Garuda3d: An Innovative Leader in 3D Printing Vertical

Technological advancements have helped 3D printing to evolve immensely. There has been a huge addition of various filaments recently. Previously, it all started with PLA & ABS,  but now a variety of filaments are available ranging from PETG, Nylon, PC, ULTEM, PCL, TPU, TPE, Ceramic, Composite materials etc. Now people are also working on food 3D printing. Higher temperature materials, composite materials and flexible materials are also on the list. The game changing desktop 3D printing has also arrived.
Garuda3d is a 3D printer manufacturing company born in 2016 at Hyderabad out of a need for 3D printing at a lower cost. It emerged as a 3D printing solution and discovered the power of this technology and how it could allow millions of people to create, explore, solve and provide solutions for many industries. The company wanted to make a 3D printer which should be affordable to everyone. They dedicated one complete year on R&D and finally launched their 3D printer.
The company manufactures low cost and professional grade 3D printers – for educational and industry; provides 3D printing services; and conducts workshops in colleges and schools.
A Profound Leader
The person leading Garuda3d to the road of success is none other than Mr. Selvakumaran, the CEO of the company. Before starting Garuda3d, he worked as an Instrumentation Designer for Oil & Gas Industry. After graduating from college, he worked as an Instrumentation Engineer in a company which manufactures various instrumentation products including flow, pressure & temperature transmitters.
He gained an in-depth knowledge in manufacturing and designing.  He has also worked in Offshore and Onshore oil fields. There he learned about industrial 3D scanning (Reverse Engineering) and 3D printing.
Innovation and Dedication: The Hallmarks of Garuda3d
Garuda3d proceeds with the motto, ‘Now Everyone Can 3dprint’. It intends to introduce low cost 3D printers to the Indian market. The company also wants that every person should get access to 3D printing. They are targeting rural areas, where affordable 3D printing is still a distant dream.
The company realized that many low cost 3D printers are available in the market but are complicated to assemble and use, and come with Acrylic or Plastic parts which could easily break in the duration of 3D printing. They have been able to innovate every aspect of the printer to create a low cost, yet high quality 3D printer for Indian market.
They came up with an idea to create an All-Metal part 3D printer, which is easy-to-use for beginners, expandable for makers, and truly affordable for everyone.
They feel that the customers should get what they expect from a desktop 3D printer, for better value than alternatives.
Quality Customer Service
The company not only sells the machines, but also provides better after sales service which ensures smooth relationship with the clients. Its customers remain happy even after months of purchase of 3D printers.
Garuda3d has created low cost as well as high end machines to satisfy people’s needs and budgets. A low cost printer doesn’t mean low quality output. Using all metal parts ensures sturdy and robust machine which will work for long time. Their 3D printers are rock-solid ones of amazing quality.
It aims to serve better to education than others. They are also supporting women enterprenuers by conducting special workshops on ‘3d printing to Women Entrepreneurs’ through Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), Hyderabad.
They always plan to make outstanding products, giving the ability to create amazing things with 3D printing for the users.
They think in a completely unique way. They focus on creating superior 3D printing machines which provides users with the highest quality 3D printing.
Future Plans
Garuda3d believes that 3D printing is the future. School students are the future makers of this digital world. If they are given the proper training on 3D world and 3D printing, they can innovate and invent many products. Hence, they have framed one day and two day workshops, and one month courses for school students. They are already conducting 3D printing workshops on colleges and schools. Their low cost 3D printers will be a big game changer.
They are mainly concentrating on plastic based 3D printing (FFF/FDM), and also working on a chocolate 3D printer which could 3D print custom made chocolates.
Garuda3d has collaborated with Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd. Through their 50+ centre’s, Garuda3d are introducing 3d printing courses for all age group and will take 3D printing for education to the next and national level.
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