Actiance Extends Its Security Capabilities to Email


Vantage for Exchange provides real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of Microsoft Exchange content
Actiance, the leading provider of compliance, security, archiving and eDiscovery for all critical business communications, today announced the availability of Vantage for Exchange, the latest addition to the company’s information governance platform. Vantage for Exchange provides real-time monitoring, alerting, blocking, remediation and content analysis of Microsoft Exchange messages, contacts and calendar items, ensuring that acceptable use policies are enforced and confidential information stays safe.
“We’re acutely aware of the types of sensitive information that emails contain,” said Rick Cole, Network Engineer at Glen Raven, Inc. “Being subject to PCI requirements, we turned to Vantage for Exchange for its unparalleled real-time monitoring and control capabilities of Microsoft Exchange. Not only did it enable us to scan emails in real-time for potential violations, it also blocked inappropriate content from being sent or received internally and externally, giving us the flexibility we needed for our particular business.”
“Compliance departments in financial services and other regulated industries have been looking for solutions to help them monitor and supervise their employees’ email – to ensure that sensitive information remains secure and that corporate reputations stay intact,” said Scott Whitney, VP of Product Management at Actiance. “A great example is PCI compliance. We’ve developed a solution that can scan mailboxes for sensitive credit card information and block those messages from being sent, ensuring organizations remain compliant with PCI requirements around payment card security.”
“Regulatory requirements are a major reason why organizations monitor email communications, but not the only one,” said Deni Connor, Founding Analyst, SSG-NOW. “Many organizations, regulated or not, could benefit from email monitoring to improve their internal governance and guard against inappropriate employee communications, safeguard customer and employee information, and protect against external threats to confidential information.”
With Vantage for Exchange, organizations can monitor and capture their inbound and outbound emails as well as internal emails, all in real-time. If an inappropriate or potentially problematic keyword, phrase, concept or numeric pattern is detected, the message can be automatically deleted or routed to a quarantine folder for review by a supervisor, depending on corporate policy. To dramatically reduce the false positive rate, Vantage for Exchange’s content analysis employs concept scanning, which monitors all email content according to predefined concepts rather than simply looking for keywords or phrases.
Moreover, Vantage for Exchange is the only solution in the marketplace that offers a consistent interface to view both in-transit and at-rest email in real-time. Through its interface, organizations can identify both present and past compliance violations or simply find messages based on content criteria. The ability to flexibly set policies simplifies the management of Exchange environments, results in a dramatic reduction in email administration costs and risk exposure, and helps ensure compliance with applicable regulatory, legal and internal requirements.
Vantage provides policy controls, such as real-time content monitoring, logging and alerting for unified communications platforms, public instant messaging networks, enterprise social platforms, collaboration applications and industry-focused networks like ICE Chat and Bloomberg. It is designed to meet an organization’s compliance and security requirements for real-time communications and supports all major government and industry regulations, such as the SEC, FINRA, FERC, FDA, and HIPAA. Captured content can then be exported to Alcatraz: The archive for the NEXT 10 yearsTM. Alcatraz is the first context-awareTM archive, where communications are preserved in context in an easy-to-view format to make review and eDiscovery faster and less costly.
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