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The digital world is the professionally most important and comprehensively exhausting – hyper-reality in the online era. The entire process of registering your dot domain names internationally, hosting and protecting your SSL certificates servers, security solutions, and IT strategy, to managing your portfolio by clearing it with Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) and Brand Monitoring Services, could be perplexing.

This is where 7Digital Solutions (7DS), the most trusted global dot brand domain strategist, can assist you with its uniquely extensive services such as International Domain Registrations, Corporate Domain Name Management, Worldwide Brand Protection Services, International Trademarks, Hosting, and Worldwide Services Since 2006, Security (SSL) Certificates, and Domain Name Acquisitions.

7DS was founded by Mr Vaibhav Aggarwal (Tiger), the Founder and Director, in the early 2000s in New Delhi, with a vision to take businesses online in order for them to reach to newer markets and larger target audiences spread globally.

Global Leaders in Domain Name Registration

Today, under Vaibhav’s exemplary leadership 7Digital Solutions is emerged as a uniquely positioned Digital Infrastructure and Services Provider assisting its Enterprise clients in managing their Domain names and registrations, and renewals. It is Unique because 7Digital Solutions first can register, renew and transfer any domain name extension in the world, except those which are sanctioned countries. Having offices in and across eight Countries, 7DS assists its Indian clients to gain access to international markets. For their products and services.

Vaibhav shares, “One thing that we are world leaders in International Domain Name registrations. We offer all the International Domain extensions and cover most of the local requirements for the registration of those extensions.” According to him, 7DS is uniquely positioned to offer Exclusive Online Security Solutions in the form of SSL certificates and related products resulting from its partnerships with Global Giants. “ We offer Enterprise Domain Name registrations and renewal services. These are designed and offered in accordance to the business requirements of our B2B and Enterprise clients,” says Vaibhav, further revealing that in 7DS they have an MSME cell where they support and guide, Nano, Micro, and Medium enterprises for getting online and creating a brand. “We do not just have special pricing, but provide business consultancy to them for taking their business online,” he says.

7DS is also engaged in Managing the Online Trademarks in the form of domain names of its enterprise clients around the world and is not in the retail business. “Not being in the retail business allows us to focus on our enterprise and b2B clients and offer them the due attention essential for creating a partnership and proper connect. 7DS does not compete with anyone in the industry. Vaibhav says, “We have been able to carve a niche of our own. The services, the methodology, and the ability to focus on the business of our clients is unparalleled across the board.” That is why 7DS has a client list that no one else in the industry has. 7Digital Solutions is catering to the business requirements across a plethora of verticals which include and not limited to Pharma, Education, Information Technology, Fashion, Automotive, Social Responsibility including Marriages and leading Charities, Real Estate, Human resources, Learning and Development, Jobs, Entertainment, etc., all.

A Touch of Human Intelligence

As per Vaibhav, a higher sale volume would mean higher revenue and result in greater employment opportunities and a better socio-economic scenario, allowing everyone in the chain to thrive and grow. A successful business needs a Vision that needs to span between the Mid-term to long-term. 7DigitalSolutions® started with a Vision to be the Best and to serve only the enterprise in the segment to provide services and offer products that no one else can. It is an Industry word and widely known, that if 7DS can’t do it then no one can do it. “It took a while to translate the knowledge into a service offering to the customers but we at 7DS automated the process completely with a touch of human intelligence. And believe us, there is no Automation or Artificial Intelligence that can replace the human touch,” he reveals. Being a bit of Old School is always good in the business. The clients would love to hear a voice on the other side.

He furthers, “We created a standard across the industry to reply to support tickets in a TAT time of less than four hours. Our support tickets get closed in an average time of about 120 minutes.”

The creation of a Niche takes a lot of effort. The enterprise can create a niche, and reach the highest levels of product offering, but maintaining that standard is difficult. And at 7DS, under the able mentorship and guidance of Vaibhav, the team created an environment where the customers are kings and queens. In other words, supreme and prioritized for creating an experience. “That is why we are leaders in the world and are offering products and services to clients from all industry sectors and those enterprises world over which are leaders in their own segments,” believes Vaibhav in a real world.

Critical Tech Control

Being an experienced leader, Vaibhav shares his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting their niche and how 7DS is adapting to the change. He says that Artificial Intelligence is good for an Automated platform. “Machine learning will continuously back the AI in delivering services to our clients.” This will not just improve the delivery capability of 7DS for its clients but also reduce the TAT (turnaround time for the clients of 7DS, “Which in turn means that we have more time to perform more client-centric business activities and work more for the clients.” Improved productivity on the shop floor will mean higher revenue and improved customer experience.

“7DigitalSolutions® is continuously adopting new technologies on our platform. For example, we are the only enterprise in our business category wherein we are investing money in AI-driven two-factor authentication for locking the platform. This offers a great experience for the customer and helps 7digital Solutions build trust as our clients know that our platform is secure in order to manage the most expensive intellectual property that is possessed by them. On the same side, we are merging ML and AI with the most critical human intelligence.”

A human interface is offered to the clients of 7DS which allows mindfull interaction with the clients during the process of service delivery. So 7DS adopts, and uses AI and ML to its advantage not, at any point, forgetting that humans form the backbone of any one or all activities across the globe. “We the humans have to control the platform, not the machines,” feels Vaibhav. And the 7DS team remembers that the services are being used and accessed by Humans, not machines.

Code of Ethics

When probed about how he surmounted the challenges in the current industry scenarios to ensure 7DS’s success reached greater heights while ensuring the safety of employees, Vaibhav shared that employees are empowered over the machines. There are SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to be followed for each activity that the team performs; rules are made for the AI and ML to keep everyone safe from losing control. There are policies that are clearly laid out both for the clients and the Employees. There are procedures that are transparently documented.

All this is done in order to sensitize the team of 7DS for a safer work environment. An ecosystem that does not have a conflict or conflicting situations. 7DS is the only enterprise in the world that displays the organization’s ‘Code of Ethics’ on its website in full public view. He assures, “So, at 7Digital Solutions, we take Employee safety very seriously. Of course, all our tables are corner protected and we have health and safety insurance. The Team is not allowed to drink at work and dance is only in open spaces. We do have facilities like boxing, Badminton, tennis, and a small gym for our employees.”

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into this industry, Vaibhav says that if the entrepreneurs have to come to their business category they have to brace for a 24×7 environment with a long-term vision for revenue growth as the margins are very little. “The business category is fiercely competitive,” he warns.

Future Continuity Plan

On envisioning 7DS’s operations and offerings in the future, Vaibhav first reflects that 2020 became a decisive year for 7DigitalSolutions (7DS) service offerings to the industry at large. And yes the company became a proven concept over a period of time. “While we assisted our clients and a few new ones tirelessly, our clients trusted us. So we grew 150% year on year since 2017 historically and consistently. Yes, we are ok that we grew business by about 40% during COVID, but we decreased the revenue by about 30% because we offered huge discounts to our clients on their billing. We tried to contribute to them because they were contributing to the employability on a larger scale helping the society survive and work in a coherent environment.”

He furthers, “2022 came and allowed us to become stable, back after a horrendous ride during COVID and the pandemic at large. Everything was everywhere back then. We tirelessly created and re-invented our processes to create a Business Continuity Plan, which is better and more robust than before.”

A Sustainability plan was brought into play and a decreased AI – and increased human intervention as the team 7DS wanted to monitor the overall trend creation with its clients. Vaibhav and the team acknowledge that just like them, there are other enterprises across the industries, most of which are their clients, that have also brought in a lot of changes in the way they function.

Before concluding he says, “Hereon further, we are waiting to start a new year with more clients, and we are glad that our existing clients have been around with us and supported. A big thanks to them. We are happy to share that the Average retention period of our clients is more than five years. The attrition rate is 0.001% making 7Digital Solutions the Czar of Service Offerings like Domain Name Registrations, Renewals, SSL certificates, and Hosting Solutions.”

At 7Digital Solutions, we have a complete portfolio of all the Domain extensions under one roof, which makes us the largest registrar in the world. Close to 4300+ domain extensions for our clients to choose from,” he concludes.

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