9Pax Restaurant Consultants: Providing a New and Clear Direction for Success

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With the vision to become the world’s best food business serving the exquisite and affordable recipes, 9Pax Restaurant Consultants Pvt. Ltd.is a novel consulting firm founded in 2011. Headquarter in Mysore, it has its major operation centers in India, USA, UAE, Kuwait, and the UK.
9Pax Restaurant Consultants helps food & beverage business achieve their goals. Till date the company has served total 200 Plus Clients Worldwide.
The 9Pax Chef
Chef Shajahan M Abdul is the Founder of 9Pax Restaurant Consultants Pvt Ltd. He handles multiple responsibilities under the roof of 9pax Restaurant Consultants. He has completed his Master’s in Hotel Management from France and has also worked under well-known chefs throughout his career.
Chef Shajahan is passionate about creating innovative products and solutions for his clients. He has nurtured the company over the years by adding unique values in creating world class business to his customers.
As a team, Shajahan and his team members have exceptionally managed to be the world leaders in hospitality, food manufacturing, and retail businesses. He has successfully handled Expansions, Diversification, Training, Intonations, and Business Growth with Stability over the years in Hospitality Sector.
Chef Shajahan said “I feel every day that there is a greater challenges awaiting for me out there & I’m just warming up!” Further, he adds “I wish to join hands with companies with larger vision as I have the confidence to drive your company towards success beyond imagination.”
The Extended Reach
With over 200 plus clients across the globe, 9Pax Restaurant Consultants is now a pioneer in creating solutions for food & beverage industry.
The objective of the company is to reach out to the food & beverage businesses which are New Startups, Businesses which are looking for expansion, and Businesses which are struggling to manage the operations.
Exceptional Solutions
9Pax also helps in franchising the business across the globe with best-in-class strategy to excel all challenges and achieve market leadership. Following are the formats of the businesses for which 9Pax provides solutions:

  • Industrial Canteens
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Theme Parks
  • Resorts
  • Motels
  • Bar

9Pax has been delivering various service formats which are namely:

  1. Dine-in
  2. QSR
  3. Takeaway
  4. Cloud Kitchens
  5. Food Courts

9Pax provides following services to the mentioned business formats.

  • Business Feasibility Analysis Report.
  • Restaurant Planning & Designing.
  • Kitchen Implementation.
  • Menu Development, Planning & Designing.
  • Manpower Recruitment & Training.
  • Operations Documentation & Implementation.
  • Technology Implementation.
  • Branding (Digital & Print)

Success Stories
9Pax vision was too big and any obstacle would not stop the company’s vision in achieving its goal. The format of work is simple, reach out to the needy and help them in achieving their dreams!  It has been also a part of many brand successes including brands like Mr. Idli and Chef Abdul’s Tandooriwala. Both the brands have received many national and international awards and recognitions.
Chef Shajahan’s Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs
If you care to treat the hunger! You are doing the worthiest business on this earth. If you areable to bring smile on the face of the needy then, you should try reaching out to the millions out there who are looking for someone like you to improve their lives.
9Pax is aiming to become the leaders in managing the properties on behalf of their clients. It will be managing various national and international brands under franchise owned company operated business models.
The company is also aiming to expand its recipe solution manufacturing unit which provides solutions for hotels and restaurants in managing the quality consistency.

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