10 Best boredom buster Apps for Your Children

boredom buster Apps

Wherever you are, in the mall, at the bus stop or at home, now no need to worry about your toddler, let these 10 apps help you out.
Get your children busy only in front of you while you are working on some important thing. With these 10 apps, which will help your toddler enjoy himself all alone.
Fun Apps for your children:
Toonia Colorbook — Chemical free coloring is the idea with this app, it offers coloring which is the best pass time for children. This app has 32 sample images and offers a selection of basic colors & a soothing soundtrack. This app is free for IOS, Windows, and suitable for 2-5 years old.
Mad Libs — With 21 free stories, Mad Libs app will involve everyone for real fun. This new fill-in-the-blank game will not only keep your child busy, but will help him sharp. This app is free for IOS and is meant for children ages 5 and up.
King of Opera — This four player game is a battle for the singing spotlight. Headphones is not a very good option for this game while playing multi players. There is a simple warning to the parents if they want their house quite and calm this is not a very good option for them. But if you want your child to be home with his friends and enjoy this will prove to be the best. It is meant for all ages and is free for Android & Kindle.
Balloonimals Babies — This one is the best app for your toddler not just to keep them busy but to have fun themselves. The sequel to IDEO’s Balloonimals is absolutely the one for your child to occupy most of him, while bursting the balloons, listening the twisting squeaks of digital latext. Made for ages 2-5, it charges $1.99 for IOS.
Toca Nature — To make your child go near to the nature and feel it and create it himself this is the best app. Here with this app, kids can create lakes, mountains & forest by their own with a simple swipe. Not just that after creating their own world they can visit the animals inhibit there. Meant for Ages 4-7 it takes 2.99 for IOS, Android, Kindle.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition — This is specially meant for the children who want more creativity and difficulty in their world-builder games. If your child is the same just go for the Mainecraft: Pocket Edition. Though it lacks in many features & functions of the console & PC versions still it is worth buying. It comes in $6.99 for IOS, Android, Kindle & Windows and can be used by the ages 6 and up.
Autodesk SketchBook — This app is totally meant for the creative. It can be enjoyed as a fun to create a portfolio really of the worth & class. Its tools will help to create a serious stuff. Created for ages 13 and up it is free for IOS, Android, Kindle & Windows.
Heads Up! — Created by talk host Ellen DeGeneres, it is a guessing game that features general trivia and pop-culture categories for young, old and in between.
It is ideal for a big family. Everyone but the driver can get in on the rapid-fire rounds of Heads Up. Free for Android and $.99 for IOS. It is for the age 6 and up.
Fruit Ninja — In 2010, Ninja came in the market. This app is simple to learn & play, at the same time difficult to master. After its 5th anniversary, it is updated with more features. It supports 2 player mode option, well fit for people who share a tablet between them on the trip. It comes for $.99 for IOS, Android & Kindle and meant for ages 6 and up.
State Plate Bingo — It is a vintage road-trip game. It is a best time killer for your mobile devices. You can play a single player mode or a dual player mode. It comes for $.99 for IOS and meant for ages 6 and up.
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