8K Miles presents Cloud Identity Federation and Validation Authority solution at Cloud Identity Summit 2014

8K Miles

8K Miles, powered by FuGen Solutions, the leading provider of secure cloud solutions.
8K Miles COO Lena Kannappan, who has been a thought leader in the Identity Federation space for over a decade, will share his perspectives on how open standards and innovation can help rapidly deploy trusted identity solutions in the world of federated ecosystems at a lower cost while meeting regulatory compliance, security and privacy requirements. Deployment integration of Identity Federations is extremely challenging, but through standards and innovative automated testing tools that process is accelerated bringing benefits to all parties and growing their respective markets and budget power. Industry based development and application of standards helps set the industry levels for operations while testing and approval marks help support rapid on boarding of partners. When Identity Federations and partners make use of agreed upon Open Standards the platform is created that allows innovative organizations to build new models and compelling services. Innovators can begin to leap in to new areas proving their business value and vitality. In this session leaders discuss:

  • Integration and Deployment of Federations
  • Testing of Policy and Technology for rapid on boarding
  • Development of compelling services built on top of Open Standards
  • Verification of Services for Trust as a driver and supporter of market growth

Applications are moving to the cloud and Federation Standards help to create a smooth on-ramp for users to access cloud solutions/services. We will discuss how service providers can successfully tackle bi-lateral federation configurations, integration and interoperability challenges.
Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/

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