V.R. Power Equipments: Offering Customized and Turnkey O & M Solutions to Telecom Companies

V.R. Power Equipments

With a dream to serve the telecom industry with innovative and technologically advanced power products and reliable services, V.R. Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2005. Headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, it is committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective, and responsive solutions for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) requirements of the telecom industry. As a result of growing reputation for service and building upon the knowledge and customer contacts gained through the years, the company has grown to the stature which it is at today.
It comes under the aegis of VR Group. It is a rapidly growing business group based in India with significant regional operations. Started as a telecom service provider, VR Group found it necessary to expand and diversify, in order to accommodate business growth and customer expectations. By gaining experience, it made extension in services to help businesses to grow and survive. These include expansion in O&M, sales of power products i.e. generators and batteries, education, and hospitality industry.
The Strong-willed Leader
Mukesh Rustogi is the CMD of V.R. Power Equipments. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1988 and after being an employee for over seventeen years, he decided to become an entrepreneur in 2005 by establishing VR Group. Despite having very limited resources, he had tremendous courage and confidence in himself to move ahead slowly but steadily in the ever changing and exciting business environment. Mukesh has driven VR Group to a stage wherein it is ready to take off in a ‘tangential’ direction for high revenues and better business profits.
Integrating Innovation in the Services and Products
Innovation is the constant change and it is the only way to stay ahead of competition in recent times,” asserts Mukesh. Guiding all the employees at V.R. Power Equipments, the CMD of the company ensures that he and his core team members stay abreast of the daily updates in the telecom industry. It is one of the key initiatives of V.R. Power Equipments, along with ensuring and maintaining the excellent consistency of its effective operations in the field. This has made the company’s customers realize that it is among one of the best service providers in the country.
Leveraging the Best out of Business Opportunities
The telecom industry is poised for growth, especially in the operations and maintenance sector. V.R. Power Equipments foresees the opportunities in the current scenario of this industry and has its strategies ready to leverage the very best out of it. The company firmly believes that it needs to ensure strict monitoring and controls on all the processes and systems used by the service providers to satisfy their customers. It has its own report cards showing adherence to the OPEX Budgets of all the telecom service providers for self-sustenance. It is poised to grab the opportunities that shall open up in the future, due to various mergers and acquisitions as seen in the recent past and possible further.
An Encouraging and Ambitious Work Environment
At V.R. Power Equipment, they believe in creating an atmosphere for learning and growing among the employees, which also enables them to perform as a team. The company operates through the specially crafted and tested systems and procedures and keeps updating these as per the norms and regulations adopted by the companies of repute. It also makes sure that its employees are duly awarded for their contributions through an authentic annual appraisal system, in such a way that their efforts are acknowledged. Besides, it takes some of the best employees to holiday trips at times. Periodic feedback sessions among the company’s team members also help them to grab new business opportunities by aligning their working to meet customer expectations.
Ensuring Safety of the Employees
With an opportunity to work with the telecom’s most reputed and known companies like Bharti, Indus Towers, and RJIO, to name a few, V.R. Power Equipments believes that its prime responsibility lies in meeting the customer’s expectations. This, in turn, helps the firm to learn and implement various effective operations and maintenance processes in its effort to exceed the customer’s expectations. Along with this, it realizes that honestly adopting these systems and processes at the ground is the key to ensuring that all its employees are safe. In addition to this, V.R. Power Equipments is a certified OHSAS-18001 (2015) company by M/s Intertek, U.K. and it has availability of safety SPOCs at each of the field locations. This, along with regular monitoring and controls, ensure ‘injury free’ working as far as possible.
Plans for Future Growth
As a telecom service provider, the company talks about the added advantage of India’s dynamic business environment that it has leveraged since the very start and is poised to continue to do so. Speaking of the future, Mukesh says, “We would ensure that we shall go all out to leave no stone unturned to extend the best services to any telecom company, which is looking for a business partner to help them, not only to run their services but also help them sustain their business ratios”.

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