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In today’s time, access to quality healthcare facilities is a major concern for people who live in tier II, tier III cities & rural areas. The best possible way to address this concern is to provide healthcare solutions through mobile technology, where you get instant consultation from top certified medical practitioners. So we would say mobile health technology would prove to be a game changer for India’s healthcare system, and makes quality and affordable healthcare solutions accessible to all. One such healthcare provider that provides quality healthcare solution is AcneDr. AcneDr is a specialist in the treatment of Acne which is a common disease all over the world.
Acne is a common adolescent skin condition as over 80% of men and women suffer from acne in their lifetime. As per British Medical Journal, it is estimated that the worldwide prevalence of acne is around 9.4%, making it the 8th most prevalent disease. Majorly it affects teenagers and adolescents who are busy in their college or professional lives & have little or no time to visit a dermatologist. Also, there are many studies which have concluded that acne is associated with negative psychological impact as well.
Fascinating Journey of AcneDr
AcneDr Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the goal of establishing a digital platform exclusively focused on Acne & making dermatologists accessible to everyone. AcneDr is the only dermatologist consultation app in India which is dedicated for acne management. The company has a team of dermatologists & cosmetologists having an expertise in treating acne who provide customized treatment.
Their strategy is to remain focused on acne management. Acne in itself is a vast segment. They would continue working towards creating awareness about impact of acne on day-to-day life & educate people to seek professional advice rather than experimenting home remedies. Also in the ever changing health tech scenario they would strive to offer the best user experience.
Masterminds of AcneDr
AcneDr Healthtech Private Limited is Co-founded by Mohit Kochar, Shailesh Javkar & Ashish Maurya. “There is a tendency to ignore health concerns which crop up frequently & tend to forget that, to address these issues & to prevent them from recurring, medical advice is necessary. Acne is one such condition which is always ignored” said Ashish.“There are many studies which have concluded that acne is associated with negative psychological impacts. Embarrassment, stigma & misconceptions about acne are seen to be the likely causes that prevent people from seeking medical help” added Shailesh. This is where they thought that AcneDr will play a major role.
“AcneDr’s objective is to create awareness about the impact of acne on day-to-day life & bridge the gap between people & dermatologist, so that pimples can be cured at early stages. Thus helping people regain their confidence and smile again” says Mohit.
How AcneDr Stands Out From the Competition
The mobile health technology landscape is vast with multiple services being offered across different therapeutic areas. In this scenario, AcneDr foresees a lot of patients moving towards online consultation for the benefits it offer. AcneDr is a very convenient, secure & affordable platform where patients will benefit from the customized treatment offered by dermatologists.
Customer Service & satisfaction both are very crucial to make successful & long term relationship with customers. Many a times, it is very difficult to get an appointment of specialists in a hospital & the waiting list is also too long. AcneDr facilitates smooth consultation & customized therapy from expert dermatologists at the patient’s convenience without physically visiting them.
AcneDr – A Secure Way to Consult
The biggest challenge faced by AcneDr. was to develop trust of their patients. It is not easy to ensure that what you share online is safe and secure. AcneDr. is highly committed towards maintaining confidentiality of personal information shared by the patients. All images & chat conversations are stored in encrypted format in database & only a dermatologist can access the database. This makes AcneDr mobile application platform a very confidential and secure one.
Focus and Vision of AcneDr
Focus & Vision are two attributes which is giving them success. Their focus is only on acne management and to create awareness about the impact of acne on day-to-day life & educate people to seek professional advice. The vision is to spread confidence by creating a difference.
Future Perspective of AcneDr
AcneDr believes in challenging the status quo of the already existing methods or standards. Consumer satisfaction and experience is their prime focus and they work towards that every day. Positive vibes, integrity, decision-making capability and self-motivation are highly valued in their organization. And with having these traits as their strengths, AcneDr is set to expand its business footprint in the unchartered territory as well.
Source :-The 10 Most Advanced Healthcare Solution Providers

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