VFX in Multimedia Industry

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”  – Albert Einstein 

Films and video games have always been about presenting Effects to the audience. What has changed over the years is the nature and level of illusions effects that films and gaming can include in their narrative. This make possible all the things without any risk to shoot on real they do major high risky part into Animation or VFX. In films initially, visual effects & Animation take significant part for now it’s change the films or advertising or serials to all new level and cost saving with extra ordinary output for viewers, it’s can be done very difficult part to do by some software and it’s look natural like blast or create new things thanos, avatar, Jurassic park or some alien creature came to live to screen because of animation and visual effect.

What does a VFX do in multimedia industry?

VFX or Animation create special effects such as making an impossible things comes to screen like Jurassic park or adding an explosion to a scene that never bin blast in front of camera. In VFX we can also remove things like rope or like some parts like buildings from video itself Example: if hero is falling from 100 feet he has lifted with rope for safety after that it can be remove in VFX so audience feel that hero is jumping from 100 feet. In some films like Avatar, Avengers, separate worlds are created entirely through Visual effects & Animation. In cartoons or animated films, they create a whole new world through 3D animation and VFX. Each character and its movement, props, effects and even backgrounds are created through special effects and animation.

With movies like Avatar, Life of Pi, Harry Potter, marvel movies and DC and so many other making a huge impact on our entertainment industry at large, the popularity and importance of animation and VFX is growing more and more that all kind of audiences that including children, teenage or old and has changed the way to watch video, movies and as well as some education has changed its way a better to understand complex part in very simple way.

In past 20 year ago we all know that cartoon “TOM & JERRY” what we remember today also and we all know animation is this. But today in 2019 animation and visual effect making all new things like we can even identified the real and Computer generated like Thanos, avatar, dinosaur, alien, alita battle angel and more. So it’s all new part for it department for multimedia is open

The Indian Context

As India also have many movies like Bahubali 1-2,Ra-one,2.0,Zero etc. The Indian animation industry has a huge developing and going faster and faster some character are very popular like Chota Bheem, Motu paltu, Shiva etc.VFX is fast catching up movies like Bhahubali, Makkhi and Rajnikanth starter Kochadaiiyaan have set new standards for the Indian VFX industry. India also have very good animation and Visual Effects Company that are working on many movies and series.

In 2001 – 2010 many 2d animation movies have release like Ramayana, hanuman, bal Hanuman etc as per technology making faster changes that comes to india also and we had tried 3d animation series and films like motu patlu, 3D Ramayana, Mahabharata, Kochadaiiyaan, Delhi Safari,Bal Ganesh etc are very popular in India cinema and Tv.

In India we have have many 3d and 2d games like 1st outstanding game is “aamir khan ghajini” Game it’s an 3D game that had change the India to new level for gaming part also we have 2D games like krish, motu patlu etc. from the revolution of sketching animation and 90’s Indian “Walt Disney” “ram mohan sir” started 2D animation and sketching in India and today we have lots of animation films, series and games as well as India is also working in much of Hollywood movies also and in future of India growing fast and fast as 2016 to reach a size of INR59.5 billion (economic times) as it’s growing as 16%-20% each year more. South Indian movies like Makkhi and Rajnikanthsir fame Kochadaiiyaan have set new standards for the Indian VFX industry.

As per all things India has growing fast & faster in all the area as well as in multimedia, films and Visual Effects and animation along with games.

About the Author

Mayank Nimavat is the Founder & CEO of Sarvam FX. The company is working in many serials and films from Hollywood and Bollywood and show are live on Netflix, disney xd, cartoon network, nickelodeon,Colors Rishtey, hungama tv etc.It has many renowned clients like Coca-Cola, Airtel, Aditya Birla, Elite-18, Champs Diaper,  Nissan , Bollywood Animated Films & Serials, Balaji Wafer, Roger motors. Sarvam FX received 2018 MSME award for best Animation studio in Gujarat. It is active in the Animation & Visual Effect Industry & Growing more.