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Water and Shark

Startups who have just begun, hire small business consulting firms to improve the process, maximize margin and overall optimization of the business. Every startup sooner or later feels the need to hire a business consultant firm. As most business owners aren’t accustomed to doing everything on their own and sometimes running the business brings forth some occupational hazards which are outside the expertise and existing skill of the people within the business. The agreement between a consultant and a client (business owner) is a relationship in which an outsider makes his in-depth knowledge and expertise available to an enterprise in a consultative role. Being a seasoned professional from a small business consulting firm juggles many hats right from a coach, to an expert, to a facilitator, mentor, and trainer in providing the best expert professional help to his/her clients and thus business consultants for start-ups are advised beyond doubt.
Water and Shark was started as a Mumbai based multi-disciplinary consultancy company with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of Taxation, Assurance, Transaction, Legal consultancy and knowledge processing outsourcing services. Water and Shark refers to the Water and Shark Network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity. It is the brand under which the member firms of Water and Shark International, Inc. operate and provide professional services.

Passion for his Profession & an Indomitable Spirit
Water and Shark came into existence in 2012 through establishing Water and Shark Advisors Private limited in India by a young endowed CA Harsh Patel, Founder & Global CEO, Water and Shark Group. After qualifying as Chartered Accountant in 2014, Patel felt that it is the need of hour for India to have its own Multi National Accounting Firm. Like domestic Indian CA firms gets associated with the Foreign firms Big4/Big10 network firms and on similar lines, it has also started MAF (Multi national accounting firm)which is a USA based global firm which is founded and dominated by primarily Indian CA’s/CPA’s.

The company has established its name cross border by incorporating Water and Shark International Inc. USA which is Global Accounting and Consulting firm, under which all firm operate independently and collectively. At the initial stage of his CA practice he came to know when Indian Chartered Accountants are working almost everywhere in world yet we don’t have our own brand when it comes to MAF and domestic firm tend to join hands with their foreign counter part to go global.

Providing Boundaryless Quality Services under One Roof
The consultancy offers range of expert services to various kinds of businesses. The experienced and focused team members are dedicated to provide efficient services in a consistent manner. The professional team of Water & Shark lays their foundation on the basis of four pillars i.e. Ethics, Trust, Commitment and Excellence and it forms an integral part of all their processes. The firm is committed to offer niche quality of services with technical competence, professional integrity and personal involvement with clients operating across various sectors and industries. It has regular interaction with industry and other professional stalwarts in the profession which enables thefirm to keep pace with contemporary developments and to meet the needs of its clients.

Fighting the Challenges and Emerging as Splendid Players
The firm believes that even though the expertise may be matched by a few players, the deep commitment and dedication to serve clients better is unmatched in the market. As the core fundamental principle is not to just meet but surpass the client expectations by inculcating the culture of teamwork, relevant knowledge base & personalized services with specialization.

The clients have time and again come back to Water and Shark with overwhelming appreciation for the work and the business relationships have slowly evolved into personal bonds and clients bestow/bestowing complete trust. As far as cost is concerned, the firm believes that it’s a part and parcel of any business and is more than willing to bear those costs to be able to serve the clients better.
Harsh states that startups should be agile in their operations; should stay true to their core ideas/beliefs and not get swayed easily by what incumbents are doing.

Startups should also focus on their core business activities and outsource non-core functions in order to utilize their limited manpower in a better way. They should encourage an open culture where every employee should be an entrepreneur at heart and have the ability to innovate novel solutions. Besides, there should be an inherent hunger to learn and improvise themselves. Otherwise, one sees so many startups getting complacent especially after getting funding and realizing it a little too late.

Inspiring the Budding Startup Consultants
According to Harsh, “Trust is the bedrock that helps synergies between a startup and a consultant to be achieved.” Besides, there should be regular communication between the parties involved so that everyone is on the same page. There is also a requirement to honor commitments between the client and the consultant in order to nurture the relationship with clients in more focused & stronger way.

Seeking the Future
The firm encourages all the clients to give honest and genuine feedback because it helps the company to improve every day. “As consultants, it is extremely important that we truly understand the requirements of the client and though we strive to do the best, we proactively seek to understand the areas which can be improved upon so that we can put an even better foot forward the next time”.
Source :-The 10 Rising Consultants Startups To Watch In 2018

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