3Deometry Innovations: Stepping into the Arena of Building Robust and Efficient 3D Printers

Technology is in its evolving phase with 3D printing transforming industries and lives across medicine, the military, construction, food, and more—and is attracting attention. For years, 3D printing remained on the fringe of mainstream awareness, largely in the domain of technologists and tinkerers. In the modern boom of digital art and design, the possibilities are not only accelerating but limitless. One can now 3D print almost anything they imagine after drawing it up virtually. In a relatively short time, an idea, concept, dream or invention can go from a simple thought to a produced part that one can hold. The most common present-day application of 3D Printing in India is to create prototypes and for batch production.
3Deometry Innovations has found varied uses and benefits ranging from rapid prototyping to end use applications in construction, architecture, engineering, medical industries, fashion, jewelry and in a host of other fields. The firm is focused on manufacturing Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) based-Delta type printers and also provides rapid prototyping services in various technologies like SLS, DLP, SLA and DMLS.
Creative and Conscious Personality 
Shaneel Karia, Founder of 3Deometry Innovation is a mechanical engineer by profession, but a technology enthusiast by nature. He loves to take the road untraveled and that’s the reason which inspired him to establish his own startup in a domain that is yet to be explored. Even though the firm had been initiated by him, the company would not have achieved this stage without the support of, the co-founders, Vaibhav Jain and Harpreet Singh. Under their direction the company has been able to meet specific demands of the clients.
Shaneel, being a tech-enthusiast and an efficient leader in the organization, leads from the front and is an active founder who likes to be directly involved in most projects. With an eye on the long-term prospects of the company in mind, he makes sure an entrepreneurial approach is valued, encouraged, and rewarded among the team. 3Deometry, under Shaneel, observes the best standards of corporate governance.
Thoughtful Comradeship with the Clients
Recognizing that it is the human element that essentially operates even in the context of a vendor-client relationship, the professionals have been adequately trained to deal with their clients always taking a long-term view. At 3Deometry, exceptional client service constitutes a core value for the business, and it always aims to become a trusted partner of the clients, rather than viewing themselves as a vendor. It implements the Product Innovation and Paradigm Innovation Strategy to build long-term relationships with the clients.
Advancing in Fused Filament Fabrication Technology
3Deometry has promptly kept pace with the advancement in 3-D printing as well as FFF technology. Most manufacturers have incorporated the Cartesian 3D printing mechanism, where as they have opted for the Delta Mechanism, which is a stable and much faster mechanism in 3D printing. Being one of the very few initiators of manufacturing 3D Printers in India, it has an upper hand on studying the market trends and also understanding the clients’ requirement.
Accepting and Embracing 3-D Evolution
Given the huge opportunities that exist in the market and the rapid consolidation that is taking place, it is certain that 3D printing will be adopted a lot more across industries. With the mission of Giving Every Individual the Power to Innovate, 3Deometry focuses on three core values – Quality, Innovation and Client Satisfaction. It is of the opinion that it is going to be extremely vital for industries where current technologies are restricted as far as production is concerned; for instance, using additive manufacturing components can be lighter and monolithic. The clients include makers of construction, architecture, engineering, medical industries, fashion, and jewelry companies to name a few.
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