Doctto Online Healthcare Innovation: Redefining Indian Healthcare System

Indian healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace and in the coming years it is expected to reach to supreme level. With a rise in the population, infectious and chronic diseases have increased at a larger extent due to which it has become quite tough for the minimal online healthcare solutions to serve to such a big proportion of population. Due to the growing population, the costs of the healthcare services are also increasing which has given rise to the development of the cost-effective healthcare solutions which could provide wide range of services to their patients.
One such leading healthcare company which holds high desire to help and benefit the society in an innovative way is, Doctto Online Healthcare Innovation, which has been providing reliable solutions to the healthcare service seekers since 2016. The company is a certified partner of NASSCOM and is headquartered in Bangalore.
Docttocare’ is a product of Doctto Online Healthcare Innovation Pvt. Ltd which is an online healthcare portal designed to deliver high standard health services to the society. It provides an interactive online platform for the patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals and the wellness centers by reducing the costs and delivering quick services to the emergency admissions of the patients. It also emphasizes on providing best services to Digital Healthcare Solutions for users and host providers at low cost. Docttocare undisputedly covers all the major challenges such as the unequal access, the quality issues and the rising costs of healthcare industry, making it as one of the most advanced healthcare solution provider in India.
Docttocare Delivers Wide-Range of Services
Docttocare is a robust platform which offers virtual and reality guided tool to the various medical centers and provide its customers a complete 360 degree view for easy decision making process. This versatile platform let the customers to search, compare, evaluate, and also share their health records and prescriptions, making the portal user-friendly. It also allows the customers to shortlist the medical centers based on the rating and to avail more information regarding their required services. Dentist, ENT specialist, Homoeopathic doctors, Gynecologists, Neurologists, Skin specialist and more provide wide range of medical services to the clients.
The most highlighted features of Docttocare are Instant Online Ambulance and Air Ambulance, Blood bank and Hospital Bed Booking Facilities. It also includes features like Virtual 3D Panoramic Walk Through and Visual experience of the ambience of the hospitals which helps the users to book hospital’s beds or rooms before they opt-in for treatment and procedures with just a click. Docttocare assures the confirmation of online appointment with the tip of an Email, Call or SMS.
The instant online ambulance booking facility allows the users to book an ambulance quickly, track the live status of fleet, its arrival time and the expected travel time. Additionally, the availing blood bank feature allows the user to track the facilities of blood banks such as availability of blood groups, its available quantities, and its current status with the associated hospitals and organizations. Docttocare aims to provide the best healthcare services in respect to Quality Services, Visual Experience, Augmenting Reality, and Digital Awareness towards the end users.
About the Head-honcho of the Company
Sugandha Agarwal is the Managing Director & Founder of Docttocare who is a B.Tech graduate from a renowned institute in Ghaziabad. Before getting self-employed, she has given her fruitful contribution to some of the IT giants like Infosys and Google Maps for four years and has worked there on diverse projects. Her strong idea behind the establishment of Docttocare was to reduce the high queues for emergency medical services in India.
Sugandha delivers the credit of Docttocare’s success to her Co-founder, family, friends and conveys her gratitude to all those who has helped her selflessly. She believes that ‘determination’ has always been her vital element and the largest contributor in achieving success.
Docttocare Team’s Valuable Contribution
The robust team of Docttocare consists of developers, marketing & sales, and finance experts who possess a strong experience of over six years in their respective fields. The combined efforts of its team have successfully completed the registrations of more than 2000 doctors which is indeed a booming achievement for the company. The team members always thrive hard to give their best to the customers as customer’s satisfaction is the most important factor for any organization. Additionally, they communicate with their customers on a regular basis making them feel more concerned and apparently helping the team to improve their services through feedbacks.
For every organization, security is the topmost priority which makes it trustworthy. Hence, in order to achieve a secure and systematic healthcare management, Docttocare uses Amazon Secured Services and maintains different isolated servers which ensure security of patient’s data. The success ratio of Docttocare is continuously increasing and it is shaping the future of Indian healthcare industry in an optimistic way.
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