Windplus: Redefining Global Green Energy by Value-Added Momentum


Apart from flowing through our veins as fresh air full of oxygen, the wind is one of the most natural resources of clean, green, renewable, and sustainable energy generating enough power to infuse our basic energy demands if harnessed efficiently, effectively, and intelligently the way Windplus has been doing for the last three years.

According to Dr Karunamoorthy Neethimani, the Managing Director of Windplus, they have mastered the six stages of wind energy:

~The First Stage – Identifying states and sites, deploying wind mast, acquiring GO/exclusivity, evacuation permit, conducting load-flow studies, and micro-siting.

~The Second Stage – Acquiring land parcels, ROW, and local support/CSR.

~The Third Stage – Building substations, external lines, and roads.

~The Fourth Stage – Laying foundations, unit switch yard, internal lines, and SCADA.

~The Fifth Stage – WTG installation, commissioning, and PPA if applicable.

~The Sixth Stage – Operations and maintenance, conducting health audit, and scheduling and forecasting.  

Dr Karunamoorthy states, “Our vision is that through the six stages, influencing the global market to become a prominent and integral service provider of Renewable Energy.” While Windplus’s Mission is to provide World Class EPC of BOP (Balance of Plant) Services to the Renewable Energy Industry.

Committed to Superior Quality and Results

Stating their immersive services, Dr Karunamoorthy says they include,


According to him, the term “Greenfield” refers to the early-stage development of a wind park, which is quite a challenging phase. Suitable or proposed areas for wind project development are investigated to assess a project’s feasibility. Feasibility studies cover the following areas: wind, grid connection, roads, soil conditions, and the environment.

The initial phase of Greenfield typically leads to firm agreements with the landowners, a preliminary commitment to the final grid connection, and the authority’s acknowledgment of the project’s location.

The next step in Greenfield is project design and authorization. This stage of Greenfield last until all required permits for the implementation and operation of the wind turbine project are in place, not least the crucial building permit, making the project ready to build.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the market.
  • Selection and evaluation of potential locations.
  • Project design and authorizations.

*Project Services: 

Dr Karunamoorhty shares, “Our Project Services cover a wide field of special areas, including EPC Management, Project Development Assistance on an insourced basis, and different kinds of Customized Assistance.” All Project Services will be tailor-made according to the specific project’s needs.

Within EPC Management, Windplus offers a palette of elements ensuring a smooth, efficient development process through pre-construction, construction, and commissioning.

He explains that the Project Development is based on their great experience and structured on the needs and wishes of the customer. They offer to assist project developers in completing and optimizing the development of projects to increase bankability and business cases.

We offer a wide palette of flexible Customized Assistance. You can choose one – Or you can mix and match. Through open dialogue, we help identify the key areas where our assistance – experience and know-how – can make a positive difference to your wind power project,” he informs.

  • EPC Management
  • Project Development Assistance
  • Customized Assistance
  • Project evaluation
  • Due diligence coordination
  • Sales Preparation
  • Tendering and contract negotiation

*Technical and Commercial Management (TCM):

Technical, Commercial, and Financial Management are demanding fields of work regarding competencies and resources. Team Windplus has years of experience in the trustworthy daily management of wind farms, including the management of investor companies which consists of ongoing dialogues with all related stakeholders; land owners, local authorities, grid operators, etc. “We offer a flexible setup, and through dialogue, we find the best management approach to our clients’ projects,” he states.

The most important functions of technical management can be summarized as follows:

  • Surveillance and action
  • Analysis and diagnostics
  • Retrofit and infrastructure

The most important functions within commercial and financial management can be summarized as:

  • Management service
  • Coordination and communication
  • Contract management and market know-how
  • Basic financial management
  • MIS Reporting

Living a Lifelong Entrepreneurial Dream

Nearly three decades of experience in the wind power industry thrived Dr Karunamoorthy the confidence to contribute towards the renewable energy (clean energy) target set by the government of India. During COVID Crisis, working far away from home hit his thought process and pushed him to pursue the long-term dream of being an entrepreneur in the renewable energy industry than an employee, thereby Windplus was born.

Though I did not have a huge amount to invest in my business, I always believed in my technical skills, knowledge, leadership quality, team spirit, honesty, and loyal approaches. Above all, these are my earnings all through my career and greater investments,” he reflects, sharing the saga of Windplus since its inception.

He further says that his hardcore passion for the wind energy industry, promoting the sustainable environment through renewable energy business, the idea of helping fellow business owners, the idea of giving employment to the deserved candidates, and his belief that being an Entrepreneur is not only about making money and it’s all about making the justifiable society, are the significant reasons that inspired him to venture into the business arena.

However, the path to success was full of obstacles, hurdles, and challenges like ‘competing in the competitive environment, “We converted the threats into challenges and foreseen successfully. Our challenge as a startup was to get a first work order,” he says, adding that as a startup, the next challenge was to acquaint skilled and scholarly candidature for the organization. And lastly, attaining a set goal in a stipulated time frame was one of the greatest challenges.

Nonetheless, his and team Windplus’s many professional values and qualities helped them beat those challenges and are also greatly admired by their clients. Qualities like “Reasonable and Competitive Offers, Defensive Strategy, Greater specialized technical expertise, Highly skilled workmanship, Quality Approach, Timely outcome, Genuine Services, Transparent Approach, and Honouring commitment.”

Harnessing a Sustainably Prosperous Future

Further highlighting brand Windplu’s many USPs, Dr Karunamoorthy says they are:

    • World-class Engineering Procurement and Construction of Balance of Plant Services to the renewable energy industry.
    • “Our focus on safety and quality.”
    • Transparent and Genuine Service.
    • To Create a clean and sustainable environment.

As an experienced professional, his advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is detailed. He says that inspiration of action, know-how, and activity knowledge are the key drives needed to sustain as an entrepreneur. “Performance is the byproduct! Focus on the process, and the result is a byproduct.” According to him, the six skills required to become a master in business management are Logical Thinking, Understanding People, Relationships, Communication, Selling, and Leadership. Also, his 5P mantra is “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

His other piece of advice is Self-Affirmations: (Useful for entrepreneurs)

  • “Failure will overtake me only if my determination to succeed is not strong enough.
  • I persist till I succeed.
  • I destroy procrastination with action, fear with confidence, and doubt with faith.”

On envisioning brand Windplus’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Dr Karunamoorthy reveals that their plan includes providing systematic and sequential technical training for their employees, involving in the industry related National and International bodies and associations for more than two decades, involving employees and team leads in the present innovative industrial revolutions and scenario through the societal bodies, renowned premier industries, and organization, being active on all social media networking platforms for recent technological upgradations, actively deputing and involving in industry related reputed conferences, seminars, and renowned professional bodies.

We are members of IWPA (Indian Wind Power Association)WWEA (World Wind Energy Association), and actively participating in state nodal and central council deliberations related to the renewable energy industry,” he concludes.

Wind-Master Dr Karunamoorthy Neethimani

The exemplary leader has 27 Years of experience in onshore wind power technology, including experience in Independent Power Production, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Project Development and Execution, Operation and Maintenance, and Regulatory and Corporate affairs.

Dr Karunamoorthy is a very positive individual with a smiling face. He is highly skilled in Leadership Management, Administration, Supervision, and Teamwork. Further, he is an Ardent Philanthropist and Societal contributor. He is an expert in technical talks and is very proficient in specialized training and leadership training programs. His employees describe him as the ‘Person to Love, Live and Move Along with the wind.’

His many Accolades and Awards include,

    • Membership in World Wind Energy Association, Germany.
    • Advisory Board Member in KP Energy Limited, Gujarat.
    • National Council Member and Treasurer of Indian Wind Power Association.
    • Advisory Board Member in iFox Wind.
    • Advisor for Opera Energy.
    • Nation Wide Business & Corporate Leaders award 2022 under the 50 category by Business Mint.
    • Influential Indians Award 2022 – Listed Under Top 100

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