Why Businesses Need to Go Digital ?

Are you a business owner or an employee working for someone who is still engaged into conventional marketing approach and is not online? If yes then you must read this as you will learn how important it is for businesses to go online.
How do you buy clothes now days? How do you order your groceries? When was the last time you stood in a line to buy movie tickets or to pay electricity bill? I know your answer to all these questions. You do it all online. Most of us don’t have enough time to go and shop our clothes, groceries or pay electricity/phone bills at physical stores/offices.
So, don’t you think it is important for you to rethink your marketing strategy in this digital era? If not, here are few more insights which will help you understand the importance of Digital Marketing.

  1. India is home to 2nd largest Mobile Internet users according to a recent survey and we will be 1st soon looking to the disruption that Reliance Jio has brought in the telecom industry. Internet has become cheaper and also easily accessible to almost one and everyone.
  1. More than 90% people start with online search before they make a buying decision. Even if they buy from local business they first start with an online research. Going digital provides you an opportunity to get in front of these people who are planning to buy something that you may be selling.
  1. People believe to what others are saying about your product/service online. It helps them decide whether your product/service is good or not. Being digital allows you to showcase your existing customer’s experience to others.
  1. You are not restricted to geography. With digital your business can be anywhere. The whole world is you market.
  1. People can easily find your contact details (email, phone number) and can connect with you if they want to inquire about your product/service. Digital gives them freedom to connect with you anytime quickly.

I hope all these points must have helped you understand why taking your business online is important. Also, if your business in online but you are kind of ignoring it and not paying much attention then you need to think on it one more time.
I have come across several business owners who want to go online but were hesitant due to some or the other reason. Some of the common reasons that I came across and helped them were: –

  1. I am already having good business offline. Why should I go online?

Ans – Because that would bring you more business and will increase revenue. Don’t you want that?

  1. Our products don’t sell online. So, going online won’t help.

Ans– I agree some product may not sell online as user want to touch and feel before buying them. Especially when it’s high priced. In that case, a website (online presence) would help people discover that you sell that product and they can find your Business address and can then check the product by visiting the store physically.

  1. I already have a website but I don’t get any orders/inquiries from it. So why should I invest into digital marketing?

Ans– A lot of business owners has this answer when they are asked why they are not doing digital marketing. For all those who have this question/problem need to understand this simple example. Does a plant grow without water and fertilizers? No, they don’t. Same is the case with your unproductive website. You need to provide it SEO (Water), Social Media Presence (Sunlight), Offers on website (fertilizer to get more fruits) etc. Once you do this, you will get leads/inquiries (sweet fruits. It’s that simple.

  1. Going digital is very expensive. I can’t invest that much.

Ans– A lot of business owners have the cost factor in their mind. But it’s not true that taking business online and doing digital marketing is expensive. Actually, digital marketing is much cheaper than offline marketing. Also, offline marketing success is not measurable however that can be done in case of digital marketing. And unlike offline marketing you are not restricted to certain area; you can be anywhere & everywhere with digital marketing.
The way people buy has changed & is still changing so businesses need to adapt and change their marketing strategy accordingly. I am not against offline marketing and am not asking to stop that. But I would definitely want you to include digital marketing as an integral part of your overall marketing efforts.
About Author
Anurag Pragllav is Founder of Doyze Software Solution which is a result oriented Digital Marketing Agency. He is a seasoned Digital Marketer & has worked with several Agencies & FirstCry before founding Doyze. He has served Clients ranging from start-ups to small businesses across the globe. It gives him real happiness when his client gets to see the result they expected.
He is an avid learner, dreamer and go getter. He spends most of time on internet working & reading updates in Digital World. He is always ready to help businesses succeed online. He loves listening to music and hanging out with friends.
Website:- www.doyze.com

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