iKix 3D Prints: Creating Precise, Detailed and Colorful Replicas of the Design

3D technology has a special ability to capture people’s imaginations. Considering all the technological, medical and scientific achievements humans have made, this seems to have taken a long time. 3D printing’s usage ranges from practical objects for everyday use to commercial products and parts used in manufacturing, plus the technology holds promise for bioprinting of human parts for medical purposes. Researchers pushed the boundaries of the seeming sci-fi technique, printing objects that required intricate details — such as a lifelike model of a newborn and a microscopic camera — as well as objects made with materials that may sound surprising, including cheese and glass.
iKix 3D Prints Private Limited is one of the leading 3D printing service providers, producing 3D printed architectural models to architects and developers, industrial models, mechanical and heavy engineering models, R&D models, prototype models, and sculpture models. 3D printing as a technology is quite mature in areas of prototyping, sample making for form and fit needs. Many small volume production batches are best done in 3D printing. Upcoming technologies are expected to be stable and cheaper, and when that happens, 3D printing will slowly eat into traditional production methods.
The team collaborates with the client throughout the project cycle to ensure optimum results. With more than 700 projects in India and overseas, iKix 3D Prints has been able to significantly contribute to increase the overall efficiency of design communication within the customer groups.
Patiently Impatient and a Well-Spoken Leader

  1. Parthasarathy is the Founder and Managing Director of iKix 3D Prints. A postgraduate from BITS, Pilani, Parthasarathy co-owns and runs iSolve technologies, a business transformation company and CADD Centre, the world’s largest network of CAD / Grafx / Design Training Centres. He is an invited speaker at many international conferences. Running the organization, with his tireless efforts and razor-sharp and intuitive business acumen Parthasarathy’s vision is to propel iKix into the big league of Global 3D printing service providers through innovation, predictable quality and diligent delivery. He is an inspiring leader and believes in a strong team approach to problem-solving and decision making. Leading from the front, Parthasarathy is a hands-on CEO who likes to be directly involved in most projects. Wherever relevant, he always keeps himself informed about the minutest of details regarding any project before a discussing with a colleague or client.

Serving the Clients and Providing Matchless Experiences
The human mind visualizes in 3D. iKix 3D Prints produces 3D printed miniatures in vibrant colors that help our customers  “see the design in reality”.  This has many benefits – in marketing, project planning, and execution. The time and material wasted due to rework of projects is as high as 20% – using iKix 3D Prints models help eliminate this. As one can see, the savings are huge and the cost of not doing it is more than the cost of doing it! It captures errors, oversights, and poor decision, prior to the onset of construction and also enables architects to receive critical feedback during early project development cycle.
iKix 3D Prints currently serves a large base of industrial construction and real estate project companies. The customers see great value in the service delivery and keep coming back for their upcoming projects. It has unique concepts which help prospective buyers to visualize the layout with ease. iKix 3D Prints models integrate the topography and building to accurately depict their relationship. It takes start to end responsibility, including value-added services like dynamic LED lighting options, user interface systems, smart control lighting systems for smart presentation of the project, transport, delivery, installation across the globe. Placing great emphasis on client servicing, iKix 3D Prints ensures that the company has repeat clients, a feat difficult to achieve in today’s intensely competitive market.
iKix 3D Prints is winning business by bringing realistic 3D models to prospective accounts, sponsors, and focus groups. It is revolutionizing the model making industry with its automated model building process. Geographic Information Systems 3D data can be printed to show actual city landscapes, and proposed buildings can be added to show the effect on a city’s skyline.
Future Initiatives
As the marketplace gets intensely competitive, companies strive to differentiate amongst each other, which drive innovation in 3D printing. The company plans to expand its offerings to its existing customers and become the main go-to vendor when it comes to 3D printing. iKix 3D Prints having a competent in-house design team with CAD skills and excellent quality and aesthetic appeal, manages to excel and proves itself to be a unique player in the industry. Innovation, speed, and ability to exceed the customer expectations have been the key reasons that customers continue to engage with iKix 3D Prints.
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