VEDAS Project Management Consultants – Implementing a “Win-Win” approach to the Project Management Consultancy

VEDAS Project Management

VEDAS Project Management Consultants is the brainchild of Mr. Kishore Kashinath Redkar, who founded the PMC for overall Planning, Coordination, Monitoring and Controlling of a project from inception to completion stage. Kishore Redkar, studied at Rachna Sansad, Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and carved out his own niche for developing an effective, efficient and an easy-to-understand system of managing projects successfully. His experience over last two decades has resulted into developing not only a huge, satisfied customer base, but also that of satisfied service providers. This prominently stands as a unique feature of VEDAS.
Mr. Kishore Redkar utilized all his skills of project management and developed a team of highly seasoned, professional experts. The expert panel at VEDAS is comprised of Project Managers, MEP/ Civil Engineers, Architects, Liasoning professionals, Structural Engineers, Advocates, Quantity Surveyors, on-site staff, Chartered Accountants (CAs). This Expert Panel supports the robust system of project management designed by VEDAS, right from commencement of project planning to project completion. Most importantly, all this is undertaken within an authorized limit of cost and time and as per the approved quality standards and architectural designs. The time, money and energy have become the most valuable elements for people at all levels of operations. And that’s where VEDAS chips in to provide a thoroughly transparent work process with highest commitment to project delivery.
Kishore says, ‘The major role of a professional Project Management Consultant is to produce a functionally and financially viable Project that will be completed as per the mutually agreed parameters of time, cost and quality standards.’
VEDAS Management system brings with it an expertise and experience of successfully completing hundreds of projects since two decades. It has covered a diverse spectrum of business sectors such as Redevelopment, Self-redevelopment, New Construction, Infrastructure projects, Factories, Auditoriums, Corporate Houses, Banks, Residences and even Retail too. Mr. Kishore Redkar rightly emphasizes that, ‘The principles and techniques of Project Management can be applied from even ‘making a cup of coffee’ to implementing a big project.’
Project Management is an application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities for meeting the project requirements. The start-up scenario in India looks quite promising. According to Kishore, ‘It is the domain from where new generation of techno-savvy teams of first generation solopreneurs have begun budding.’ He further states that, ‘The young start-ups are flourishing all across the business spectrum and venturing into new horizons that have been introduced. Such start-ups do not have history to fall back upon and get concrete, expert guidance from experience of veteran business tycoons and consultants. Therefore, it becomes highly essential and relevant for start-ups to take assistance of veteran Project Management Consultants.
VEDAS pools in numerous, veteran professionals performing specialised functions as per requirement of the client’s project. As a result, these professionals come on the same business platform and lead the teams. A rich experience is brought across the table through which entire process is monitored on a weekly basis till project completion.
VEDAS addresses their client’s requirement by stepping into the shoes of client. At VEDAS, never does the client get a feeling of ‘Know-it-all’ from Consultants. Kishore says further that, ‘We provide effective measures to improve project efficiency by establishing equilibrium in the processes and managing various projects activities. This ensures that the project runs successfully on the right track.’ Whether it’s a redevelopment project or a start-up from scratch, VEDAS has been considering the complexity and diversity of problems that the business owners have to handle. Hence, the most viable step is to appoint an expert Project Management Consultant (PMC) to sort out every bit of issue. Such an expert can impactfully solve a range of issues related to availability of quality material, reliable suppliers & service providers, ensuring implementation of rules, regulations, laws and acts. Apart from these, the other issues related to undertaking technical inspections, quantity surveys, preparing documentation, execution of processes, getting approvals and certification from sanctioning authorities etc. are comfortably and professionally handled by PMC. The PMC makes it a point to work by considering the thought process, budget and the time frame which is mutually agreed upon with the respective client. Such a result-oriented approach of PMC truly relieves the project owners by conserving their time and efforts of project completion and implementation.
Till date, VEDAS has excelled at every aspect of PMC and hence, it always has a competitive advantage over the rest. Apart from a timely, project implementation, the cost control and cost saving is an immensely critical concern faced by a Project Manager. This is the very factor where VEDAS has stepped in since the past. It has developed the expertise to source best quality material from reliable vendors and service providers, deploy accurately chosen and skilled manpower required for various projects and the streamlined processes. Along with this, VEDAS ensures well monitored and well researched workflow software that has assisted to reduce human errors.
A successful and highly acclaimed PMC has to build client or customer friendly system of project implementation. For example, the PMC should consider the resource constraints faced by the client. Similarly, it should also decide proactively for cost reduction, acquiring best quality materials based on approved market standards. Apart from this consideration, a PMC should improve the implementation process based on a continuous and periodic feedback about all aspects of the respective project/s. It is truly and highly mandatory for any PMC to take regular feedbacks on implementation. Or else, it could probably result into time overruns and cost escalations as well.
Apart from the above resource allocation, there is a rising and dire need to implement eco-friendly initiatives and techniques for energy conservation. Therefore, innovative activities like rain water harvesting and recycling of water by purification should be an integral part of any future, project management activity. It is necessary for any PMC to be well versed with the regulatory framework and policy guidelines for conserving and protecting our environment. It can be done with an optimum use of solar and other renewable energy resources. In addition to this, a PMC can also opt for using building material which is locally available or made from recycled waste.
Thus, in short, the PMC has a deciding and pivotal role to play in optimum utilization of the time, cost and human resource of any organization. Moreover, the PMC is also highly responsible for undertaking eco-friendly techniques for conserving the environment during project implementation.
Source :-The 10 Rising Consultants Startups To Watch In 2018

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