*astTECS: A Pioneer in the Asterisk Ecosystem Gearing to Render Cost-Effective Telephony Solutions


Today, telecommunication continues to be at the fore-front of disruption, growth, and innovation. It is delivering momentum and increasing collaboration with newer technologies and applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), automation, and surveillance solutions, accelerating critical enterprise decisions and analytics. This era of continuous disruption has opened the doors to new opportunities for the telecom organizations, transforming the business landscape.
*astTECS is an industry leader in the end-to-end unified communication and enterprise mobility products that are based on an open-source Asterisk Telephony Solution. It has a vision to revolutionize the Global Unified Communication market with Open Source Technology.
*astTECS provides a complete suite of Enterprise Telecom products comprising of IP PBX, Call Center dialer, Video Conference, IVR, Voice logger, SBC, Gateways, IP Phones, Interface cards, and CRM solution. The company brings an extensive portfolio of Asterisk-based solutions that help an organization to achieve their digital transformation objectives, while leveraging their legacy infrastructure. This enables the business’s steady migration to IP telephony. It also provides 24×7 support to its global customers.
This ISO 9001:2015 certified firm has its headquarters in Bangalore, India, and follows strict quality management measures. *astTECS has grown and spread across the globe with 3000+ customers in 30+ countries  and is constantly growing its presence.
The Visionary behind *astTECS
Dr. Devasia Kurian, Founder and CEO of *astTECS, is from a hard-core technical background and has immense work experience in German and Indian software industries. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Christ University and masters in the same from Technical University Berlin, Germany. He has done his Executive MBA in Marketing from TAPMI, with Gold Medal. With his entrepreneurial acumen, he set up a marketing/development subsidiary for Teles, a 100 million Euro Telecom company in Germany and managed revenue units up to 15 million Euros.
The strong technical background coupled with managerial and entrepreneurial experiences gained in Europe and Indian software industries prompted him to start *astTECS. Dr. Kurian has led the company’s brilliant foray into Indian and global markets through its revolutionary open source based telephony solutions. He has also significantly contributed to the knowledge of open source telephony, with a vision to revolutionize the global PBX market with Asterisk that is considered to be the “Future of Telephony”. “Open Source Solutions is the new Mantra for Entrepreneurs, creating a level playing field for innovative technologies,” asserts Dr. Kurian.
Ingenious Solutions of *astTECS
The company offers a wide range of enterprise communications solutions that uniquely integrate intelligence and automation capabilities. This allows organizations to deliver applications and services efficiently. Its communication solution helps improve scalability and resource utilization and delivers high-quality, real-time communications experience. These solutions enable enterprises to increase efficiencies, improve performance, and build competitive advantage, backed by a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership. *astTECS strives to popularize Asterisk and establish Asterisk Open Source Telephony solution from a niche product to a mass product. It aims to develop affordable communication solutions since the company understands that the means of communications needs to be effective, constantly evolving, and most importantly scalable with quick ROI. The company is in a relentless pursuit of providing high-end telecom solutions at a very competitive rate so that it can bring in revolutionary changes in the Global Telecom market.
Growing with Innovation at its Nexus
To address the phenomenon of wide-spread technology disruption, *astTECS innovations team is consistently working and gearing up to serve the communications needs of the evolving ecosystem; an ecosystem that consists of diverse users, cutting edge applications, and all forms of devices. Innovations in communication technology have been its focus, enabling the company to deliver its state-of-the-art, high-impact solutions that help organizations to reduce costs, simplify operations, and increase business agility. Its customer centric approach, aggressive pricing, and excellent support along with its partners’ capabilities differentiates it from its peers. It is driven by the mission to be “Redhat for asterisk”; *astTECS envisions becoming a leader in asterisk, in the similar norms that Redhat has achieved in Linux-world.
Awards and Felicitations
*astTECS has been awarded Top 100 Global award for innovative use of technology for the emerging markets, by a global media company. It has been recognized by another leading media house as the Top 20 most promising Open Source Solution and service provider and also adjudged as Top 20 Most promising Call center solution provider. It has also been felicitated as Brand of year in 2016 by a prominent source. In 2018, *astTECS was honored as Business Excellence Award 2018 by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of commerce and Industry (FKCCI).
Plans for a Scintillating Future
*astTECS plans on providing solutions that allow its clients to simplify communication infrastructure, enhance flexibility, scale-up on demand, monetize assets, and seamlessly integrate with legacy solutions, while ensuring security and maintaining a consistent QoE. The company is growing at a rapid pace and already has a large global presence. With changing market dynamics and technology requirements, it is consistently innovating. To further strengthen its portfolio, *astTECS plans to invest in R&D for addressing specific verticals. It intends on consolidating and accelerating product development to meet the needs of the enterprises and focus on delivering compelling communication solutions.
Source :-The 10 Best Performing telecom Solution Providers 2018

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