’s owner could be profitable by doing so, why couldn’t he? So he finally started selling the product on his own and started his startup, named ‘Leepix’, where Gaurav had a great experience, but after a few months got an opportunity to work at “Delhivery,” which is now the top logistics company in the country.

He recalls, “But something was missing, as I had in myself and my interest or leaning towards having my work or business, which led me to make the difficult final decision to follow my passion, and thus the Empire of “Truxcargo” was born.”

Your Order Our Service

Gaurav always wanted to make an impact on his presence in this universe, and he got an opportunity with this amazing category called business. He developed a deep understanding of the different aspects of shipping and logistics, from the micro sellers and the larger industries, where he could reimagine the overall utilization and cost reduction process. He says today he feels proud that he has been able to help the Indian micro-sellers and other industries save on their transit costs.

Gaurav believes that clients admire them most for their commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. From the beginning, they strived to develop and maintain a reliable and responsive platform, so their customers could always depend on Truxcargo to provide the highest level of service. “We also strive to be proactive in our communication, keeping our customers informed every step of the way.”

In addition, the team is passionate about staying ahead of the curve regarding technology. They invest significant resources into researching and developing new technologies that will help them better serve their customers. Doing so can provide their clients with the most up-to-date solutions.

He says, “Our clients admire us for our commitment to customer service. We always strive to go above and beyond when providing support, whether answering questions or resolving any issues quickly.”

Your Experience Our Technology

Being an experienced leader, Gaurav shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the transport and logistics solution space and how Truxcargo is adapting to the change. He says that there is no doubt that there are numerous ways to streamline the demands and projections that they expect to increase in the coming years while keeping costs and infrastructure in mind, but if they want to cut unwanted costs while growing the logistics sector, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the only viable options.

For the growth of any organization serving the online community, it is now a must to adopt technology for enabling them with real-time data and figuring out ways to decrease costs in terms of workforce and infrastructure. It is only possible with the help of AI and ML, as technology plays a major role in the race for faster success in any SaaS business.

According to Gaurav, transport and logistics services are incredibly important in the modern world. These services allow goods and products to be delivered quickly and reliably, helping businesses provide quality goods and services to their customers. In addition, transport and logistics services are essential for connecting people across the globe, enabling them to communicate and collaborate.

He believes, “As we continue to move forward, we can expect to see advances in transport and logistics services.” Automation is becoming increasingly important in this sector, with robotics, AI, and machine learning allowing companies to save time and money while ensuring that deliveries are made as efficiently as possible. In addition, connected technologies such as IoT and blockchain will play an important role in creating more secure supply chains and optimizing the delivery process.

Transport and logistics services are only becoming more important as the world becomes more interconnected. “We can expect to see continued advancements in this sector in the years to come,” he states.

Your Delight Our Transparency

Speaking about challenges, he says that costs, a proper business module, a large number of clients, and great teamwork are usually the factors that affect the running of a logistics company. As his team leader, Gaurav believes it is important to take a step forward with his entire Trux family and a helping hand, “And I also believe that, yes, we are running a business module where many challenges may or will arise anyhow.”

The challenges they face are that they now have a lot of similar business models in their industry, and they are becoming more common as well; additionally, rates play a big factor in economically attracting any client. But the most important of these factors, “services,” is their top priority, and they have no plans to delay. “So you can call the cynosure of our company “Services,” which we provide to our valuable clients.”

Truxcargo is providing the best of its services to the clients in the manner ahead:

  • Welcome Phone Calls and Emails.
  • WhatsApp groups for instant resolution.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Lower rates than other major transportation providers.
  • Cashback and reward offers.
  • Prior Notice of Service Delay via Mail.

As per Gaurav, the supply chain industry has much potential, “So our advice to everyone is to implement new changes and, if possible, address problems with your current business model.”

Your Product Our Responsibility

It’s also crucial to conduct market research and understand the sector. Consider the services that are most in demand and the typical delivery methods. Recognize the key players in the market and how they are doing well. Local laws should also be considered, as they can significantly affect your business’s success.

Centre on delivering top-notch customer service. Establish procedures that guarantee quality and consistency because your customers will depend on you to deliver their goods in a timely and reliable manner. Take note that technology can have a big impact on this, so take advantage of the tools available to you, as several opportunities are competing with strategies that can help you gain profits, whether you are focusing on the current problems and entering with solutions that can help ease the lives of online sellers and organizations.

On envisioning scaling brand Truxcargo’s operations and offerings in the future, Gaurav reveals they strongly believe that marketing and a constant upgrade in the product can help both the serving brand and the end customer gain something until you provide what they are looking for from a brand. Their team is constantly working with current demand and supplies to solve current supply chain problems and offer solutions that benefit both the customer and Truxcargo team.

He adds, “Our core focus is to implement the processes that can help end consumers save on shipping charges and other costs related to the supply chain requirements.” And as they look toward the future, they want to ensure that their expansion is done strategically and efficiently. Their brand has grown significantly over the past few years. With that growth, they must ensure their operations and services remain efficient and effective. “To achieve this, I believe it’s important to take a strategic approach when evaluating potential changes,” he concludes.

Clients Testimonials:

  • A One Express – Best Support: “Using the fleet getting the best service level where no high cost for move shipments in Delhi NCR, Goods are delivered before time, keep it up, guys.”
  • Rev S – Best Logistics Platform: “Earlier, we used local courier offices to ship our packages. They had an old-school system, like providing carbon copies to the sender. Now started using Truxcargo a week after the lockdown in Delhi was lifted. It was just a try when I saw their ad on Facebook. But fully satisfied so far.”
  • RR Cables – Good Services: “Really Good service provider for north, east, and south movement. Thanks for sending my goods on time with safe handling.”
  • VK Enterprises – Excellent Services: “I tried many logistics companies for my logistics needs, but the timing was very long. But with Truxcargo, all my customers are very happy to get their shipment on time.”

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