Vani Lakshmi Sreeram: A Passionate Digital Marketing Connoisseur

Vani Lakshmi Sreeram
Vani Sreeram Director Digital Marketing Division

Following is an interview between Insights Success and Vani Lakshmi Sreeram, the Digital Marketing Director at Honeycomb Creative Support Pvt Ltd.

Vani is a leading online marketing solution expert with a proven experience in Search Engine Optimization, social media optimization and a plethora of other skills. Herein, she shares her journey laden with inspiring experiences and lessons.
Below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly brief us about your professional journey and what kind of ethics, principles and manner of working you observe while managing the business operations?
Like everybody else in the beginning, I started off small, as a typist at a data entry company. Then, I changed my job to become a Lab Assistant cum Receptionist at an institute offering .NET course.
Later, I joined as an SEO Trainee for an IT firm where I realized my passion towards Digital Marketing specifically SEO. Afterwards, I joined Honeycomb as SEO Executive, 6 years back. Here, I came to realize my full potential and have been dedicated to this field ever since and have grown to be Director, Digital Marketing Division.
I follow my rules of strict self-discipline, taking up as many responsibilities as I could. I have always been adaptable to changes at the work environment and I have come to embrace changes. I believe in continuous constant learning which is result-oriented and suggest all to do the same.

Could you please share your noted milestones, accomplishments throughout your journey so far along with company highlights and achievements under your leadership.
Our company, initially, was not practicing Digital Marketing at all. I began rigorous Search Engine Optimization for our Honeycomb Website and other pages, be it on-page or off-page and within a few months, I gathered over 28% extra leads through my Digital Services provided for the company. Over the 7-year journey, at Honeycomb, I have achieved a lot and from 1-woman department, our company’s Digital Division has grown to be 7-member team. Last year was a boost for me when we took clients for our Digital Services. Now, we have over 4 clients who have added a good amount of percentage to the company profits. There have been a lot of ups and downs in my journey but I have always stood up and people at Honeycomb have always had my back, which explains my loyalty towards them. Overall, there have been a lot of achievements and it would be very difficult to choose one that does justice to all.

Please tell us about the business model you follow and the services you provide that makes the brand unique in the mid of cut throat competition.
I, as a representative of my Digital Marketing Division stand tall about the customer-oriented business model that we follow. The services we provide are top-notch and our unique identity is striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We believe in customized services based on the requirements of each customer.  We serve all our customers with utmost dedication and start off with a rapport-building approach. Also, we believe in assisting customers and clients with after-sales support as well.

Please share the most memorable and remarkable moment of your life.
Though there are quite a few, but naming and pointing out one would be very difficult. And my whole experience especially in Honeycomb, has been an empowering one.
But I remember this one day, so clearly, when I, as the sole Digital Marketing person, was given the opportunity and responsibility to be able to build my own team and capture clients for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. That was the moment, I felt like I had achieved something and that I am capable of that, and more.

Where do you see yourself and the company in future? Or, what is your goal to mark the uniqueness in future?
I wish to continue working for this company and someday. own and manage a sister concern company (from the same firm) in association with Honeycomb. I see it growing, my goals and Honeycomb’s goals also align. The company and I believe in hustling and aligning, working for the growth but also taking time to breathe. My top career goal, as I mentioned, is owning and completely managing my own sister concern company and for that, my ideal path would include giving my best and doing justice to my work, pushing my limits and facing challenges with my head held high.

Advise for the budding women in tech who are trying to embark in the same field.
Hustle and align. Work hard, play harder. Find balance between working and chilling. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery, and reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful and ultimately happy life. Be proactive and clear in your decisions, take time but when you are done, it should be in perfect sync to what the brief was.

What is the one thing that is acting as your motivational tool? Or, who is your role model and how the person inspires and motivates you?
My constant source of motivation and positive influence would be Mr. Noufel and Rajiv Talreja. Noufel, is my mentor, guide and an entrepreneur himself and Rajiv Talreja, is an author, business coach and entrepreneur. And they have always guided me to a path of success. I have also done the P.A.C.E program by Rajiv Talreja and he has been an inspiration ever since.

Share your views on the current technology-enabled business scenario in India.
In this digital age, everything can be taken as a boon or a bane but for me, this technology-enabled business scenario has come as a miracle. It has inspired me and more importantly, it has led me to this path of Di

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