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Coltivare Consultancy

The business world has become highly competitive and the new entrants are disrupting all sorts of long standing operators. With the use of latest technology, it has enabled data analyst and financial modeler by assisting them in running leaner and more profitable business models. Through streamlining their strategy and processes to be able to not only sustain but to drive the growth cycle of their business dream and vision, Coltivare Consultancy Services has always been a strong believer of “REL-SOL”. This is the term formed by Coltivare promoter which reflects the core values of Coltivare i.e. relationship and solution driven approach.
The term ‘Coltivare’ means to ‘Nurture and Grow’. At Coltivare the aim is to extend expertise and learning to business who intend to walk the growth cycle through improving their business mechanisms and working dynamics. Driven with the relationship approach, it started adding services which were required by the corporate client groups, their promoters and employees. This made them to venture into retails loans like housing loans for promoters or their employees, housing loans for customers of the real estate corporate clients, life insurances, general insurances for factories, stocks, machinery, and mutual funds.
The Leader with the Urge to Grow and Capture
Coltivare is promoted by Deepak Bang, an ex-corporate banker who has garnered experience from working with various industries across infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, steel and power, realty, information technology, and commodities. Deepak is the Founder and Managing Director of Coltivare Consultancy. With the business and best practice understanding of medium to large corporate in the country, the company comprises a dynamic team with over thirty years of cumulative experience in business development, consultative and financial modeling.
The journey started with providing “Virtual CFO” services to small and medium enterprises. Especially, the younger generation of entrepreneurs who have the urge to grow and capture the potential in the target markets. With this vision in mind, the company was named as /name was selected as “Coltivare”. Today, in 2018, Deepak Bang is a pioneer in Strategic Consulting with all his eighteen years of experience and serving many reputed clients like Azad Engineering, Gubba Cold Storage, Karni Estates, Anuradha Meadows Pvt Ltd, Laxminarayan Hydropower Pvt Ltd and Jiva Infotech Pvt Ltd to name few.
Offering Assistance and Serving the Clients in Various Sectors
Being one of the leading firms in the debt syndication market in Hyderabad, Coltivare has strong relationships with financial institutions, banks and NBFCs both in India and globally. It is led by a group of experienced professionals who can advise and serve clients in the debt syndication and structured corporate finance space.
Coltivare has been instrumental in facilitating fund and non-fund based credit facilities for new projects as well as expansion, diversification and modernization of existing infrastructure.
The company offers assistance in the areas of project finance, working capital, structured trade finance, offshore finance, acquisition finance and external commercial borrowings (ECBs).
Coltivare helps to close the debt syndication process in a timely and efficient manner. The firm’s excellent association with banks and financial institutions enables to arrange wide range of funding requirements of corporates in a cost-effective and timely manner. It is instrumental in assisting the clients in the areas of manufacturing, cold storages, real estate, pharma, granite & stone, agriculture, FMCG.
In order to extend services beyond India, Coltivare has established working relations with associates in Dubai, Singapore, USA, UK, and Thailand.

Specialized in Providing Customized Solutions
Coltivare provides customized solutions for project finance through the entire deal process. It covers fund-based as well as non-fund-based finance, drawing up financial models, preparing project report and ensuring timely financial closure. Specialized in financial appraisal of large projects, Coltivare builds a viable lending proposition for lenders like banks and financial institutions.
The talented team has a vast domain knowledge and financial lender expertise on debt market which helps corporates in securing debt with optimal cost structure.
Coltivare offers the following services to clients in raising debt:

  • Preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report)
  • Selection of appropriate lenders
  • Making applications for financial assistance
  • Obtaining sanctions
  • Completing the documentation and disbursal process

Strategies to Maintain Hassle-free Work Environment
Coltivare mostly hires freshers or new to industry talent and grooms them to the work roles. It observes the new joinee and deploys them to the work which suits their skill set. The team leaders are not given business targets, but they are given target to groom more team leaders under them. The company believes that a strong team will attract business automatically.
Awards and Accolades

  • Received Award from Silicon India Magazine for being in Top 10 Most promising financial consultants -2018.
  • Received award from ICICI Bank for Exemplary Contribution in Mortgage Business in 2017-18
  • Received Award from ICICI Lombard for Qualifying in Centurion Club in Jun 2018
  • Received Certificate of Excellence from Aditya Birla Finance in 2016-17
  • Many testimonials received from clients. (Displayed on – Coltivare believes the client testimonies are the real feather in the cap.

Embracing Innovation and Technology
Technology has increased the knowledge levels of customers on financial products and they can cross check easily whatever is advised to them. With this scenario, Coltivare has kept focus on improving the service levels and customer delight experiences in the speed of solutions and executions. It has started using CRM to track the deals and pipelines, do work flow management, monitor and measure the performance of the team.
“We are using technology to create awareness of our service offerings on whatsapp, emails, facebook, website, etc.”

Certainty about a Bright Future
Most of the private banks, NBFCs, Private Insurance company do not have a strong presence in the rural market and also the customers in those markets prefers only PSU’s and are scared to climb the stairs of private financial institutions. Coltivare in the process of bridging this gap and building a platform which will give all the private players an access to this rural market, which will create fair competition among all players in the rural market and also will give rural customers a chance to get a better service and pricing offering for financial products.
Source :-The 10 Rising Consultants Startups To Watch In 2018

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