Veronica Verma: Nation’s Best Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer, and Life Coach

Veronica Verma
Veronica Verma

How wonderful would it have been if our life in all its past, present, and future times were laid bare in front of us like a moving film? Then we can shuffle our moves whenever they take us towards failures, sadness, heartbreak, or misfortune. Tarot Cards claim to be that magic providing us with these mystical insights into our lifetimes.

Can Tarot Card readings and spiritual healing have the power to erase anxiety, worries, unpredictability, and uncertainty from our lives and fill us with clarity, vision, and insights?

Veronica VermaTarot Card ReaderSpiritual HealerFounder, and Director of Tarot Reading Zonee (TRZ), answers us by sharing her story. But first, she shares her ardently believing clients’ testimonials.

The Empress of Visions

With five-star ratings, Raghunath S, a month ago, said, “Her prophecies, which I personally found quite helpful in both my personal and professional life. She is such an inspirational person, and her consultant’s knowledge of her is a wonderful way to understand the needs of the client and their areas of discomfort. She then offers her assistance and a workable solution. Thank you, Veronica, for your encouraging words. With my best wishes, your success will only grow even more.”

Similarly, two months ago, with five-star ratings, Smart Agarwal said, “This was my first tarot reading, and it was quite amazing. I feel a spiritual bond which enabled me to open up my questions, not knowing exactly what I wanted to know and came out feeling like I had direction and was more sure of myself. Veronica Mam gave me confidence in the path I was taking, helping me to trust my intuition and my feelings and to be true to myself. Thank You. I will be back!”

Further, Anjali Garg, with a five-star rating, said four months ago, “Highly recommended! Many dilemmas of my life were sorted and made my understanding crystal clear. I surely recommend everyone to take up a session to clarify various doubts that they have about life and career. Veronica herself is very compassionate and understanding. So this makes a reality check and counselling session in one go.”

Also, four months ago, with a five-star rating, Dr Roopali Khanna said, “I am not so much a believer in the past and the future. But I always seek guidance for my current state of energy. Tarot card reading is an ancient wisdom gifted to very few among the mushrooming many. Veronica is one of them. I am always impressed by the intuitive guidance and to-the-point reading by Veronica. It has always helped me and never failed in its right prediction. I recommend her reading more than anyone else, for she is equipped with not only the skills in a tarot reading but also intuitive and psychic abilities and wisdom to read your energies and guide you through.”

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Revealing Your Arcana

Reflecting on the saga of her mesmerizing journey in the occult sciences, Veronica says tarot has been a constant presence since she was just 13 years old. What started as a curiosity about the occult has led her on a 23-year odyssey through the world of tarot, numerology, and astrology.

Her journey began with a fascination for the unknown and a desire to explore the hidden aspects of life. She started learning astrology and numerology, but tarot truly captured her heart. She adds, “As I began to study and practice tarot, I found that it helped me discover more about my personality and sense of self.”

With this newfound knowledge, she felt called to use tarot to help others. At 19, Veronica started reading professionally and hasn’t looked back since. Alongside her tarot practice, she explored the world of modelling and participated in various pageants, earning titles such as Participant of Mrs. India Gladrags and Mrs. India Ada, as well as being a finalist for Mrs. Delhi NCR. Also, she had been working as a college professor for a decade before she finally stepped into Tarot Completely.

Despite her other interests, the tarot remained a constant presence throughout her journey. She continued to read for clients and even started conducting classes to teach others about the art of tarot card reading.

In 2023, her dedication and expertise were recognized when Veronica was awarded the Nation’s Choice Award as the Best Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer and Life Coach.

Fooling The Devil

Sharing her inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, she says her passion for the occult inspired her to venture into the business world, turning her hobby into a full-time job.

However, like every journey, Veronica also faced challenges. There were initial as well as concurrent difficulties. “One of the main challenges I faced when starting my business was a lack of awareness about Tarot among the general public. Educating people about this practice proved to be difficult, which in turn limited the number of clients I could attract. Additionally, technological limitations made it challenging to reach a global audience.”

Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her unwavering commitment, dedication, and honesty in helping people achieve positive change in their lives. As an empathetic and compassionate practitioner, she is passionate about understanding and addressing the root causes of her clients’ problems and supporting them throughout the process of realigning their lives in a more fulfilling direction. She believes that practical, actionable solutions are essential to creating lasting change, and she is committed to providing her clients with the tools and guidance they need to achieve their goals.

Stating the USPs that highlight brand Tarot Reading Zonee’s uniqueness in the industry, Veronica says that with over 23 years of experience in occult science, she has gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of this practice. “My track record of accurate predictions and credibility has been established over many years of dedicated service to my clients.” In addition, her strong social media presence and widespread recognition further authenticate her work and demonstrate people’s trust and confidence in her.

Fortune for the Faithfull 

For budding aspirants looking to enter the business world, complete honesty and dedication are crucial for success. It’s also essential to hone your skills and expertise in your chosen field, enabling you to provide valuable services to your clients and differentiate yourself from competitors. Continuously learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends and developments is also important. Above all, maintaining a strong work ethic, staying focused on your goals, and providing exceptional customer service will help you establish a solid reputation and build a successful business.

On envisioning TRZ’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Veronica divulges that the emergence of new technologies and automated tools is revolutionizing how they work, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

By leveraging these tools effectively, we can serve more clients in less time, allowing us to be more productive and competitive in the long run. Embracing these technologies is essential for staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional client results. By staying up-to-date with industry developments and adopting new technologies, we can ensure that our business remains relevant and successful for years to come,” she concludes.

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